Zanzibar wildlife : Zanzibar is dream beach destination of anyone who loves beaches, the name itself reflects the images of the tropical paradise. The beaches of Zanzibar are mostly famous holiday destination and vacation sites, Zanzibar offers more than just romantic coastlines and amazing sunsets but they can offer you with the great unforgettable experience that will feed your soul. Zanzibar is the home of adorable beaches, balmy weather and warm tropical waters that can make you want to spend your whole day in them, coral reefs and rich marine diversity which makes it a perfect place for the underwater snorkeling and diving activities.

 Zanzibar is made up of the colorful history and rich unique heritages that can be seen in the strong Arabic, Indian, African and European influences. The culture and ways of life of the people of Zanzibar are more unique as they are combined by diverse cultures that occurred during the colonial era, which had a major impact on the culture of these people.

The Zanzibar island is also famously known as the spice island due to the farming and processing of traumatic spices such as cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemongrass, and black pepper. For those tourists that do not like crowds, they can escape to the nearest island such as the mafia, Chumbe, and Mnemba, where you’re likely to enjoy the entire stretch of the coastline all alone.

Wildlife in Zanzibar

The wildlife in Zanzibar is not much as those found in mainland of Tanzania, they are not much but they are wildlife that is found here in the other national parks.

Meet the turtles at Mnarani turtle conservation pond, this is the ideal place where you can find different turtles that are protected from being hunted. This place is located on the Northern part of Zanzibar at the village of Nungwi close by the light house. This place was purposely made in order to rehabilitate and study the marine turtles that are caught accidently by the nest of the fisher men. In this place have the opportunity to swim with the turtles not only that also have a chance to feed them and learn their breeding seasons. The turtles are tame and inequitable but they are do not harm anyone. They expenses for having this quality time with the turtles is just 10 dollars which is very affordable to anyone. This place is normally crowed as most of the people that go to Zanzibar must visit hence it makes this place as the busiest place and crowded.

Zanzibar wildlife
turtles in zanzibar

Most of the Zanzibar land animals are found at the Zala Park which is located 50 kilometers away from the town of Zanzibar. This place is reserved to have a sight and learn about different animals behaviors that are found here. These animals includes the reptiles such as chameleons, striped lizards, dik dik, big pythons, geckos, crabs, monitor lizards, and hyrax. This place is well established as the family-run reptile park which is the great place for learning and educating the Zanzibar kids. This project is also formed to help the local people appreciate the value of nature and funds that are raised by the tourists, Zanzibar wildlife.

Zanzibar butterfly center this is the place in Zanzibar where there are hundreds of butterfly in the tropical garden. This place is located on the Pete village, close to jozani forest, its 30-40 minutes away from the Zanzibar town. Have the opportunity to learn the feeding process of the butterflies in the tropical garden, their life cycle and learn importance of conserving them. This place protects a number of different species of the butterfly that are well protected by the net walls and roofs. Admire the beauty of this butterflies, see their life cycle before hatching and how they open up to become butterfly.

Take the beautiful photos in this paradise garden, and enjoy the scenery of different colorful butterflies as they decorate this area impressively. This also the community project that is done by the farmers of Zanzibar has away to increase their revenue.

Zanzibar wildlife
Jozani forest

Other activities do see and do while in Zanzibar.

Sport fish in Zanzibar- The felling of sport fishing at the shores of the Indian Ocean is all exciting whether experienced angler or not, the pride and joy of getting the bite and the struggle to land a fish that is determined to escape from the catch is unexplainable that requires a personal experience as the struggle is not easy at all as the success feels even more good. At the India Ocean there are different companies that will make your experience more exciting, there are also well experienced captain crews that knows really well the Eat African water and will lead the way to the best spot fishing areas. Whether you fish alone or as the group, fishing at the coastal shore is still the best and will meet your entire expectation and eve beyond that.

 The white sand beaches of Zanzibar will not disappoint you at all after having the thrilling moments in the wilderness it’s a perfect time to relax and spend lazy days at the edge of water or swimming in the tropical water. Zanzibar is the perfect destination for you to have a chance to swim with the dolphins as there are about 5 different species of Dolphin that are found in this place. View the beauty of the sunset while on the sunset cruising with dhows, watch the sun as it turns orange and dives deep down into the ocean leaving the yellowish and orange color behind. Enjoy your holiday on this spice beaches, have a walk on the stone town which is the cultural and historical highlights. The best way to get a feeling the city of Zanzibar is through wandering across the stress of Zanzibar and at some point you will get lost.

The boat rides experience is amazing beyond measures as you will have the chance as you have the magnificent scenery of the lake shores as well as the tropical forest. The boat rides are most preferred during the morning and evening, so that you can catch up with the beautiful sunrise as the yellow ball starts to appear in the blue sky. The spectacular sunset is not to be missed enjoy to watch the sunset while on the boat ride. The sunset in the middle of the blue waters hit differently.

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