Zanzibar island : Zanzibar is an archipelago which is found in the Indian ocean and it is among the popular destinations in Tanzania.

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The island has exotic white sand beaches which tourists visit during their tours around Zanzibar. The island is a destination which is also known for being the spice island because of the various spices which are grown on the island.

The culture of the people of Zanzibar is also diverse and Zanzibar also has a rich history. Stone town is part of the towns to explore during a holiday in Zanzibar and the town has winding alleyways, curved wood doors and also boosts of architectural buildings and landmarks.

You can also visit the only national park on Zanzibar island during a tour and this destination is known as Jozani forest reserve where activities such as mangrove walks and the rare colobus monkeys can be seen.

Zanzibar island is also a romantic destination and many honeymooners choose to go for a holiday on the island and enjoy the beautiful views of the Indian ocean and also the privacy of the resorts and hotels found on the island.

The beautiful white sand beaches of the island are also among the many reasons that tourists visit the island and these beaches are found on different parts of the island including the northern and eastern coast.

Many other aquatic species can be seen when touring the island and they include bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks and different fish species like tuna, sardines and many others. These different species can be seen during the many activities done on the island such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, boat rides and many other activities.

A tour to the famous Changuu island is another activity to do when visiting Zanzibar island. Changuu island is also referred to as Prison island and can be accessed by taking a boat ride from Stone town. Giant Aldabra tortoises can be seen during a tour of the prison island and you can also engage in snorkeling during this experience.

Swimming with the dolphins is another activity which is done around Zanzibar island and it can be done at any time of the day including in the morning and in the afternoon. Private and public boats can be used during this activity.

Zanzibar island also has a variety of cuisines to taste during a holiday including both local and international dishes spiced up with the local spices grown on the island like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla among others.

During a tour of the spice plantations of Zanzibar island, you can also enjoy tasting the tropical fruits of Zanzibar and get to know how the spices and grown and packaged with the help of a local guide.

Zanzibar island
Zanzibar island

Another experience to try out when visiting Zanzibar island is the safari blue experience. This activity starts at Fumba village and involves a boat ride on the Indian ocean, snorkeling, tasting tropical fruits and enjoying drinks. The boat takes the tourists to Menai bay and it takes a full day. The safari blue experience also involves visiting Kwale island and after this tour, the tourists take the boat ride back to the island.

Village tours can also be carried out when visiting Zanzibar island and involve interactions with the local community and getting to know their way of life, tasting local foods and learning how to prepare the traditional foods. You can also learn some of the phrases in Swahili as you interact with the locals and this is an exciting adventure. Maasai villages are also found on the island and during a tour there, tourists can also enjoy traditional dance performances and seeing or buying local arts and crafts.

Group tours and individual holidays can be taken to the island and other categories of travelers can also go to the island. During tours to Zanzibar island, tourists can enjoy spices, sand and sea and also the sun.

There are different ways to get to Zanzibar island during holidays in Tanzania and they include flights to the island and also by ferry.  Abeid Amani Karume international airport is the airport for international flights to Zanzibar island.

Public means of transport used when touring  include such as dala dala or minibuses which are also cost friendly. For group tours during holidays on Zanzibar island, tourists can also travel using buses or shuttles that pick up and drop off the clients to different locations on the island.

Zanzibar island
Jozani forest

A ferry to Zanzibar island during a holiday in Tanzania can be taken from Dar es Salaam. On arrival on the island, there are different ways to explore the attractions and they include public and private transport means.

For those traveling on a budget to Zanzibar island, there is also an option of cycling or biking around the island’s different destinations and also walking. The bikes can be hired from local tour operators on the island.

Visit Zanzibar island and enjoy exploring the white sand beaches and engaging in a number of activities as you tour the island.

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