Unrevealing the hidden treasures in Tanzania wildlife : The beauty of Tanzania national parks is exceptional and unique than any other national parks in the world; the national parks are highly blessed abundance wildlife and some of the wild animals that are only found Tanzania. Spend your holiday in this untouched wilderness which includes a visiting the national parks which are highly parked with different wild animals, the beautiful landscapes, mountains as well as the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar.

Tanzania is the home of the big five mammals, the lions, elephants, buffalos, rhinos and leopards. In just a single visit in the Serengeti national park which is also known as the animal’s kingdom or the land of endless plains in just a few hours will have the clear spot of this big mammals. Other national parks were the big five can be found includes the Tarangire national park, Ngorongoro national park, Mikumi and many other national parks found here.

Unrevealing the hidden treasures in Tanzania wildlife
Big Cats safari

The national parks are also the paradise for the bird lovers because they are packed with colorful bird species both the migratory and native birds. National parks such as Gombe and Mahale national parks are famously known because of the large population of primates and they are the perfect places for the chimpanzee trekking.

Explore the hidden treasure in Tanzania wildlife through the following activities

Game drives; it’s the perfect way of exploring and spotting different wild animals in they are hideouts while in different national park in Tanzania.  The game drives are normally done in the pop ups safari vehicles and the perfect time for the game drive is normally in the morning and in evening. The professional driver guide will help you spot different animals and take you to the parts of the national parks where animals are mostly located.  The game drives will help you spot different animals such as gazelles, giraffes, dik dik, elephants, road antelopes, elands, waterbucks, different primates such as the vervet monkey, baboons, pates monkey and the sight of different bird species will not be missed.

Hot air balloons safari; it’s the most unique way of viewing the animals while in the air and its offered in few national parks in Tanzania such as Serengeti national park. It’s so exciting to spot the mass movement of animals during the great animal’s migration which normally takes place annually in this national park. This activity is exciting because you can get closer to the animals than even when using the vehicle. It offers the amazing views and sceneries of the animals, the most spectacular time for this activity is in the evening as you will enjoy the cool evening breeze and watch the beautiful sunset, Unrevealing the hidden treasures in Tanzania wildlife

Guided nature walk; the most engaging activity that will make you get closer to the nature and feel the beauty of the virgin lands of Tanzania national park. It’s a great activity that is normally done with great care as it is dangerous because of the animals hence the armed guides normally accompany the visitors for protection. It’s the great adventure as you search for the animals in the forest and enjoy the beautiful quit environment with lovely voices of the birds singing.

Unrevealing the hidden treasures in Tanzania wildlife
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Mountain Hiking (Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, and so forth); Under normal circumstances, safari days, especially ones in national parks or game reserves are usually characterized with long hours inside the safari vehicle and in most of Tanzania’s National Parks and Game reserves, it is not possible to do a walking safaris. However, there are plenty of breath-taking hikes that can be undertaken. Your guides will also provide you with a range of information about natural history and culture along the way. Mountain hiking is among the best activities a person can do whenever he or she is no longer into the driving moods. However, you should ensure that you are both physically fit and mentally prepared for mountain hiking, since encountering new heights can make your body produce some different reactions at some point.

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