Visit the Mahale and Gombe Chimpanzee : The remarkable and remote visit to landscape of African which is the home of the chimpanzee is only the Mahale and Gombe national park located on the western part of Tanzania along the shore of the Lake Tanganyika. It’s the two national park visit combined together with the experience of chimpanzee trekking. Both the Mahale and Gombe national park are along the eastern part of the shores of the Lake Tanganyika. The Lake Tanganyika plays the major role in balancing of the ecosystem of these two national park, the long white beaches and the clear crystal water are water catching in their own ways.

The home of chimpanzee, if you love the chimpanzee then this is a right place for you to visit and treks the chimps These national parks are considered as the as the only place that you will have the finest experience with the chimpanzee. The Mahale national park forest is the home of the last remaining wild chimpanzee in Africa. There are about 1000 different chimps’ species in this national park as they wonder about the forest and along the shores of the Lake Tanganyika.

  • The Mahale mountain national park is the home of the most studied chimpanzee by the primatologist Jane Goodall’s world’s famous research Centre. The park covers about 1500 kilometer square of the fertile soil along the Lake Tanganyika, which is the deepest fresh water lake in the world. The Mahale Mountain is most famous for the population of about 1000 chimpanzees’ species. The most magical moment is visiting these fascinating animals in their natural habitat. The common specie found are the yellow baboons, the blue monkeys, red colobus, pied colobus and the vervet monkey. The mountain area also contain about 337 different bird species.
  • The vegetation of the Mahale forest is unique which make it as the most comfortable habitat for different animal’s species in the forest area. The vegetation includes the Miombo woodlands, Riverine forest, montane forest, montane grassland as well as the Kasoge forest.
  • The mountain ridge are about 50 kilometer in the length and run along the northwest towards the southwest part of the park. The mountain has several peaks while its highest peak is the mount Nkugwe which is about 2462 meters above the sea level.
Visit the Mahale and Gombe Chimpanzee
Chimpanzee Trekking in Gombe

The Gombe national park, is also the famous home of the chimpanzees that is highly protected on the boundaries of the park. Walking deep into the heart of Africa as you trace and discover to yourself the different species of the chimpanzee at the Gombe national park is a magical experience that you’re supposed to explore on your own. The spinal-chilling moment is walking in the remote and quite thick forest as the whop erupts from the deep the forest followed by the other dozen voices of the chimps that can make you feel the connection to the nature.

While the chimps are the most noticed in the park along them there are other primates that are found in the Mahale Mountain and Gombe national park. You may also spot some other animals such as the elephants, bush pigs as well as the rare spot of the hippos.

Different activities that are supposed on your bucket list during the visit to the Mahale and Gombe national park includes the following.

  • Chimp trek is the most rewarding activity and unforgettable experience as it is has the unique tracing places. The best time for the trekking activity at these national parks is during the dry season that is around the month if June to October. This season supports the nature walks as well the hiking activity. The tracing of the chimpanzee becomes easier since in the dry seasons most of them are out of their herds looking for fresh grasses. Between the months of February to June is highly characterized by the availability of the heavy rainfall and wet season while the month of November to mid-December is the season of the rain but it rains less during these season. The chimps can be easily traced during this season except that the clear and cool picture cannot be obtained at these time of the year. Hiking on the Mahale mountain forest as you go all the peaks, it doesn’t require any skills of hiking to go up the Mahale Mountain as it is simple. The hiking is a way to explore different old families of the chimpanzee found in this two parks. Felling the nature in person with very close interaction to it totally amazing thus Visit the Mahale and Gombe Chimpanzee.

The absences of the carnivorous in these two national parks makes them idle for chimpanzee trekking and hiking, having the opportunity to learn different behaviors of the chimpanzee and have a closer interaction to them.

  • Enjoy the sunset on the dhow, the traditional wooden dhow are used when on the ride to the Lake Tanganyika. Spend time on the deepest fresh water lake in the world with the traditional wooden dhows that are used by the indigenous people found along the shores of this lake. The most experienced dhow uses will accompany you on this unforgettable moment. Watching the sunset with the most spectacular scenery as you watch the sunset getting deeper into the water leaving behind the most amazing orange gold color that fades slowly as the sun goes deeper into the water. You can also simply sail along the shoreline and cast a line of fish.

Canoeing is another way of exploring the water of Lake Tanganyika, taking the water under your own steam then exploring it by canoeing and paddle power. This activity is even more special as you watch the as the sun rises as it shows up slowly from the deep inside the water.

  • The bird watching activity can also take place here as there are different bird species found in these national parks as there are both residential as well as the migratory birds. The most common bird species found here are like the trumpeter hornbill, palmnut vulture, fishing eagles and pied kingfisher. The bird watching activity can take place even on the guided nature walk or on the trekking of the chimpanzees.
  • Adding sport fishing in the itinerary of your visit at the Mahale and Gombe national park make your visit here even more memorable. The sport fishing activities takes place on the Lake Tanganyika. The sport fishing activities takes place in the designated areas as well as having the special permit to conduct the activity.
Visit the Mahale and Gombe Chimpanzee
Chimpanzee Trekking Safaris

Apart from the tourism activities the tourists can also involve themselves in other activities such as swimming on the Lake Tanganyika or even snorkeling the splendid Lake Tanganyika. The Gombe national park will leave you the thrilling wilderness experience. Sometimes you might just want to lie down on the beach as the soft sand caresses you back while having a cold drink while sunbathing on the beaches found on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

The best moment to visit the home of chimpanzee is during the dry season as there is little or no rain hence it’s the best for the chimps trekking.

The accommodation at these national park is excellent as there are different accommodation for every tourist from the campsites up to the most luxurious hotels. The accommodation choice depend on the budget and choice of the individuals.

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