Tourist’s Attractions In Arusha : Arusha is one of the best cities in the country that is considered the leading tourist city as it receives a lot of visitors who wishes to explore the beauty and wonders of the city. Also, visitors have been highly attracted by the traditional customs and cultural ways of the Arusha natives commonly known as the Maasai. This is one of the strongest and toughest tribes in the country holding and practicing firmly their cultural aspects and traditional ways of life. Speaking of the best places to visit while in Arusha, then the following are the best places to spend time at while visiting Arusha.

Meserani Snake Park

Meserani is one of the tourist’s attcations in Tanzania. It is popularly known as Meserani Snake Park. Meserani Snake Park is located on the northern part of Tanzania, in Arusha region. It is a travel of just 25 kilometers away from Arusha city center to the Meserani snake park. It is one of the places in the country which are considered to be perfect since they can enable visitors to experience a lot of species such as reptiles. Visitors can get a chance to learn these species especially various species of African snakes that’s why the place is named the snake park. Meserani Snake Park is the only place that visitors from various places can just touch and experience various species of snakes including enjoying and refreshing with them. Also, it is the only place where visitors can have pictures with snakes and learn a lot of things about them.

Lake Duluti Natural Reserve;

This is another tourist’s attractive feature found in Arusha. It is found on the Northern part of Tanzania, particularly in Arumeru district. The lake covers a total area of 62.3 and 700 meters deep under the earth’s surface. It is rounded by the big and attractive natural forest that acts as an attractive feature for visitors and other people who passing near it. The natural forest which is around the lake is full of wild animals such as reptiles as well as birds. The reptiles that are around the lake are monitor lizards, green mambas while the species of birds includes fish eagles, ospreys, herons, kingfishes and cormorants. Also, the forest is decorated with variety species of trees that forms a beautiful and attractive scenery. Also, there a mountain which is believed to be the prayer mountain.

There are various activities that visitors can do while visiting the place such as watching birds, sport fishing, walking in the forest, filming picnic gaming, worshiping seclusion, kayaking, photographing as well as canoeing.

Kikuletwa hot springs;

This is one of the geothermal oases which contains hot water which is considered an interesting scene for those who visit it. Being a natural feature, Kikuletwa is located around Masama Rundugai ward just few meters to Hai district – Kilimanjaro.

It is also known as Maji Moto ya Kikuletwa in Swahili and Chemka hot springs. Chemka is a Swahili vocabulary meaning ‘boiling’ which means the water is so hot one can say it has been boiled.  This is also one of the best scene and features to visit in Arusha and most visitors enjoy visiting this place. Its water flows to Kikuletwa River where it eventually turns to Pangani River.

Tourist’s Attractions In Arusha
Kikuletwa hot springs

Ngurdoto crater;

This is the crater which formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. It is found in Meru District in Arusha. The Ngurdoto crater is not that much big since it is only 3.6 kilometers in its diameter at its width. Its depth is also 100 meter deep. This is one of the tourist’s attractions found in Arusha and it is found in the Arusha national park. Around the crater, there is a big forest which is green in color and very attractive. In fact, this is one of the attractive scenes that visitors are likely to experience the best moments with full of joy and refreshment never ever. Also, there is the swamp that is located in the floor of the crater.

The Momella Lakes;

These are seven shallowed lakes which are found within the Arusha national park. They are namely; El Kekhotoito, Kusare, Rishateni, Lekandio, Big Momella, Small Mommela and Tulusia. They are popularly known as Momella because they are located in the Momella village. The entrance to the lakes is also found in the Momella village, in Meru district in Arusha.

These lakes are also one of the best places to spend time at while in Arusha. They provide natural experience due to their beautiful and attractive scenery.

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