The Best Things To Do On Mnemba Island In 2024/2025 : Off the northeastern coast of Zanzibar, Mnemba Island is a haven for people looking for pristine beaches, glistening waters, and an abundance of marine life. A massive coral reef that stretches many miles in circumference surrounds it. As a marine reserve, it’s Zanzibar’s most well-liked snorkeling location. It’s easy to spot clownfish, blue tang, and Moorish idols in a few feet of water above a vibrantly colored, pristine reef. Access to Mnemba Island, a privately owned island, is exclusive to visitors staying at the opulent Beyond Mnemba Island. If you intend to visit in 2024 or 2025, you’re in for a treat. The top things to do and places to visit on this breathtaking island are recommended in this article.


Attractions around Mnemba Island: In addition to being a well-liked location for scuba diving, the island is home to a diverse array of corals and is occasionally the site of dolphin and turtle sightings. It serves as a breeding ground for 600 different species of coral reef fish, migratory and resident shorebirds, endangered green turtles, humpback whales, and whale sharks—the largest fish in the world.


The primary boat routes to Mnemba Island are from Muyuni or Nungwi, which are 1 hour and thirty minutes’ drive from Stone Town. From Nungwi, it takes approximately twenty minutes to reach the snorkeling area; from Muyuni village, it takes thirty minutes. Your tour guides will drop you off right at the reef, which is just a short distance from the small island—a few hundred yards.


Discover the 10 best things to do when you visit Mnemba Island for the first time on Zanzibar Island.

 Snorkeling and diving adventures

Mnemba Island is a snorkeler’s and diver’s paradise because it is encircled by a beautiful marine conservation area. With its coral reefs abounding with vibrant fish, turtles, and dolphins, this is an activity that simply must be done. The island has a variety of dive locations for experienced and inexperienced divers to check out. One piece of advice is to book a snorkeling or diving tour with locals who are familiar with the best locations.

Mnemba Island Beach Bliss

Mnemba Island is well-known for its blue waters and silky, white beaches. Enjoy your days enjoying strolls along the shoreline, tanning, or just relaxing on the beach. It’s the ideal approach to de-stress and appreciate the island’s scenic splendor. For maximum comfort, bring along a beach blanket, sunscreen, and a good book.

Dolphin tour

Both bottlenose and humpback dolphins live in the waters surrounding Mnemba Island. Take a dolphin safari to see these magnificent animals in their own environment. It’s a genuinely enchanted encounter with the possibility of amazing photo ops. Advice: Respect the dolphins and observe moral standards when seeing wildlife.

The Best Things To Do On Mnemba Island In 2024/2025

An Amazing Watersports Event

For those looking for more strenuous experiences, the island has a variety of watersports. There is something for everyone, from kiteboarding to kayaking. There are lots of options available, whether you’re an adrenaline addict or just want to have a little fun. Advice: Inquire about the various watersports and associated safety precautions at your lodging.

Island Hopping

Mnemba Island may be small, but there are plenty of other stunning islets in the area that are worth exploring. Plan an island-hopping trip to see the enthralling archipelago’s hidden coves, sandy atolls, and distinctive scenery. A great idea for a romantic or family day out is to arrange a picnic on one of the smaller islands.

Evening Boat Rides

Some of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets may be found on Mnemba Island. Take a sunset cruise and see the sky painted in hues of pink, orange, and purple. Savor a quiet time by yourself or a romantic evening with your significant other. Advice: For an added touch of luxury, supper and drinks are frequently served on sunset cruises.


Mnemba Island is home to many exotic species and is a birdwatcher’s dream come true. Put on your binoculars and scan the verdant surroundings to see birds such as sunbirds, green pigeons, and the rare Amani sunbird, which is a rare sighting for ardent birdwatchers. Advice: If you want to see the birds when they are most active, think about taking an early morning stroll.

Elegant Dining

Mnemba Island is not short on culinary delights, despite its seclusion. The resorts on the island provide fine dining experiences with a variety of international, local, and fresh seafood meals. With your toes on the beach and the sound of the waves gently lapping against you, savor your meals. Advice: For a taste explosion, be sure to sample Zanzibar’s well-known delicacies laced with spices.

Cultural Encounters

The historically and culturally rich city of Zanzibar is only a short boat ride away from Mnemba Island. Make plans to see Stone Town’s winding lanes, storied buildings, and bustling marketplaces during your visit to this UNESCO World Heritage site. Remind yourself to check out the House of Wonders, the Palace Museum, and the neighborhood spice stores.

Unwind and replenish.

Not to mention, don’t forget to give yourself some time to de-stress and unwind. Mnemba Island is the ideal location for relaxation, whether you choose to rejuvenate with a spa treatment, yoga on the beach, or meditation. Advice: For a genuinely peaceful experience, choose to have a massage in a Banda along the beach.


In conclusion, guests of all stripes can look forward to a dreamlike getaway on Mnemba Island in 2024–2025. You’re in for a treat, whether you can’t wait to explore the underwater treasures, laze on immaculate beaches, or take in the tranquil beauty of this paradise. Mnemba Island offers it all, from exhilarating water sports to relaxing sunset cruises and cultural excursions in neighboring Zanzibar.

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