Stunning Places you must visit in Tanzania : Tanzania is an East African country characterized by kind people, attractive natural resources, and beautiful places to visit. Tanzania got established after a union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. The Tanzania mainland and the Zanzibar islands both have areas one should not afford to miss. There is a good variety of places one can visit. These places range from national parks to historical sites. Landforms and vegetation cover are also attractive features. The experience of exploring the stunning areas in Tanzania gives the mind new insights and experiences. The following are the reasons why one should visit Tanzania and see a natural beauty that Tanzania holds. Tanzania is home to awe and wonder. Wonderful national parks, historical sites, culture, and natural landforms are so attractive to hold the attention of many. The weather is friendly, and the people are welcoming. Visiting Tanzania is both educational and recreational. The Kilimanjaro Mountain, the national parks, and other landforms are exciting upon experience.



Ngoro Ngoro has a number wildebeest, zebra and gazelles etc. The area is known due to the presence of the largest caldera in the world and the Olduvai Gorge. This area has evidence for human evolution, hominid footprints aging millions of years together with outstanding geographical features.

Ngorongoro conservation area is known because of the crater in it. Experts have discovered that the crater was a result of a volcanic eruption of a mountain on itself. The volcanic mountain was 4500m to 5800m which is relatively compared to being as tall as Mount Kilimanjaro. For the past 80 years, research was done revealing more archeological remains. These remains are considered evidence of human evolution.

 The Ngorongoro conservation area is home to a large number of wild animals including the big five. Animals such as the elephant, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, leopard, and lion can be found in Ngoro Ngoro. The ancient footprints and the fossil records make the Ngoro Ngoro conservation area a unique visit site worldwide.  

Stunning Places you must visit in Tanzania
Ngorongoro Conservation Area


Why would one not visit Kilimanjaro Mountain? Speaking of fascinating experiences in Africa, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro adds to the list. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa. Not only is it the highest in Africa, but it is also the only free-standing mountain in the world.

Mount Kilimanjaro has three peaks. The three peaks are Shira, Kibo, and Mawenzi.

 Kibo is the highest of them all. Kibo is generally the highest peak in Africa. Standing on the top of Kibo is considered to stand on the highest point of Africa. Kibo has an ice top. The ice top on Kibo is predicted to melt in the nearby future.

Mawenzi is the second peak among the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro in height. It alone is taller than some of the other mountains.

Shira is the shortest peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. A special route through it is called the Shira route.


Serengeti was declared to be a National park in 1951 by the United Republic of Tanzania. It is located in between Mara and Simiyu regions. Serengeti is known to have the largest population of lions in Africa. About 3,000 lions are in Serengeti National park. Serengeti has more than 4000 leopards, a good number of cheetahs, and about 500 species of birds. These and other animal species migrate depending on the seasons of the year.

The seasons of the year determine the availability of water and food. During dry seasons animals move to the wet areas in search of food.

The Serengeti national park has several human services such as lodges, hotels, and other sanitary recommendations per the global code of tourism practice.

Pouching threatens biodiversity. It is because some distinct species have a chance to be in the future. For instance, lions are said to likely be lost by 2048. The Serengeti national park is a home of wonders!

Stunning Places you must visit in Tanzania
Serengeti Safaris

4.      ZANZIBAR

Zanzibar stands among the important places one should visit. Zanzibar is a Tanzanian coast that has Swahili, Arabic, Hadimu, and Tumbatu dwellers. History explains that this coast had leopards in the 1990s but not the traces of these animals on this coast are no more. Therefore Zanzibar is known for her cultural tourism, stone town, spice tour, and coastal tourism.

 Zanzibar has a large spice farm where fruits such as banana, coconuts, breadfruits, jack fruits, and lime are grown. Spices such as cloves, black pepper, vanilla, and coriander are grown. The wonderful aroma of the spices all together makes the spice farm a remarkable place to be.

 Cultural tourism is among the reasons for the popularity of Zanzibar. The cultural practices and their way of life attract individuals from non-coastal areas to observe. Their respect for religion and customary values is just outstanding. People also visit Zanzibar for historical tourism especially to reveal the history of this Tanzania coast back in time since the age of slavery, slave trade, and colonialism. The stone town, the house of wonders, and the coastal life are just a few fascinating motives to visit Zanzibar.


Amboni caves are limestone caves located in Kiomini village about 8 km away from Tanga town. History reveals the place to be formed 150 million years ago which is as far as the Jurassic age. Historical evidence further proves that the caves were 20 meters underwater many years ago. These caves are scary, natural, fascinating, and spiritual as some may recommend.

 The popo flights are among the regular events occurring at the Amboni caves. Bats fly from inside of the caves to the outside every evening. The general idea of popo fight comes from this. The movement of the massive number of bats has given rise to the name popo flights whereas popo is a Swahili word for bats.

The Amboni caves also have shaped rocks which are just amazing to watch. The rocks have been shaped as sofas, beds, and other furniture. Historians insist that art and craft is far in time a very old practice.


Lake Manyara National Park is found between Lake Manyara and the Great Rift Valley. The National park covers about 325 square kilometers with about 230 square kilometers of the lake surface. It was declared a National park in the year 1960 by the Government of Tanganyika thus Stunning Places you must visit in Tanzania.

 Lake Manyara national park holds the largest elephant population in Tanzania. Elephants are known for their accurate family handling abilities move within and out of the Lake Manyara National park to locate their family members. Elephants locate family members by the use of urine scents. Elephants have a good memory for locations. Along with elephants, the Manyara National park is home to thousands of pink flamingos just around the lake area. The presence of the pink flamingos shows an outstanding view from above.

The Lake Manyara National park has tree-climbing lions, which is a popular attraction to the eye. The National park is known for its thick vegetation and stunning mountainsides. Just enough reasons to visit Lake Manyara National Park!


The Tarangire national park is known for its long-distance wildebeest and zebra migration during the dry seasons. In the dry seasons some seasonal rivers dry up causing wilting of the grass and with this factor, these animals migrate to other places until when rains come and the place is covered by grass and water again.

 The Tarangire National park is located in the Manyara Region in Northern Tanzania. It is well known for its acacia woodland, combretum woodland, flooded grassland during wet seasons, and linear-planted baobab trees. The linear pattern of the baobab trees is a story explained by the poor digestive system of elephants.

Stunning Places you must visit in Tanzania
Elephants in Taranigre

 Zoologists have pointed out that elephants can barely digest all the food they ingest. Some fruits and seeds like those of baobab trees remain viable as they are egested making trees grow following the pattern to which elephants moved as they release the dung. It is true and verified that elephants feed on fruits and barks of the baobab tree so this statement is considered true

The Tarangire is home to many animals from the herbivore family and the park is known for the organized alignment of the vegetation particularly the trees. Life in Tarangire is seasonal. Most of the animals during dry seasons as most of the water sources dry up leaving animals with no choice but to migrate to suitable places. Tarangire national park is indeed a place for nature and enjoyment!

Tanzanians are peaceful and naturally very inviting. A visit to these stunning places in Tanzania will not only expose you to their incredible culture but also take you through a reflection of good African morals and values. Kindness, respect, generosity, and communal life are found in Tanzania. These are just a few reasons that these stunning places in Tanzania should be visited. Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Mikumi National Park, Gombe National Park, Katavi National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngoro Ngoro conservation area, and other natural landforms are real reasons to visit Tanzania!

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