The Ultimate Kilimanjaro Mountain Parking List : Situated in Kilimanjaro Region in Northern Tanzania which is on the Eastern side of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa and the world’s second-highest peak after Mount Everest. With approximately five thousand, eight hundred and ninety-five meters above the sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is also accredited for being the world’s highest single standing mountain.

The simplest route to the Kilimanjaro National Park where the mysterious Mount Kilimanjaro rests is through the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA). It takes about two hours to drive to the Park from Arusha. The best time to visit Kilimanjaro National Park hiking is from December to March and from June to October. Mount Kilimanjaro has three different volcano peaks. These include the Kibo which is now termed as dormant volcano peak, Mawenzi peak, and Shira peak.   The surrounding huge forest at its base is home to animal species including primates like the blue monkey, colobus, bush baby, big animals like elephants, giraffes, and buffalo, and birds such as white-necked raven, insects, big trees, some rivers that hold water.

To reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro you will have to choose a route of your choice. Four routes are available which include the Lemosho route, (a suitable route for eco-tourists as it is less crowded), Northern Circuit route, Rongai route, and Machame route. These routes vary in that; each route has its unique nature that a climber will view. They also vary in the number of days taken to reach the summit. The Machame route is commonly used because it is passable in almost any weather. Lemosho route is superb for eco-tourists whose trek is not too focused on reaching the summit, but also on exploring the natural beauty present in the route. The other route is like the Shira route taken west of the mountain near Lemosho is also an incredible one. And to those who came from the Northern part of the mountain especially from the Kenyan border, the preferred route is through Rongai the only route from the north of the mountain. Now, probably you have chosen the route which you will use for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to the summit. These are the items and equipment that you have to pack prior to the commencement of your adventurous trek. As a trekker, here is my suggested Kilimanjaro Packing List.

The Ultimate Kilimanjaro Mountain Parking List.

Bag; this is very important as it carries all the necessary things and gear. You will be helped by a porter with one bag. You will carry a bag packed with frequently used things. You are advised to have two bags here;

A daypack in which you will pack all the most frequently used things like sunglasses, sunscreen, flashlight, water, and some snacks. Make sure that your daypack is rainproof and is easier to be carried since the route is long.

A waterproof duffle bag in which most of your Kilimanjaro gear is to be stored. You will have to pack clothing, hiking boots, and other things.

Clothing; in your route to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, you will pass across various areas with different weather and vegetation. So, it is very important to pack clothes that can save you in such scenarios. Important clothes you will have to carry include;

Jackets; different brands sell various kinds of jackets. Here are three important types of jackets you have to pack; a Fleece jacket which is always worn for insulation usually at the night, a down jacket which helps you to be warm especially on your day to the summit, and a rain jacket (usually a hard-shell rain jacket).

Trousers; the route to the summit is in the wilderness, therefore long trousers help you avoid having your leg hurt. Commonly used trousers are warm trousers, membrane pants, and trekking pants.

Footwear; This is an important part that must be available in your packing list. There are several kinds of footwear that you must have for a comfortable trek. These include hiking boots, sneakers, and trekking socks. The most recommended hiking boots are the ones with good ankle support and waterproof. Make sure you have enough pairs of socks. You will have to change them regularly to avoid your feet from being infected with fungus. Also, open shoes that could be used at the camps.

The Ultimate Kilimanjaro Mountain Parking List
The Ultimate Kilimanjaro Mountain Parking List

Sleeping Equipment; not all the time you will be on the climbing journey there are some times at night you would need to get asleep to recover and keep energy. So, I can advise preparing sleeping equipment such as 3 to 4 sleeping bags that provides warm condition also with bag liner that makes the body warm but also keep your sleeping bag clean.

Headgear; these items have to be packed in order to ensure that your head, eyes, and other anterior body parts are safe. Therefore, you will have to carry the following items;

Sunhat for protecting your face from overheating and sunburns which are common weather problems in Kilimanjaro.

Sunglasses to protect your eyes from being hurt by sun rays especially at the summit.

Headlamp. This aids you during the night whether at the camp or somewhere after the sunset. During your summiting day, the hiking will begin in the night to reach the summit by the sunrise.

Gloves. These are very essential as they will keep your hands warm during the whole journey.

Trekking poles; Forcing your knees joints to hike for a long time may you’re your body very tired. These poles aid you when you are tired in the trek. Your knees joints would be saved from being too much tired if you have trekking poles.

First Aid; for further advice, this is the most important package that would help you to get early treatments in case you will be injured in any situation, some important things to have for first aid are drugs like pain killers and other antibiotics, oral, plasters to cover wounds if happen and so many other kits.

 In addition, with personal hygiene equipment like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, body oil that help as an insulator for cold.

The truth is that a safari to Kilimanjaro National Park will never be regretted. This is because of a number of reasons, including its snow-capped dormant volcano offers a beautiful and very attractive scene to both trekkers and distant viewers. You will have that pride to congratulate yourself for being among the few who have made it to the top of the world’s second-highest mountain. I would like to guarantee you that you will not regret visiting Tanzania’s tallest mountain.

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