Nyerere National Park is formerly the northern part of Selous Game Reserve, one of the most scenic and sought after Tanzania national parks that travelers get to explore while on a Tanzania safari in the southern part of Tanzania. For travelers who fly to Dar es Salaam and would like a Tanzania safari tour to see the amazingly diverse and abundant wildlife in Tanzania, Nyerere National Park is that Tanzania safari park to look out for.

Nyerere National Park is a newly established Tanzania national park that is now the largest National Park in Africa, part of the larger Selous Game Reserve. Nyerere National park was named after the first president of the Republic of Tanzania the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

Nyerere National Park Location

Nyerere National Park as stated above is the northern part and more of the Selous Game Reserve, pronounced “seluu”, is the largest Tanzania national park and protected game area. Nyerere National Park size is at 30,893 square kilometers covering a big part of Liwale District in western Lindi Region, south west Pwani Region, north eastern Ruvuma Region as well as a big portion of south eastern Morogoro Region. The total size of Nyerere National Park is larger than some countries in Europe; Nyerere National Park is almost twice the size of Belgium!

Established in 2019, Nyerere National Park formerly Selous Game Reserve covers a total area of about 30,893 square kilometers, inhabiting a wide range of flora and fauna that would keep you captivated for up to 5 days in this almost remote Tanzania national park that is fit for exclusive Tanzania safari experiences like honeymoon Tanzania safaris.

With such a Nyerere National Park size, Nyerere National Park has one of the most undisturbed ecological and biological processes that also includes a wide diversity of wildlife including a variety of predators and prey.


Nyerere National Park Tanzania attractions are many. Among the various Nyerere National Park attractions include the beautiful Rufiji River which is a great boat safari destination as well as a great hippo viewing destination. Other attractions in Nyerere National Park include wildlife that includes the rare African Wild Dogs among others; birds and amazing landscapes of the park area.


There are a number of activities in Nyerere National Park that travelers can enjoy while on a Nyerere National Park safari. Some of the Nyerere National Park activities include game drives in Nyerere National Park, guided walking safaris, boat safaris, sport fishing, bird watching. Night game drives in Nyerere National Park is also possible!

Nyerere National Park Entrance Fees

To enjoy the various attractions and activities in Nyerere National Park, there are a number of Nyerere National Park fees to be paid to the governing body that protects and conserves the park which is the Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA). Nyerere National Park entrance fees for Foreign non-residents is 70USD per person per day excluding the 18% VAT. For travelers spending a night inside the park, concession fees of 71USD per person per night is to be paid.

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How to get to Nyerere National Park

Given the remoteness of southern of the southern part of Tanzania and the parks in, getting to Nyerere National Park is usually by flights, from Dar es Salaam. Another way to access the is however by road from Dr es Salaam which is about 230km away.

Best time to visit Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park can be visited all throughout the year given that the park animals are residents. The best time to visit Nyerere National Park however is during the dry season which is in the months of June through October, as well as late December through February when animal viewing is easier given they often converge in the available water points, especially the Rufiji River!

Accommodation in Nyerere National Park

There are a number of Nyerere National Park accommodation to choose from though not as many in number, depending on your preferred category and budget. Some of the accommodation in Nyerere National Park include Beho Beho Camp, Selous Kinga Lodge, Siwandu Camp, Lake Manze Tented Camp, Serena Mivumo River Camp, and Rufiji River Camp among so many others.

Nyerere National Park is a beautiful Tanzania national park to visit solely while on a Tanzania safari anytime of the year. A Nyerere National Park safari can however still be combine with other Tanzania national parks like Ruaha National Park, Mikumi National Park, Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania and Serengeti National Park among other Tanzania national parks. Get in touch with a reputable Tanzania safari planner that can put up a memorable Tanzania safari tour including a visit to Nyerere National Park, which is a perfect honeymoon safari!

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