Most Beautiful Beaches to visit in East Africa  : Anyone contemplating a trip to East Africa has never been let down; on the contrary, it is full of surprises. There are more than just wildlife safaris in East Africa, which may surprise you. For example, after a safari tour to East Africa that includes gorilla tracking in Rwanda or Uganda; hiking safaris on Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, and Mount Meru; as well as Tanzania wildlife tours in Serengeti National Park or the Maasai Mara National Reserve, you can relax on a blissful beach in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania. Whether it’s a wild coastal adventure you are wanting, a family holiday or a romantic trip, East Africa has everything for everyone to make your safari or tour truly spectacular and gorgeous.

In spite of being recognized for safaris like wildlife safaris in Kenya and Tanzania and gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, East Africa has recently gained a reputation for its warm beaches, superb diving and snorkeling, and fishing. Apart from the huge Indian Ocean Islands, the Zanzibar Archipelago of islands off the coast of Tanzania is arguably the most well-known beach destination in East Africa. Zanzibar, which has a rich history and culture, has long been a stopover for tourists traveling to Tanzania’s famous game reserves like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

Today, however, the islands are more accessible than ever thanks to the new ideal of a safari and beach vacation. Although the main island remains well-liked owing to its historical significance, smaller islands like Pemba and Mafia provide beach vacationers with unforgettable opportunities for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and big game fishing. Although there are numerous places in Africa that provide wonderful beach vacations, few of them offer the variety that Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya’s islands and coastal resorts do.

The Region (East Africa) has traditionally relied on its incredible wildlife parks to draw tourists, but more recently, the beaches have started to draw interest. The beaches of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya offer more than just a paradise of white sands and turquoise waters; with great reefs, the Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya coast offers some of the best scuba diving and big game fishing on the African coast. These beaches range from tropical shores and bustling towns to remote islands and historical ruins. The coast of East Africa has it all for a fantastic family beach holiday safari, from romantic private islands to fantastic family resorts.

Most Beautiful Beaches to visit in East Africa

What are the best beaches in East Africa to visit and enjoy your vacation? The following are the top beaches in East Africa to visit and spend time at when on a safari in the region:


One of the most well-known islands in Africa, Zanzibar is the largest island in the Tanzanian archipelago and one of the best beach destination in East Africa. The Zanzibar, Tanzania’s beaches includes the following:

The Island of Pemba

One of the lesser-known islands, Pemba, is located northeast of Zanzibar and has an undeveloped, scenic shoreline, small fishing communities, and ancient ruins. It is easy to see why Pemba is considered one of the top diving locations in the world, with water temperatures between 77°F and 84°F (25-28°C) and amazing visibility between 66 and 131 feet (20–40 meters).

The island is a great option for a private and exclusive romantic getaway. Other activities in this beach destination include day trips to mangrove forests where you may enjoy a range of water sports, sunset cruises on a dhow, a traditional kayak, or restorative spa treatments.

Matemwe beach

Matemwe, the largest island in the Zanzibar Archipelago, is a combination of tropical splendor and historical charm, making it the ideal island hideaway for families or groups seeking a private stretch of Zanzibar’s breathtaking coastline. Matemwe offers activities for people of all ages, from cultural excursions to thrilling water sports.

Put on your most comfortable walking shoes and explore Stone Town’s streets if you enjoy all things historical and architectural. You will be enthralled by the town’s rich history and the diversity of architectural styles. The intriguing Spice Tour will educate you about the exotic fruits and spices while you tour one of the island’s many plantations. Make sure to eat a typical Swahili lunch at the farm.

Nungwi beach

On Zanzibar’s western coast is Nungwi Beach. The beach earned a spot on TripAdvisor’s list of the best 25 beaches in the world. Nungwi Beach is always lively. Coral reefs around the coast make for excellent diving, snorkeling, and swimming opportunities. If you’re lucky, dolphins, sharks, and green turtles might be visible if you’re at a particular time of year. Numerous hotels, bars, and restaurants line Nungwi Beach, offering a wide range of evening activities. A conventional dhow sailing boat is another option for a sunset cruise. Because of its bustling ambiance, Nungwi Beach may be a perfect destination for solitary travelers, as you’ll get to soak up the spirit of the island and even meet new people along the way.

Kendwa beach

One of Zanzibar, Tanzania’s most visited beaches is Kendwa Beach. The beach is a little more relaxed than its big sister-Nungwi beach and is just a few miles before Nungwi village. Due to less frequent high and low tides, this top island beach is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and other water sports without having to chase the ocean far away. There are many enjoyable things to partake in, like beach soccer and volleyball on the sand. Kendwa Beach is renowned for having a vibrant nightlife and a fun atmosphere. Loud beach parties are accompanied by the sunset. There are dining establishments and bars serving delectable foods and drinks. On the beach offshore, aquatic animals like the bright starfish find protection as well.


Kenya is much more than just the Masai Mara’s undulating plains and hooves and claws. Over 333 miles (536 kilometers) of Kenya’s coastline are made up of picture-perfect sandy white beaches. This gorgeous setting is home to top-notch lodging with amenities and entertainment catered to a wide range of travelers. Some of the best beaches in Kenya, East Africa includes:


Mombasa is 120 kilometers (75 miles) away from Malindi. Malindi may be reached by both air and land transportation. This community is well-known for its relaxed environment, pleasant climate, delicious seafood, Swahili-inspired architecture, and, of course, its immaculate beaches.

Most Beautiful Beaches to visit in East Africa

Malindi has some of the most opulent hotels, resorts, and restaurants despite being much smaller than Mombasa and Nairobi. Milda Creek in Watamu is one of the best spots to visit in the town, which is rich in history and culture. Cruise through the stream at dusk while sipping sundowners for a peaceful experience, or for those who are a little bit more daring, choose stand-up paddling. The central Broadwater is ideal for skiing and wakeboarding.

Malindi is renowned for having a vibrant nightlife. Malindi is a great place for you and your friends to spend the night because of all the exciting bars and clubs in the area.

Diani beach.

This undeveloped and energetic stretch of coastline, which has been named the best beach in Africa, is home to Tiwi and Galu Beach, Chale Island, Msambweni, Funzi Island, and Kinondo. From hip and modern boutique hotels to backpacker hostels, Diani Beach offers a variety of lodging options. The beach is shielded by a coral reef and the island is surrounded by coconut palms, making for fantastic swimming and snorkeling conditions. For an adrenaline-pumping experience, activities like skydiving and kitesurfing are also offered. You can also take a safari tour to Shimba Hills National Reserve.

The Lamu beaches

The island of Lamu is located just off the Kenyan coast. The preferred mode of transportation for visitors to this location is a donkey, and it is entirely pedestrian-friendly. On a dhow boat, you can explore some of the island’s beautiful beaches. Dhow tours play a significant role in the local economy.

Once you’re back on solid ground, head to Shela Beach on Lamu’s northern side. The shoreline is composed of shells and sand, and it is only a short stroll from the town of Lamu. The best part is that locals offer homemade samosas directly on the sand, and this delectable snack is regarded as among the best on the island.


The lovely settlement of Watamu is located on Kenya’s coast and is widely recognized for its immaculate white beaches. This area, which is a part of the Watamu National Marine Park, is excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition to providing a haven for a variety of vibrant underwater life, coral reefs also aid in the creation of breaks for surfers.

You can stroll out into the shallow sea for miles while the tide is out. Going outside for even a little while may be an amazing experience. You can spend the entire day or even an overnight excursion enjoying the surroundings in Watamu, which has a variety of top-notch hotels and restaurants located just steps from the sand.


Each year, a lot of outstanding sites in Uganda draw tourists to its borders. This island nation has several beautiful beaches to enjoy thanks to Lake Victoria, with most of them being in the Entebbe region. One can enjoy a day at the beach in Uganda with clean, lovely white sand, celestial sunrises, and amazing uncommon birds, to name just a few of the goodies that await visitors. Some of The best beaches to visit in Uganda, East Africa are listed below.

Lido Sands beach

Lido Beach, one of Uganda’s oldest beaches, is located about a kilometer from Entebbe International Airport. Lido Beach is a popular destination for residents and may get rather crowded on the weekends. It is known as a party location. There are events there virtually every weekend, ranging from wild parties to family-friendly activities. Beautiful sunsets may be seen from the white sand beach. Due to the risk of bilharzia, swimming is prohibited in Lake Victoria as well as everywhere else. Visit Lido Beach on the weekend if you want to enjoy yourself like a native.

Imperial Beach

Imperial Resort Beach and Imperial Botanical Beach, which are both south-west of Kampala while on Kampala City Tours, are great for swimming and sunbathing. The Imperial Beach Resort Hotel maintains the two beaches, which are fairly near to one another. There are numerous uncommon birds, exotic trees, and plants to be found in the Imperial Botanical Beach. The setting here is ideal for photography. It’s common to see hotel guests or beachgoers taking in the magical sunsets, tanning, or participating in water sports. The beach can become crowded on the weekends, and it occasionally holds neighborhood events.

Munyonyo Beach

In addition to the martyrs’ shrine and its five-star hotels, Munyonyo is a popular tourist destination in Uganda because of Munyonyo Beach. The beach, which is near Kampala, is looked after by the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. Numerous enjoyable activities are available at this beach. The surrounding Bullago and Chimp islands are accessible by canoe or speedboat rental. Additionally, visits by helicopter are available. Other entertaining things to do in the laid-back atmosphere include horseback riding, fishing, and paintball.

Most Beautiful Beaches to visit in East Africa

“Africa’s diverse places on the shores of the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria await exploration; the coasts of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya are a melting pot of history, culture, and adventure”.

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