Cruising the Lake Victoria : The Lake Victoria offers you a very unique experience as it gives you a combination of the relaxation at the beach with an exciting Tanzania safari. Treat yourself with a boat cruise on the magnificent on the world’s largest tropical lake located on the part of Tanzania. The lake of the largest the most enormous tropical lake in the world as well as the greatest fresh water lake in the whole of Africa, the size of Lake Victoria is equal to the size of the Ireland. It covers the large area of 26,600 square miles and has a shore line that runs for over 18000 along the three countries that is Tanzania, Kenya as well as Uganda.  The Lake Victoria is highly characterized by the calm waves punctuated by many small lush island that is habited by different wildlife. The Lake Victoria is even more special as it is possible to watch the sunset without being at the coast.

The essence of the Lake Victoria sundowner cruise is normally the 2 hours magical moments of your life that you can never forget. Enjoy the beautiful sceneries and the most stunning sunset and sunrise which normally takes place from 4pm to 6pm in the evening and watching the sunrise is normally around 6am to 9am in the morning. Being on the lake is never boring, tourist can arrange leisure cruises to go and see the local fishermen and to enjoy the unending view of the lake. Having a long the cold beers and snacks on cruising the lake Victoria makes the cruising activity more fun and having the most splendid view of the sunset.

Have an opportunity to go fishing with the local fisher men found in Lake Victoria. The main economic activity of the people that leaves along the shore of lake Victoria is fishing. The fisher men go for fishing every evening, having a tour and cruising with the local fisher men is one of the most important experience as you use the traditional boats that are used by the fisher Lake Victoria there are more than 200 different fish species found while the most common fish found are the tilapia.

Cruising the Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria

The perfect place for the bird watching activities along the water shores is at the Lake Victoria. On this lake there are different birds including the migratory birds who specifically move to this area during the wet season. There are about 200 different bird species that are found in this lake and hence can be called the island of birds. The lake is also the breeding site for the water birds example the Eurasian migrants, grey parrots, African fish eagles and many more. The perfect time for bird watching activities is normally in November to early may which is the wet season in Tanzania.

The beautiful and the most attractive beaches are found along the shores of Lake Victoria. The lake side sunsets hits differently. These beaches along the Lake Victoria are perfect for enjoying the sunsets as well as the sunrises, boat cruising, cannoning as well as fishing. The beaches along the lake Victoria are not advisable for swimming activities because the crocodiles ad hippos are found along the shores hence considered as dangerous moreover another reason swimming is not advisable because the water of the lake Victoria are contaminated. Surprisingly enough it’s very common to find the tourists as well as the local people to be seen swimming in this lake.

Escape to Saanane island national park, the Lake Victoria gives this national park an exceptional attractive view as the park is located on an island in Lake Victoria. This national park was first owned by a man named Mzee Saanane Chawandi which was named after him and later become owned by Tanzania national parks as animals were ferried to this island. This island is one of the most amazing experiences that are not be missed. The island is found 2 hours away from the city of Mwanza. While at this national park you can enjoy different wild life such as buffalos, zebra, impala, Dik Dik, elephant’s monkeys, giraffes and many more. The best time to visit this island all around the year but the best time is during the dry season as you can enjoy different activities in this island such as picnics, surprise dinner team gathering or even family vacations.  You can also enjoy rock hiking as the Mwanza region is highly famous as it has large number of rocks. Enjoy rock in this island as well as other activities such as game viewing, canoeing excursions in the Lake Victoria.

Escape to the largest island in Lake Victoria, this island is also the largest inland island in Africa. The island is named Ukerewe and it covers the total area of 530 square kilometers and located in the Ukerewe District, which is nearly 50 kilometers on the northern side of the Mwanza city. It takes up to 3-4 hours from the city towards this island which is linked by ferries. This island is also surrounded by numerous bays and more likely a dozen of other smaller island which are also habituated by human except two which are not inhabited by the human.

Cruising the Lake Victoria
Ukerewe Island

This island is most habited by the fishermen with their families. Have the opportunity to go for fishing with local fishermen found in this island, enjoy canoeing, biking. The most amazing part of escaping to this island is to enjoy the special traditional tour which includes the traditional dance shows from the Sukuma tribe, visiting the Healer as well as the local families found in this island. Explore the nature beauty of the true village life while biking because there is no traffic hence biking is just perfect in this island.

Canoeing excursions in Lake Victoria, have the amazing boat tour with the traditional canoeing used by the local fisher men. See the city from the water and the most amazing view of the blue lake that lays underneath with slow moving waves and breeze as it caresses your chicks. On the trip to canoeing enjoy watching the hippos, crocodiles as well as different bird species that are found in this lake. All you need along with you is a camera that can catch the unforgettable memories of this trip.

Sport fish at the pride of Africa, the Lake Victoria, and the fresh water lakes of Tanzania offers the great opportunity for visitors to experience the adventure of sport fishing which is widely growing currently. Fishing on the fresh water can be in Lake Victoria which is world’s largest fresh water. Fly and lake fishing is normally done in the remote areas that gives the most relaxation feeling while enjoying the peaceful environment of the lake with the most amazing sceneries.  The local fisher men will be gladly to be part of this refreshment as they will be willing to take you along on their daily fishing trips and to show you the places to get started. The best scenery of the sun set during the fishing activities is even more special, fishing while watching the as the sun sinks deep into water is whole beautiful experience that is not to be missed. The Lake Victoria is the home of Nile perch and Tilapia as they are found in abundancy and mostly fished. Sport fishing at the Lake Victoria hits differently as it offers the most peaceful environment.

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