Maasai cultural tour

Maasai cultural tour : The Maasai are known for their nomadic way of life and during safaris around Tanzania, apart from the amazing wildlife viewing tourists on safari also engage in cultural tours which involve interactions with the local community and getting to know about their culture and way of life.

Maasai people can be seen during safaris around Serengeti national park and the Ngorongoro conservation area and also in the neighboring areas of the national park. In the Ngorongoro conservation area, the Maasai people can be encountered as they graze their livestock in the grassy plains they share with the different wildlife species at the destination.

Other locations where the Maasai and other cultures can be encountered include Mto wa mbu, Babati, Hanang, Engaruka, Longido among others. The Maasai also live around the southern part of Kenya.

During safaris around Tanzania tourists can see as cattle are being auctioned in Longido Maasai village. A visit to this village also gives insight and an authentic Maasai experience about the way of life of the Maasai.

Mto wa mbu town is located on the way to lake Manyara national park and is a good location for a stopover during a wildlife viewing experience around safari destinations in the northern part of Tanzania.

Livestock of the Maasai

The livestock which are kept by the Maasai people include cows, goats and sheep. And the Maasai feed on the blood, meat and milk got from their livestock. The Maasai mix blood and milk in a gourd and drink it and the cattle of the Maasai.

The cattle and other livestock kept by the Maasai were sometimes stolen from the neighboring tribes. The livestock such as cows, sheep and goats among the Maasai is also traded among the families of the Maasai.

Maasai are known for their dependence on their cattle and they also use cow hide to build their houses. In society of the Maasai, cattle is considered an important source of wealth and the more cattle one has, the wealthier the individual.

Livestock is also a form of bride price which is exchanged during marriage arrangements among the Maasai.

Way of dressing of the Maasai

The Maasai dress in traditional clothing referred to as shukas which are in different colors such as red with black stripes, blue and also have checkered patterns. They also wear beaded jewelry in different colors made by the Maasai women and each of the colors has significance in their culture.

The Maasai men can also be seen carrying spears as they move around their communities.

Maasai society

Among the Maasai, the families are extended and the houses where the Maasai live are enclosed in thorn fences to protect the livestock and the Maasai people from harm. The men and women among the Maasai have different roles they play in their society and these roles are divided depending on the age groups.

Maasai men play a role of protecting their families, making the thorn fences to protect their livestock and also the younger males among the Maasai are in charge of taking care of the livestock and taking them out in the grassy plains to graze.

Maasai Mara cultural tour

The roles of the Maasai women in their society include building the homes or traditional houses of the Maasai, food preparation and collecting firewood. The beaded jewelry is also made by the Maasai women who also make other crafts which tourists can buy during their safaris around the northern part of Tanzania.

The beaded jewelry of the Maasai varies for the males and the females and is worn on the neck, wrists and ankles. Children also wear the beaded jewelry after birth and the jewelry includes earrings, necklaces.

Land is communally owned in the Maasai community and the Maasai are a semi nomadic tribe which also engages in agriculture although cattle are the main source of food for the Maasai people.

Visiting a Maasai village

Visiting Maasai villages around the northern part of Tanzania is an activity which offers an experience of the unique culture of the Maasai and engaging in various activities which range from listening to folk tales about the Maasai, seeing local arts and crafts, watching and participating in traditional dance performances with the Maasai warriors among other activities.

Watching the traditional dances of the Maasai is an exciting experience which involves jumping up and chanting traditional songs.

Among the Maasai people, marriage is considered a strong bond and the parents of the Maasai are known to choose partners for their children. Another option is when a boy shows interest in a girl, he sends a gift of livestock to her family and when the boy is rejected, the family returns the gift to the boy’s family.

Divorce is highly discouraged among the Maasai people and elders in the society of the Maasai also play an important role in the marriage.

Guided nature walks

The Maasai also act as guides during safaris around the northern part of Tanzania as they know their way around the different destinations. Around national parks of Tanzania, the Maasai are employed in different jobs which help them to earn income.

Craft shopping is another experience which tourists engage in as they interact with the Maasai while on safari. This can be done in the towns such as Karatu, Mto wa mbu, Arusha among others.

Visit Tanzania and enjoy interacting with the Maasai as you engage in a safari around the northern part of Tanzania.

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