Explore the Beauty of Lake Duluti : Arusha is one of the strategic cities, an incredible hotspot for tourists. This beautiful city is located in the northern zone of Tanzania. It is endowed with various attractions ranging from the great national parks like Tarangire and Arusha National Parks, the highest mountains like Mount Meru, wonderful lakes residing in the Great Rift Valley, waterfalls, hot springs, and small beautiful lakes like Lake Duluti. Arusha city is easily reachable for visitors who choose to land at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA). At Arusha city, you will enjoy doing day trips to various sites like Lake Duluti. You can also choose to camp at various attractions especially at the Tarangire and Arusha National Parks. Mount Meru trekkers go for about a three-day hike to reach the summit. One of the beautiful places that you will never regret visiting there is Lake Duluti.

Lake Duluti is a volcanic crater lake located in the Meru district near Tengeru town. This eye-catching lake has an area of about 160 acres surrounded by the Duluti forest. It is a very stunning site to visit from Arusha since it is only 14 kilometers away. Therefore, you will choose either to do a private day visit or camping at modern lodges. The deepest part of the lake is its center which goes up to 9 meters deep. The shores are shallow such that you can swim if you are a fan of swimming.

Before entering the Lake Duluti Reserve you will be charged an entry fee which is always cheaper as compared to other attractions in Tanzania. The entry fee for locals is 3000 TZS AND 12 USD for foreigners when entering the reserve for hiking. The accommodation at Lake Duluti is superb. Luxurious lodges like Lake Duluti Lodge.

There are so many activities and attractions that you will have to enjoy during your trip or stay at Lake Duluti. One of the superb activities is canoeing which is the favorite for many visitors coming to this Crater Lake. Although, Lake Duluti’s water is derived from rains the lake never gets dry. This makes it a good place for doing canoeing. If you want to explore Lake Duluti by canoeing, you have all odds on your side since there are a lot of canoes available there for rent. Many of these canoes are non-motored because of environmental concerns. Therefore, you will enjoy touring the lake like an eco-tourist. You will be given a life jacket for your safety and in your canoe, you have a guard who will protect you from dangerous aquatic animals like crocodiles and hippos. Canoeing takes about four to five hours. Therefore, you are advised to have your breakfast before starting the journey. You will also have to carry with you your lunch box on your trip. The cost of a private canoe at Lake Duluti is around 45 USD per adult. Hence, with a low-cost trip, you will acquire something to narrate to your friends and family.

Birdwatching is one of the superb experiences you won’t forget at Lake Duluti. Over 150 bird species are available in the lakeshore and the forest trees of Duluti Reserve. Through a guided nature walk, you will spot beautiful birds such as starlings, weavers, eagles, hornbills, and spoonbills to mention a few.

Camping. There are luxurious lodges and camps at Lake Duluti Reserve one of which is Lake Duluti Lodge. This lodge is well equipped with modern facilities such as flushing toilets, televisions, resting rooms, and amenities like health centers. You will enjoy a fantastic dinner or breakfast at the beach of this Crater Lake. Other services include tasting the sweet cuisines, restaurants, and bar massage. These lodges and camps can even organize ceremonies like weddings and birthday parties if you want to celebrate in the African wilderness. The price of camping is between 10, 000 TZS for locals and 12 USD for no-East African visitors.

Explore the Beauty of Lake Duluti
Lake Duluti Experirence

Duluti trekking. One of the most preferred ways to explore more about Lake Duluti is trekking it. Most of the trekkers spend about five to six hours around the lake in the Duluti forest. Tour operators offer both private and normal tours. Private trek costs about 184 USD per adult. On your trek, you will enjoy birdwatching and you will enjoy interacting with reptiles such as Monitor Lizards. These species inhabit a small island in the West of Lake Duluti and the Duluti forest.

Village visit. When you are tired of watching water, trees, and animals at Lake Duluti, a village visit is superb for you. The tour operator offers guided house walks and day visits to the nearby Maasai Communities and Meru communities. Lake Duluti is surrounded by these -ever-charming societies that are very interactive. The Maasai, the world’s famous tribe performs traditional dances for visitors and also sells traditional-made artifacts and handicrafts. You can buy them if they interest you. The wonderful Meru culture is so interesting to learn about. Therefore, having an interaction with such communities may make your tour unforgettable thus Explore the Beauty of Lake Duluti.

Fishing. This is one of the commonly practiced economic activities by the communities surrounding Lake Duluti. If you are curious about it, consider learning it during your trip to Lake Duluti. You will meet huge groups of fishermen and have a chance to interact with them. Some of the common species you will encounter on your fishing activities include crayfish, catfish, and small fishes commonly known as ‘dagga in Swahili.

Explore the Beauty of Lake Duluti
Canoeing on Lake Duluti

Biking tours. You can plan a visit during your stay at Lake Duluti by pedaling to the destination you wish. Some of the biking tours go to the destination outside the Reserve. This tour is usually offered as a sports safari. They are usually planned for three to five days where bikers will pedal to new destinations every day of their bike tour.

A trip to the nearby National Parks. After being satisfied with your safaris at Lake Duluti, you can plan a trip to other nearby national parks like Arusha National park, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire where you will add more experience and impressions with the wildlife and natural beauties. You can plan a combo trip where you will visit these parks and have your final destination at Lake Duluti. It is also a relaxing place for Mount Meru climbers.

As I said earlier that, Arusha is a superb place for visitors coming from inside and outside of Tanzania. You will never forget the experience you will get when you this northern region in Tanzania. Therefore, plan a visit to Tanzania. You will learn a lot. Lake Duluti is one of such impressions that you will never regret being there for both single-day visits and multi-day visits.

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