Dolphin tours in Zanzibar are among the activities which are carried out during tours around the island. This tour can be carried out in places like Kizimkazi which is in the southern coast of Zanzibar island. The dolphin tour is carried out in the Indian ocean where you can enjoy an activity of swimming with the dolphins or see the dolphins from a close distance as the swim close to the boats.

The activity can be done for half a day and also involve other excursions carried out on the island such as snorkeling. Around Kizimkazi during a dolphin tour, you can see several pods of humpback dolphins and also bottlenose dolphins. They can also be spotted around Fumba peninsular.

Other species of dolphins which can be seen around Zanzibar island include spinner dolphins, indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins, Rizzo’s dolphins, Frazer’s dolphins, Indian ocean humpback dolphins, pan-tropical spotted dolphins, Atlantic bottlenose dolphins among others.

Dolphin tours in Zanzibar
Dolphin tours in Zanzibar

Kizimkazi is located in the southern part of Zanzibar island and it is about 59 km from Zanzibar. You can access Kizimkazi for a dolphin tour during a stay around Jambiani, Paje, Michamvi and also Makunduchi.

The Menai bay conservation area is found in the south western part of Unguja which is the main island of Zanzibar archipelago. The chance of seeing dolphins during tours around Zanzibar island is about 80% as the dolphins also move to other parts of the ocean. Around the Menai bay another activity which can be carried out is the safari blue excursion which is another popular activity to do when visiting Zanzibar island.

The dolphin tour takes about 6 hours and starts from Kizimkazi village. During the dolphin tour, you also enjoy an experience of taking a local boat or dhow and enjoy the breeze and waves of the Indian ocean.

The best time for seeing these dolphins and swimming with them is the dry season from January to February and also from June to October. The dry season is also a time when many tourists visit the island to take part in many other activities.

When visiting Zanzibar island, the dolphin tour is carried out in the natural habitat of the dolphins therefore making it an exciting experience. Other marine species are also found around the island such as turtles and different species of fish.

You can also take part in snorkeling during the dolphin tour on Zanzibar island. However it is not assured that you will spot the dolphins but on some days they can be seen during the dolphin tours.

It is also recommended that tourists avoid chasing after the dolphins by boat as this scares the dolphins away. The best time to see the dolphins is also during the morning and the dry season while the rain season is not good for seeing the dolphins as a result of poor visibility.

The dolphin tour can be done as a group tour or as a private tour when visiting Zanzibar island. In Africa Zanzibar island is the famous destination where you can swim with dolphins during a tour around the tropical island.

The dolphin tour can cost about 45 USD to 150 USD depending on the type of tour and the number of people engaging in the activity around Zanzibar island. During the dolphin tour, you can also enjoy a number of tropical fruits grown on the island such as mangoes, bananas, pineapples, watermelons among others.

When taking part in the dolphin tours in Zanzibar, tourists are encouraged to be cautious as the dolphins are not tamed or in captivity.

Many other activities apart from dolphin tours are carried out when visiting Zanzibar island at any time of the year and they include diving, snorkeling, swimming, dhow cruises in the morning or evening, visiting Stone town, taking a tour of the spice plantations, interacting with the locals, visiting the prison island, safari blue experience among other activities.

Diving is another activity which can be carried out during holidays around Zanzibar island and the island has over 30 dive sites. Over 500 species of marine life are found around Zanzibar and the best place for this activity is Mnemba atoll. Diving can be done all year round but the best time of the dry season around September to December. Some of the marine species which can be seen during diving in Zanzibar include white tip reef sharks which can be seen all year round, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, sea horses, humpback whales, hawksbill turtles, common dolphins among others.

Dolphin tours in Zanzibar
Dolphin tours in Zanzibar

When visiting Zanzibar island another popular activity you can take part in is a stone town tour where you visit different landmarks around the island and get to know more about the history and culture of the island and its people. Some of the places to visit during the stone town tour include the Arab fort, the old slave market, Darajani market, Forodhani gardens, the house of wonders, visiting the palace museum among other places.

You can also engage in a tour of the spice plantations round the island where spices like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla among others are grown. During a visit to the spice plantations you can also taste food prepared using the spices and you can also purchase some of the spices which are sold at an affordable rate.

Visit Zanzibar island and enjoy a dolphin tour among other activities all throughout the year.

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