A joint group tour to mikumi National park

A joint group tour to mikumi National park : Mikumi National Park is one of the best Tanzania safari tips of all. Mikumi National Park Safari is the closest safari to Dar Es Salaam and is fantastic. A bus ride from the coastal city of Dar es Salaam to the amazing Mikumi National Park is worth it though a private car is so much nicer.

It is a unique experience close to hundreds of wild animals with no fences. Mikumi National Park has been dubbed the Mini Serengeti for a reason, it is stunningly beautiful and packed with animals such as wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, lions, hippos, tons of birds, Elan, jackals, elephants, leopards, and much more. It is certainly not small, though at over 3200 square kilometers.

For east Africans, the park fee range from $770.00 for three days, but the price varies by group size.

As you move along with the Jeep, you will see animals herding in different directions the elands, zebras, the wildebeests, and even the Giraffes. You’ll make the scenic drive to Mikumi National Park, where you’ll embark on game drives to watch famous wild animals such as,

The elephants

The Elephants always have one principle when they look after their children. They put their young ones (calves) on their front legs for the safety of their children. When in a group, the calves stay in the middle. Then the male is always around, and the female is on her front leg. A female elephant breastfeeds and has a pregnancy for 22 months (bears only one child).  A female elephant carries a pregnancy longer than all other animals. After giving birth, the elephant raises the child for 15 years and more before becoming independent and does not carry another pregnancy until the child grows up. The best thing to see about elephants is how they use their trunks to eat leaves, drink water, pour water on themselves during the heat, and sprinkle sand to repel flies that bother them, especially in river areas.

mikumi national park elephants

Impala and the Wildebeests

On a hot sunny day, the Impalas rest under the shade of the acacia tree in Mikumi National Park. Most of the time, Impalas graze with the wildebeests to ensure their safety. With the eyes, ears, and broad shoulders of the wildebeests, Impalas feel more secure from the Lions. They probably also know that the lions generally stay in the shady areas at noon and feed more in the evening and the mornings.

Lions in a Hunt

There are so many animals in Mikumi national park. So, there is plenty of food for the lions to eat. Often the lions kill gazelles and deer that they manage to eat and not eat again for a day. The lions kill and eat meat for one day and do not eat again for a week. So they eat once per week. Per day they eat 35 to 75 Kilos.

mikumi lions

Hippos in the Pool

Hippos feed at night. So, they don’t do much during the day but wallow around in the muddy water and blow bubbles out of both ends

Yellow Baboons

The behavior of a troop of Old World monkeys, Yellow Baboons, in their morning routine: mating, courting, playing, posturing, walking, looking for food, eating, drinking, swimming, nursing and grooming.


Tented camps are the Cheapest accommodation for Tanzania safari. There are tented camps to stay inside the Park. In nature, the tented camps are comfortable with air conditioners, TV, and mosquito nets over the beds. This tented camp is perched above the trees stretching over the seemingly endless wilderness southwest of Mikumi National Park, nestled in the forests of the Mountains that overlook the Mkata Plains of the Mikumi below.

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