When Was Mahale National Park Established? Mahale national park was officially established as a national park in 1985 with the main purpose of protecting all the wildlife species. This national park is located along the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma region in Uvinza district in Tanzania. Mahale national park is known to have been named after the Mahale mountains with are found within the borders of the park and it covers a total surface area of about 1,650 square kilometers being under the management of Tanzania National parks Authority which is known to be an organization that is responsible for conserving and protecting all the game parks in the country hence fighting against poaching activities. Mahale national park, which is found within the western region of the country, is famously and commonly visited because it is known to be among the top destinations in Tanzania, which host large population of chimpanzees hence attracting many people to visit the park hence contributing a lot towards the tourism industry of the country. and exploring within this national park blesses tourists with great opportunities to engage into several activities where individuals gain a lot of new experiences and create remarkable memories and some of these things include; chimpanzee trekking, mountain climbing, visit the sandy beaches of Lake Tanganyika, fishing, snorkeling, Kayaking, guided nature walks, bird watching, camping, wildlife viewing and relaxing on the pristine among others.

Facts about Mahale Mountains National Parks

What animals are in Mahale Mountains National park?

Mahale national park is situated in the heart of the beautiful Mahale Mountains and it has a diverse and ecological rich wildlife and boasts an impressive array of fauna, which ranks it to be among the best destinations to travel to while on your adventurous safari in Tanzania. Therefore, spanning across around the vast areas of this game park gives tourists chances to overlook at many animal species, which include the following;

  • African Elephants; the elephants are considered and known to be the most iconic and soughtful animal species found in Mahale national park and touring around this park , tourists will get to see these species in large numbers as they are spotted wandering through the vast landscapes within the park while searching for food. More so, the elephants are characterized as gentle giants and their enormous size among others.
  • Antelopes; Mahale national park is also a home to diverse range of antelope species which are known to be herbivorous animals that navigate within open grasslands while searching for food. These sable antelopes are characterized because of their distinctive reddish-brown coat, curved horns, elegant leaps, dark brown coloration and many others.
  • Cheetahs; More so, the cheetahs are notable predator which are found in Mahale National park. In addition, these species are known to be the fastest land animals on earth because of their incredible speed and agility. And touring around this game park gives you chances to sight see these athletic creatures as they watch and stalk their prey while using their unique exceptional hunting skills in order to secure their delicious meals and while observing these species also brings you close to the beautiful nature of the park.
  • More so, Mahale national park is a home to smaller and lesser-known species and other charismatic animals. There are also various primate species such as; vervet monkeys and baboons. And apart from these animals, Mahale national park is known to have a rich birdlife of over 300 bird species that can be spotted around the park such as; African fish eagle, crested guinea fowl, blue cheeked bee-eater, giant kingfisher, palm nut vulture, crested malimbe, bamboo warbler, malachite king fisher, Livingstone turaco and trumpeter hornbill and many others.
  • Chimpanzees; Mahale National park is a famously known for hosting large population of 1000 chimpanzees which makes it a good spot for tourists on a chimpanzee trekking safaris to visit. However, there are more animals to see within the park and some of these include; yellow baboons, red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, red colobus monkeys, lions, wild dogs, buffalos, waterbucks, giraffes and many others.

For tourists planning on visiting in Mahale national park are encouraged to travel during the dry season due to the fact it is considered to be the best time to go on an adventurous safari because less rainfalls are received during this period and the grass vegetation is always short which enables individuals to capture classic views of several animal species as they move around the park. In addition, they can also choose to travel either by using road transport means or Air transport means especially for those individuals who would love to skip the long trips and they can book their flights from Kilimanjaro international airport or Arusha airport, which leads you to kigoma. From there they can use a boat from kigoma to be able to access the park.

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