What is the best time to visit Tanzania? Tanzania is among the famous safari destinations which are known in the world and it is part of East Africa.

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Safaris to Tanzania can be done at any time of the year however, the dry season is considered the best time to visit Tanzania. This dry season occurs around June to October which is also a peak travel season.

The months from July to September are also considered a good time for a safari to Tanzania especially for travellers interested in the great wildebeest migration. It is also a good time to do many of the activities that travelers engage in when visiting Tanzania.

The high season is also a time of the year that prices for accommodations are also higher due to the increased tourist traffic around destinations in Tanzania. Many of the safari vehicles can be spotted as tourists visit the national parks and reserves during wildlife viewing safaris.

For an encounter with fewer tourists during a visit to Tanzania you can also travel during the low season. The low season is a time when rains are received in Tanzania and it takes place around March to May and also around November.

Many tourists however avoid the rainy season when visiting Tanzania but it is actually also a worthwhile experience if you ignore the rains and enjoy the nature and other attractions when visiting the national parks or other destinations in Tanzania.

Here is a monthly glimpse of what to expect when visiting Tanzania through the year;

In January, if you are to visit a park like Serengeti national park, you can get a chance to enjoy the calving season around the Ndutu area during the wildebeest migration in Tanzania. It is generally hot and dry in January.

February is also a good month for a visit to Tanzania with activities such as trekking, wildlife safaris and beach holidays can also be done during this month. The calving season is also still taking place in February.

When visiting Tanzania in March, expect rains and at this time the calving season is also still taking place. March is also the green season where the vegetation is lush and there are also amazing photography opportunities during the safari.

What is the best time to visit Tanzania?
Wildebeest Safari

April is part of the low season and it is characterized by rains, reduced or discounted prices on accommodation and also fewer tourists around the destinations in Tanzania. You can also enjoy wildlife viewing during this month while driving around the parks and reserves of Tanzania. Some lodges close during this time due to the rains received around Tanzania.

In May, rains are received around Tanzania and the vegetation is beautiful and wildlife viewing is also possible during this month. The wildebeest migration in May can be seen around the central area of Serengeti national park or Seronera area which is also home to numerous wildlife species including the big five like elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos.

June is the start of the dry season and many tourists start visiting Tanzania and many wildlife species can also be seen during a safari around the parks and reserves of Tanzania since the wildlife species gather around water sources making them easier to spot, What is the best time to visit Tanzania?.

In July safaris in Tanzania are still as exciting and there are many visitors in Tanzania. It is also a good time for a beach holiday on Zanzibar and a good time for many other activities carried out during safaris around Tanzania like game drives, nature walks and hiking among other activities.

August is also still the dry season in Tanzania and many travellers visit the country for safaris across the north, south and west destinations and not forgetting the coastal areas where you can enjoy a holiday on Zanzibar island and relax on the white sand beaches.

September and October is also still part of the dry season with more wildlife safaris being done around Tanzania.

Around November, rains are received again in Tanzania and it is the short rainy season. During this time the wildebeest migration starts again and birding is also at its best in the month of November when migratory bird species can be seen during safaris in Tanzania.

December is a festive season and it is also a busy time of the year in Tanzania with many travellers visiting the destinations around the country for safaris.

The beauty of visiting Tanzania is that safaris can be done throughout the year and you are guaranteed an exceptional experience around the different destinations in the country. Depending on the activities which you are interested in doing when visiting Tanzania, you can choose the best month for the activity and go for the safari.

Your budget for the safari in Tanzania can also affect the time of the year when you travel to the country. This is because some seasons have higher prices as compared to others. Another factor that affects the time of travel is the type of safari in a way that private safaris have flexible dates while group safaris have scheduled dates which means the time of travel is predetermined.

Some of the places to not miss during a tour around Tanzania include Serengeti national park, Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro crater, Zanzibar island, Ruaha national park, Nyerere national park or Selous game reserve among others found in the northern tourist circuit, the southern parks of Tanzania and also the western national parks of Tanzania.

What is the best time to visit Tanzania?
Mount Kilimanjaro

activities like cultural encounters with the locals, nature walks, hot air balloon safaris, bird watching, hikes, canoeing, cycling and so much more is part of the experience when visiting Tanzania.

The currency which you can use during a safari in Tanzania is Tanzania shillings (TSH) and US dollars are also used for transactions around the country. Do not forget to offer tips and other forms of gratuity when visiting Tanzania as this improves services and way of life of the locals.

Visit Tanzania and enjoy amazing safaris during every month of the year across the various destinations.

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