The Beauty of the Saadan National Park : The standing tall and well lined palm trees, the clean beach as well as the most breath taking view of the sunset with the soft ocean breeze caressing your chicks is the splendid feeling that one can have at the Saadan national park.  The best coastal area where the bush meets the beach in the same place its non-other the Saadan national park. The Saadan national park is located on the coastal area of the Indian Ocean the closest wildlife park in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. It covers up to the total area of 1062km square.

The true feeling of the beach at the wilderness.

 The availability of the wildlife and other animals does not make the Saadan national park any less of the beach, the true feeling and the relaxation of the beach is still there and there is even more to that feeling as the wildlife is also part of the package. Saadan national park is more of the beach destination such that the tourist can enjoy the sunbath while watching the elephant or any other wild animal is drinking water at the water hole. It’s the marvelous destination for the tourists that loves the water and beaches but at the same time can have another great package of watching wildlife. The beaches in the Saadan national park gives you the peaceful, relaxed and a satisfied feelings. The sounds of the water waves and the calm sound of the water is the real therapy that you might need on a vacation, feeling the soft sand on your toes or laying on the soft sand for hours while the sun shines over your body is one exciting moment that no one should miss and the perfect place to have all this peaceful moments is the Saadan national park. Swimming at the beach of the Saadan is more pleasant due the favorable temperature which is about 25 degrees which is hot and humid.

The best bird watching activities in the Saadan national park will be around January and February, these are the rainy seasons and wet season. The eye catching view of the migrating birds is the very impressive. These times of the year most of the birds will be found around these area for breeding and most of them are the migrating birds. The bird watching can also be done around the mangrove forest as well as around the Wami River during the boat cruise. The African skimmers are the only birds that are found throughout the year at the park.

 The animal densities increases between June to august when the sun prevalent while the rain is rare during this season of the year. The Saadan national park is the host of almost 30 species of the large animals the big five such as the shy elephants who likes the beach in the evening and hide during the day, the park is also habited by the lions, buffalos, giraffes , water bucks, zebras, wild beast, hippo and warthogs. In this national park is where the tourists can share the beautiful sunrise and sunset with the wild animals found at the park.

The opportunity to admire the unique coastal forest and the evergreen of the mangrove and other plants species of both marine and the land is not be missed. The large mangrove grows along the Wami River, the mangrove kingfisher are relatively common vegetation at the beach of the Saadan, the large number of Nile crocodiles and hippos can be easily seen. The tall savannah are inhabited by the buffalos while the short savannah grass land is the host of the herds of the white-bearded wildebeest. Other plants species are like the standing tall palm tree, the colorful coral reef in the ocean and the harsh black cotton plains.

The Beauty of the Saadan National Park
  • The boat safari at the delta of river Wami.

The real adventure is to have the boat safari at the Saadan national park.  Watching the large crocodiles and hippos closely as well as the riverine birds such as the malachite, pied and even giant kingfishers.  Also the great sight of other birds such as the wooly necked stork, common sand pipers, lilac breasted rollers, palm nuts, vultures , fish eagles and the ground hornbills. The safari boat can take up to 2-3 hours of the ride, the boat safari also offers the chance to spot the elephants and the wildebeest while they are drinking water.

  • The green turtle breeding site at the Madete area.

The green turtles are the most hard-shelled sea turtles, found along the Saadan national park. In this part of the beach is where most of the green turtles are found it’s their breeding area as it provides the protected nesting ground for the species. Between August and December dozens of green turtles arrive on this sandy beaches so that they can hatch their eggs.  On the trip to the Saadan national park a visit to the green turtles should be on the list of the visit as they have the respectable sights.

  • Guided nature walks

The well trained, experienced guides and the armed rangers lead the way on this most adventurous and explorative activity at the park. Guided nature walks through the park can take up to 3 hours. The exploration of the great mangrove forests, meet the green turtles at their spot, the monkeys as well as the birds singing sweetly along the way  will make the walk and the trip memorable thus The Beauty of the Saadan National Park.

  • A visit to the Saadan village

The Saadan village is found inside the hence the name of the park is after the name of that village. The village was famous as the harbor town and the slave trading center between the 18th and 19th century. Currently the village is the home of the finishing society of more than 800 people.  The visit of the Saadan national park will make more memories while visiting the village, you will have the opportunity to learn their culture their way of life and a little about the finishing activities which is their main economic activities.

The Beauty of the Saadan National Park
The Beauty of the Saadan National Park

Accommodation of the Saadan National are impressive and gives the best view of the beach and the view of wild animals you can watch the animals while you at your room, the rest houses with all the necessary home needs that makes you feel at home all the time. The special campus also might be the best for the one who prefers camping during the visit, there are also accommodations near the park that can accommodate visitors through out all the seasons. The luxurious hotels and tents accommodates the visitors. The park gives variety of choices of accommodation one can decide any accommodation depending on their budgets as well as their preferences.

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