Selous Game Reserve animals. Among the different attractions in Selous Game Reserve are the animals that freely roam the reserve. Selous Game Reserve now known as Nyerere National Park is a famous and one of the most sought-after Tanzania national park. By and large, the wildlife in Nyerere National Park is indeed considered one of the finest collection of wild animals. Selous Game Reserve, or Nyerere National Park hosts some of the largest population of mammals and reptiles in Africa, as well as over 440 bird species. The Selous Game Reserve is rich in animal diversity and shall reward you with amazing Tanzania wildlife safari experiences.

The various Selous game Reserve animals include the big 5 animals, the additional big 9 animals among so many others.

The big 5 animals in Selous Game Reserve include rhinos, leopards, lions, elephants and buffalos. Most travelers who visit Africa look out for the big 5 sightings in their natural habitats. The big 5 animals are known as such following how hard it was to hunt these animals down by professional hunters back in the day.


Lions in Selous Game Reserve are many, and are estimated to be close to about 6,900 lions in Nyerere National Park and the entire Selous Game Reserve area. Selous Game Reserve is therefore one of the best places to see lions in the wilderness after Serengeti National Park in the northern Tanzania safari circuit.


Nyerere National Park hosts a great population of elephants in the wilderness. The high concentration of elephants in Selous game Reserve has travelers seeing large herds of elephants freely ranging in the park, especially around the Rufiji Rover among other lakes and rivers on Selous Game Reserve. Elephants are highly poached and sought after by poachers for their long-horns otherwise known as tusks for ivory.


Rhinos in Selous game Reserve are few in number, just as is the case with many other safari destinations in Africa. Rhinos are endangered animals that can still be found in a few select Africa safari parks including Nyerere National Park, in their natural habitats. With a good Tanzania safari guide, be sure that you shall enjoy sightings of rhinos in their natural habitat while on a game drive in Selous Game Reserve, or better yet guided walking safari in Nyerere National Park!


Buffalos, or Cape buffalos are large bovines that are considered s dangerous animals commonly found in the various Africa safari destinations including among other Selous Game Reserve. Though innocent – looking, buffalos are volatile and unpredictable in nature that travelers ought to be very weary of them, especially lone buffalos. Buffalos in Selous Game Reserve can be seen in large herds of up to 100 individuals or more given their social nature.

Selous Game Reserve Animals
Buffalos in Selous Game Reserve


Though plenty in the park, leopards are generally elusive animals that require a skilled guide to spot them out while on a Tanzania safari in Nyerere National park, or even any of the other Tanzania national parks in the different safari circuits of Tanzania. every once so often tend to look up in the tree branches for possible sightings of leopards as they tend to stay up on acacia and sausage trees in the park.

Apart from the above-mentioned big 5 animals in Selous Game Reserve, there are a number of other animals in Nyerere national Park that travelers can encounter while on a Nyerere National Park safari anytime of the year. Other animals in Selous Game Reserve include the African Wild Dogs which are most prominent in Selous Game Reserve, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, hippos, cheetahs, bushbucks, Coke’s Hartebeest, crocodiles, spotted hyenas, waterbucks, vervet monkeys, among so many others.

How to see Selous Game Reserve Animals

To see the different Selous Game Reserve animals, there are a number of activities in Nyerere National Park that travelers can take part in. the different things to do in Nyerere National Park include guided walking safaris, game drives, boat safaris, and hot air balloon rides all of which enable one an opportunity to explore the mazing wildlife in Nyerere National Park all throughout the year.

Best time to see Selous game Reserve animals

Though Nyerere National park can be visited all throughout the year, the best time to visit to see the various Nyerere national Park animals is during the dry season which falls in the months of June through October, as well as January and February when the grass is thinner and shorter allowing ease of animal viewing, as well as have the animals converging in the few water sources as they look for a drink or dip.

As you look to explore the different Tanzania national parks, you need a reputable Tanzania safari planner to help you create an amazing and unforgettable safari experience. Get in touch for a tailored Selous Game Reserve safari for a chance to see the different Selous Game Reserve animals.

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