Scuba diving tourism in Tanzania  : Scuba diving tourism is a fun-based service conducted within water resources through diving inside water, it is a package of learning, different experiences, and attractive environmental tourism. In Tanzania there are many areas for diving tourism like Dar-es-salaam, Zanzibar Tanga, last but not list Bagamoyo. The most likely and favorite to many travellers and tourists is in Zanzibar diving tourism. And this is simply because in Zanzibar there are so many varieties of marine species that could allow you to have learning experiences about their lifestyle, how do they reproduce, how do they obtain food, but furthermore how do they breathe while inside the water, shortly brings a lot of experiences and skills

By the way, Zanzibar is not only the best but also among the most attractive islands in the world located on the Eastern coast of Tanzania along the Indian ocean. There are two major means to get to Zanzibar, you can either board a Flight or through a ship which seems to have an affordable cost. Through water as a means of transportation sometimes is also likely to bless you up with a tour to experience.

If you want to visit Zanzibar and try out Scuba diving you better opt to plan your travel at the range of September and October, as they are the best Scuba diving moments. This is simply because it could allow you to observe as many aquatic species as possible. The genesis behind having a higher rate of aquatic species between the mentioned timeline is it being a low cold session that makes species appear hence easily seen as compared to other seasons. It is within this very range of time that you would see the unique varieties of species such as Humpback whales and sperm whales. Scuba diving exploration does not last for just the two months of September and October, and by the same token, December through April is also a good time for you to visit and experience scuba diving. The December to April time awards any tourist with the Scene of a good deal of spectacular species such as manta rays, Largest Shark species like the Whale sharks, just to mention a few of them. This is also the best moment for all those who hold in disfavor for a rainy season. One can not speak of the best bits in Zanzibar without giving a touch on the hours spent breezing on the wind that flows through the Indian Ocean. There are two major known Winds in Zanzibar, which are the Northern Wind (Locally known as Kaskaz Winds) as well as Southern Wind (Locally known as Kusi Wind). The Kaskaz Wind flows between November and March meanwhile the Kusi Wind flows from July to August. You better take serious precaution and be aware of these two winds zones since many a time it might get so difficult to complete your journey through the water at such high wind flows, and even if you get to complete the journey it will indeed be a very adventurous one full of both extreme and risky experiences to share.

At Zanzibar, there are different sites for you to visit where scuba diving seems to be among the experiences that would touch your fillings and makes you enjoy and experience different skills of a variety of species (both large and small species) from a deep-sea view. So if you are in need of getting a tour for Scuba diving at Zanzibar the following is a guide to some of the many sites to observe and get some enjoyments for scuba diving. The choice will purely depend on your personal interests as all the places are easily accessible and at a very affordable price.

Scuba diving tourism in Tanzania
Scuba diving tourism in Tanzania

Unguja Island; Well known as the Stone town city at Zanzibar since it is the best place for capital investments as it comprises a lot of attractive and wonderful locations. It could take you about 1 to 2 hours to get there from outside. A vivid example of the best location within Stone Town is NUNGWI, which is a wonderful location that comprises great and attractable animal species like pipefish, leaf fish, sharks, Dolphins but also turtles. Other locations are just like Mnemba island which is a private island where no guests are supposed to be dive through it. Also KIZIMKAZI, FUMBA, PAJE, BWEJUU, and JAMBIANI are the other well-known locations for you to enjoy.

Pemba Island; It’s another wonderful location that still proves the beautifulness of Zanzibar. It is so special location where you would observe verities of species like Eagles, turtles, sharks, and dolphins. This location is better to get there in January and March; within this time, you would enjoy it as it is at dry season.

Mafia Island; Despite it being a famous location for more Whales as compared to the number of sharks, Mafia Island is also the place that allows divers to enjoy their Scuba diving tourism. Here you would just observe some marine species such as Pelagic fish, Turtles, batfish sailfish, reef sharks and so many other species.

Therefore, Scuba diving tourism would make you learn a number of skills and experience different environments. It does not just end there, you would also experience the lifestyle that the founders overcome, there are different opportunities created through these tours like tour guides, hotel servers, and different crafts that innovated. Moreover, in Tanzania apart from this Scuba diving tourism, there are Spots for the Big five animals which counts for the large number of visitors flooding in annually to witness them by their naked eyes. The biggest spot five well known in Tanzania, as well as worldwide, are Lions, African Elephants, Buffalos, Leopards, and black Rhinos. The following is some of their sample of details accordingly to each animal;

Lion; Is a large, strong, and unique species of animal gifted with a special attractive appearance. Mostly, male lions do have more furs surrounding their head, while females have fewer. They are mostly known as kings of the forest as all animals within the forest are afraid of these lions. Lions are carnivores in nature, meaning that they feed on meat, which they do obtain through hunting and killing other animals. They wisely make use of their dangerous and sharp fingernails as well as their sharp long teeth to catch and quickly destroy required animals. Lions mostly feed on fresh meat and warm blood. Lions also do have a tendency of living group-wise as their lifestyle, and within a group, females are large in number as compared to the males. In Tanzania, Lions are mostly found at Serengeti National Park.

Leopard; Is one of the big spot five animals with its special appearance specifically on the colour of its skin furs, which seem to be eye catching for almost every tourist who takes a glance at it. Leopards are also famous due to their running speed where as they could cover a total of fifty-eight Kilometers in just a single hour. However, all this precise running speed occurs mostly when they need to obtain their daily meal, so they run to try and catch other weaker animal species simply because they are also carnivores thus feed on meat. As they are a species of large cats, they do possess the ability to climb even through high trees as trapping means and sometimes just for rest. In Tanzania, Leopards are mostly found in Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro conservation area, Lake Manyara National Park, and Ruaha National Park. So, it is just a matter of your choice, to pick up your most favourite place for witnessing the wonders of this large and furious cat species.

Scuba diving tourism in Tanzania
The big 5 Animals

African Elephant; This is the largest species of animal remaining in the world after dinosaurs if at all you do believe in the existence of dinosaurs. They are large in size with a huge body mass of about 4000kg (for an adult elephant) they stay at places where there are large trees as they could obtain food since they are herbivores means feed on leaf trees but also they feed at lower grassland. Unlike lions, Elephants do not stay in groups. In Tanzania, they are mostly found at Tarangire National Park where there are so many Baobab trees. Elephants also play a vital financial role in Tanzania on the means of their Ivory teeth, since can be used for the creation of varieties of things ranging from useful materials to various artistic crafts.

Black Rhino; are among the big five animals that always stay in grassland, tropical bushland, and savannahs. These habitats signify that they feed on grassland and leaves related to and present on these habitats. Black Rhinos are found in several areas places around the world, whereas in Tanzania they are mostly found in Serengeti National Park, Mkomanzi, and Nyerere National Parks.

Buffalo; It is also a large animal species among the big five animals, sometimes called cape Buffalo. Buffalos are herbivores species as they feed on grasses; they live in a group-wise that helps them within each other to fight against enemies. In Tanzania Buffalos are mostly found at Ruaha, Serengeti, Katavi National Parks as well as at Ngorongoro crater conservation area.

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