Safari activities along Lake Victoria : Lake Victoria well known as the source of the great river Nile is yet the largest lake in the pearl of Africa and with so much to sight and learn about the lake one has to have a visit into the pearl in order to be able to explore it at large.

Lake Victoria is known to also be the biggest fishing grounds in Uganda and for that case of matter the lake is one of the leading commercial points in the country with so many citizens that benefit from it.

Lake Victoria is known to have some of the greatest destinations in Uganda where one can get to have the most impressive safari activities to be explored and experienced while in the pearl of Africa.

Lake Victoria has proven it’s self for the past years to be the most thrilling destination in the pearl of Africa and this lovely point is located in Entebbe town one of the most beautiful towns in Uganda still.

Lake Victoria is of a surface area of approximately 59,947 km2 (23,146 sq mi), and yet also Africa’s largest lake with so very many aquatic life to experience while in the pearl of Africa.

In this article Focus East Africa Tours brings to you some of the great safari activities that you can experience while at Lake Victoria and these activities will surely make you understand why lake Victoria is rated to be the most thrilling destination in Uganda.

Safari activities along Lake Victoria

Bird watching: The bird life around Lake Victoria is spectacular home to several pairs of the rare shoebill stork and to all bird lovers the lake is the best destination for one to have a greatest time of birdlife experiences in Uganda.

Visiting the different islands: Lake Victoria is surrounded by various islands which are so excellent to marvel at while on a visit to the any direction of the lake, these have lots of wildlife to experience some of these islands include; Bulago Island, and Ngamba Island.

Visit the equator on Lake Victoria: the Uganda equator runs through some parts of the Lake Victoria and once at this point of the equator you will get to experience the best kind of water moments on the lake and hence thrilling points in Uganda.

Swimming: swimming is one of the most popular safari activities that are most loved by sightseers and these activities are usually carried out at the different beaches along the lake and these give great safari experiences.

Sail from Entebbe to Jinja across the Lake Victoria: taking a great sail a cross lake Victoria to one of the most thrilling destinations in Uganda jinja would surely be one of the most excellent safari activity along lake Victoria as you get to sight different breathe taking moments like sunsets and birds.

Quad Biking: Quad biking is yet the other kind of great safari activity to carry out lake Victoria shores either in jinja or even in Entebbe and the quad biking races are excellent for a mind relief to all that try it out.

These are some of the most excellent safari activities to carry out while on a visitation to the great Lake Victoria in the pearl of Africa and these activities can be carried out at any time of the year on your visit in Uganda.

With the help of Focus East Africa Tours one can be able to experience all these safari activities on and along Lake Victoria as you may desire and bookings can be arranged for one through the help of Focus East Africa Tours.

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