Mountain Biking, Hiking, Night Game Drives All in One Safari

Mountain Biking, Hiking, Night Game Drives All in One Safari : A tour to Tanzania is incredible with the unique and memorable experience, leave all your worries behind we have got all the package you need. One safari in Tanzania got all your activities in bucket list well accomplished in just few days, it covers all the dream activities that you have always wanted and it’s the among the top African safari destinations. The animal kingdom with astounding wildlife, seductive beaches, the majesty tall standing mountain which highest peak African is only found in the beautiful country Tanzania.

The safaris in Tanzania happens almost in each part of the country,  from the beaches and coral reefs of the Zanzibar all the way towards the northern circuits that is made up of a lot of national parks, that Is Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire national park. The landscape of the northern part is perfect as it varies from the savannah, acacia the open lands plains and valleys and all the way up to the Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. The ever green beauty of the untouched Mahale and Rubondo forest, the great wildebeest migration is more reason as to why the Tanzania safari is the whole package safari.

How does your dream to Africa safari looks like?  What do you expect to see and do when you’re here and for how long you want to enjoy the safari what is your budget? Do you know in just one safari to Tanzania you can have your ideal safari can true? In safari to Tanzania expect to do and see the following.

Enjoy a game drive, that can be day game drive or night game drives, which the night game drives are exceptional on a lucky day you might meet the hunting lions and the drive might take longer while watching the lion until when he finally catches his prey.

Enjoy trekking and hiking in different parts of Tanzania, it can range from half day multiple days depending on the preferences as well as experiences. Enjoy biking in the valleys of Ngorongoro crater and on the rim of the crater.

Mountain biking, hiking and night game drive in one safari

Arusha national park is the first stop on arrival at the Kilimanjaro airport on you way to tour the beautiful kingdom of animals that are found in the Northern circuits in Tanzania safari, the journey to the wilderness and hiking begins here. This national park is highly famous for having a large population of the tallest animals which are the pride of Tanzania the giraffes. It all begins with a game drive and while on it you will the chance to see different wild animals such as the zebras, giraffes, dik-diks while the leopard and spotted hyenas can be rarely spotted in the late afternoon and early morning.

Mountain Biking, Hiking, Night Game Drives All in One Safari
Mountain biking in Arusha national park

While in Arusha bike at Usa River and Tengeru village, biking on this trail is a lot easier as the land is flat, along the way you will meet the local farms and meet the warm welcoming smiles of the local people as they watch you pedal around their farms and homes.

Enjoy hiking the mount Meru which is the number five tallest mountain in Africa and on a hiking it gives you a spectacular view of ice caped Mount Kilimanjaro which is only 50 kilometers away from its unassuming cousin.

Mountain biking in mto wa mbu and Lake Manyara, explore the beauty and landscape of Mto wa Mbu with the fresh air and the surrounding fresh air using the bicycles. It’s the activity of about 3 to 4 hours of exploring the land with two wheels. Enjoy the mountain biking while passing in between the local farms, schools and local houses of people living there while watching the impressive sceneries of the vistas valley and lakes.  Biking is mostly common in the morning and afternoon while accompanied with the guides who are well experienced and knows the routes clearly and will lead the way.

Biking along the shores of Lake Manyara is even more unique as you will encounter wild animals such as giraffes, zebras and baboons as they will be having a drink of water around this lake.

Night game drive in Lake Manyara national park, discover the life after the sun goes down in the wilderness, as the bushes comes alive after the sunset. Explore the nomenclatures animals such as the gracious genets, porcupines and watch hippos graze along the roads. The night game drive normally begins after dinner and can take up to 3 hours and lucky days it can go beyond that while watching the hunting predators. Game drive normally begins at 20:00 from there going deep into the forests of Lake Manyara, after the forest you move down towards the Simba River where most of the hippos are found this short drive will excite you and make you have a different taste of game drive while the moon is reflecting off the lake.

Night drive in Tarangire national park is different from that of the Lake Manyara because on this night drive you will have a sight of different wild animals such as leopards, lions as they wander around hunting, elephants, antelopes Genet and civet cats.

Hiking in Tanzania safaris.

Hiking in Tanzania is one of the ways of exploring the mountain areas of the country but also feeling the beauty with the most amazing sceneries.  Hiking is not only about trekking in the mountains but also hiking on the lashes of forests and enjoying the vegetation cover. The unique hiking are only available in this safari that will leave you in wonder and excitement because both the short time hiking and longtime hiking in the mountains ranges, plateaus, volcanoes, craters as well as on the lakes are perfect experiences.

Climb and trek in Mount Kilimanjaro and mount Meru, hike in this highest points of Africa in a very affordable price but with a wonderful experience that will always remember. Challenge yourself and reach to the top of the African roof and enjoy the panoramic view. while trekking in the two mountains enjoy the view of different wildlife not only that but also enjoy the changes in vegetation covers as it changes from the savannah open plains all the way up to the thick forest cover and finally meting the ice capes at the highest peak of Africa.

Mountain Biking, Hiking, Night Game Drives All in One Safari
Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Hiking in other smaller and less unknown hikes around the country is even more special as they are less crowed and have a unique vegetation that you will need to explore.  The other less known hikes includes hiking the Mount Longido which is rocky mountain with the peak of 2629 meters, which is located in the Longido forest and 1 hour and half away from the Arusha city. Hiking this mountain is quite demanding as it has steeps of more than 1300 meters of incline to ascend through the Longido forest before reaching at the peak.

Another less popular hiking is at the Oldonyo Lengai Mountain which takes about 6-10 hours up to summit. It’s the only active volcano mountain that is found in Tanzania and its peak is at 2962 meters. It’s the hiking for about 11 kilometers and hiking duration depends on the speed and time spent on breaks.

There are also other hiking areas such as, Mount Meru water falls Hiking, Empakaai crater hike which is normally done in the Ngorongoro crater, Ngarasero waterfalls hiking and more areas for hiking.

In a single safari all this activities can be covered because these areas are need to each other and it just takes few hours’ drive to go for your next activities. Example the hiking and mountain biking are both done in the regions of Arusha and Manyara the same to hiking as there are many places close by hence all these activities can be done I just few days and cover the package.

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