Ibanda Kyerwa national Park : On the eastern bank of the Kagera River, which forms a physical border between Tanzania and Rwanda, is where the Ibanda Kyerwa national Park is found. It was once a wildlife reserve. After first being established as a Game Reserve in 1972, the Ibanda Kyerwa national Park was gazetted in July 2019. It covers 200 square kilometers of land. It happens to be one of the wonderful and lovable Tanzania safari location for all visitors. Your Tanzania safari tours will be made better and more complete by the park’s spellbinding splendor.

The park is situated in the northwest of Tanzania, where it shares a narrow border with Akagera National Park and borders Rwanda to the west. The Kagera River serves as the park’s physical border. The Kagera River, once more, serves as the park’s actual northern boundary with Uganda.

There are two wet seasons, from September to December and March to May, and the average elevation above sea level is 1,288 meters.

When to visit the park

The Akagera River flows across over half of the Ibanda Kyerwa National Park, and there are permanent springs elsewhere, so even during the dry season, which lasts from early June to the end of October, wildlife is well-dispersed. The green season lasts from October to May, however due to the vast amounts of medium-grass savannah, most of the Park is still accessible at this time, and wildlife viewing is excellent during Tanzania safari vacation.

Open Acacia savannahs, some of which have medium grass, are typical of this isolated and stunning region of Tanzania. To the west and south, a line of rolling hills and valleys surround a central basin with low hills and plains that are divided by seasonal rivers, and have sporadic lakes and swamps. Viewing the hills and valleys of the Ibanda Kyerwa National Park’s natural beauty is intriguing and delightful for visitors when on a safari in Tanzania.

Wildlife in the park

There are many types of plains wildlife that give a wonderful moment for all visitors during Tanzania safari tours. People who are passionate about nature and the wildlife may experience a significant moment for the fulfillment of their goals here. Some of the wildlife animals that might be observed in Ibanda Kyerwa national park during Tanzania safari excursion include topi, eland, impala, waterbuck, reedbuck, and bushbuck. There are sizable herds of the dramatic and huge antelope known as roan. Buffalo herds are also typical in Ibanda Kyerwa national park. However, the primary major predators in Ibanda Kyerwa national park at the moment are the leopard and hyena due to the absence of lions (one of the big five animals). The Kagera River, as well as a number of the lakes and marshes, are home to several hippos and crocodiles, which are among the aquatic wildlife that can be found inside the Ibanda Kyerwa national park.

Inside the Ibanda Kyerwa national park there are areas with lovely overlooks of the river where one may unwind with a picnic or stop for tea during a wildlife drive. On the Tanzanian side of the Kagera River, grassy banks slope down to dense vegetation with forest trees and palms. The view of wildlife here is most amazing and makes Ibanda Kyerwa to be one of the best Tanzania safari destinations.

Activities to be done

The park offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy. Game viewing by vehicle, walking safaris led by park rangers, bird watching, picnicking, and camping are the major pursuits in Rubanda Kyerwa.

Upon exploring Ibanda-Kyerwa National Park, walking safaris provide you the chance to experience Africa’s splendor. Even if visitors are soaking in the gorgeous park scenery, wild animals, etc., walking safaris in Tanzania expose them to a risk of becoming involved in natural interactions.

People who love chicks should watch birds. You run the chance of spotting a rare species of chicken and adding greatly to the body of Ibanda Kyerwa information.

The way to get there

The park is reachable both by air and by road.

Ibanda Kyerwa national Park
Ibanda Kyerwa national Park

Through Air. Light aircraft can fly to Ithanda Village or an airstrip inside the Park from airports at Chato and Bukoba.

Via Road. Murongo to Bukoba: (220 km). Between Chato and Murongo (327 km). (3.5 km) from Murongo to the Ibanda Kyerwa national Park. From the Ibanda Kyerwa national park’s airport to Murongo (110 km). Road access from Uganda is feasible via Murongo.


Since the park is still newly established and does not yet have lodges, it only provides special campsites; as a result, guests must provide their own facilities. However, you can also choose to stay outside the park in adjacent towns like Chato, where you can find a wide range of lodging alternatives, from inexpensive to opulent lodges. Basic accommodation is available in Murongo, which is the closest town and is situated about 3.5 kilometers from the park’s edge.

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