Explore the Beauty of Tanzania Birds : You cannot leave the Tanzania safari without having time to explore the beautiful and the most unique birds that are found in the national parks. Well yes you can be here for either trekking Mount Kilimanjaro, having a vacation on the beaches of Zanzibar or visiting the wild animals in different national park but all the way to these areas you will meet different bird species that will amaze you due to their beauty and uniqueness. The bird watching activities in Tanzania is normally at the backlist because most of the tourists do the other tourism activities. For the bird lovers the safari to Tanzania is exceptional amazing as they will surely get what they were expecting all along and what they really had in mind. Tanzania national parks are like the paradise for the true bird lovers because it’s the home of both native and migratory birds.

There are perfect places for the breeding seasons of the birds, the lakes and rivers are the habitat for the water birds, the most unique bird species are also found in Tanzania as it has a wide variety of landscapes and forests that can accommodate different bird species. Even if you’re not a bird lover on one of the safaris the birds must catch your attention as they offer you with the most spectacular scenery that you will not resist to take a glance of admiration towards them.

There are different places in Tanzania where bird watching activities can be conducted, they are places such as,

  • Bird watch in Mikumi national park, enjoy the beautiful sight of more than 500 different bird species that are found in this national park. Visit the Mikumi national park and have this golden chance of seeing variety of bird species and with assurance of seeing them. The best time for bird watching in this park is during the wet season as both residential as well as the migratory birds are found here. The most common bird species you will encounter with are Zanzibar red bishops, yellow throated long claw, lilac breasted roller these are among the rest. The perfect place for the water associated birds are found around the Hippo pools and Mwanambogo dam. Birds such as fish eagles, African spoonbill and hamerkop.
Explore the Beauty of Tanzania Birds
yellow throated long claw
  • Enjoy bird watching at the animal kingdom, the Serengeti national park on wet season. This national park is highly famous as the home of the Big 5, the home of the great migration and without forgetting it’s the paradise for the bird lovers. It’s also the perfect time for the bird lovers as this is the perfect time because most of the birds are found in this park well the migratory birds are available too. This season is also great for the breeding season for the birds and further more is also the time where the wildebeest give birth to their young calves.

There are about 500 different bird species which makes it a perfect destination for the bird watching activities. The birds varies from the tiny beautiful sunbirds to the massive ostrich with pinkish legs and dramatic mating dance. There are some bird species that are only found in Serengeti national park and not elsewhere in the world, these birds includes the grey throated spur fowl, Schawlow wheatear, red throated tit, rufous tailed weaver, grey creasted helmet shrinker and Schawlow turaco.

  • Birding in Tarangire national park, it’s a perfect place for the bird lovers, enjoy spotting a large batch of colorful and exclusive bird species. There are over 550 different bird species that migrates to this park during the rainy season. The best time for birding in Tarangire national park is normally is March to May, Explore the Beauty of Tanzania Birds. The wide spread of swamps in this national is the special feature that attracts the birds hence it’s their habitats and the best sites for bird watching in Tarangire national park is around the swamps and on the shores of the Tarangire River. Some of the popular bird species found in this national park are crested francolins, hoopoes, yellow necked spurfow, hornbills, guinea fowl, steppe eagles, mouse birds, Kori bustards this are just a few mentioned.
  • Enjoy the birds in the Ngorongoro crater, You need to have your camera ready as you will spot different birds such as ostriches, crowned cranes, secretary birds, Kori bustards, fiscal shirkers, weaver birds, starlings, storks, Livingstone turaco, black winged lapwing and many more. The Olmoti crater and Empakaai craters are the perfect place for bird watching the guided nature walks will lead you to this crater, the shores of Empakaai crater will not disappoint you at all as it is the home of so many pink flamingos on the soda lake.

This park has over 300 different bird species, example the lesser flamingos that are found along the shores of Lake Magadi. Most of this birds are also found on the highlands and in the forests of the Ngorongoro. The perfect moments for bird watching is normally on the wet season that is around late December to May of which the rain season is normal in its peak around March to May. The best part of visiting in March and April is that the place is not busy and the green scenery is amazing, the landscape is not dusty and dry as that at the dry season, the park is quite and at peace since there are fewer people visiting it. The best game viewing activities is during this wet season as they have the most beautiful green scenery and landscape This time is mostly special for bird watching as most of the birds are found here both the migratory birds and the native birds are found here.

  • A home of pink flamingos the famously known as the red lake, the Lake Natron. Bird watching at the red lake, this activity hits differently on this lake not like in any other places. The flamingo walk will amaze the tourists as they spot the countless flamingos at the crater, it is best bird destination for the bird enthusiasts especially the once that are found of the flamingos as here are found millions of them. The walk towards the bird watching activity normal takes place in the evening and early morning. As you watch this lake from a far it’s totally covered with the pink creatures that gives it a spectacular view.
Explore the Beauty of Tanzania Birds
Birding at Lake Natron
  • Manyara national park is another perfect destination for the bird watching activities, located on the northern circuits of Tanzania, this lake is the home of more than 300 different bird species. There birds such as the Eurasian migrant birds, acacia associated birds, raptors, black heron martial eagle and many more. It’s also the home of thousands of flamingos.
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