Beautiful Attractions on Mafia Island  :  Mafia Island (Kisiwa cha Mafia) is an island found in the Mafia district located in Pwani Region, Tanzania. Mafia Island is the third largest in Tanzanian ocean territory. However, Mafia Island is administratively enclosed at intervals by the semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar, which has been politically separate since 1890. Mafia Island forms the key part of the Mafia District, one out of the six body districts within the Pwani coastal region. The native terra firma and also the main island square measure is generally known as Chole shamba in Swahili, the hinterlands of the previous main town of Chole on Mafia Bay.

Anyone visiting Mafia Island African nation can struggle to not fall gaga with the place. Tanzanian culture and Island life could be a smart combination enough to make any tourist get overwhelmed.

Marvelous Kilindoni city

The capital of the Mafia Islands is known as Kilindoni. It is a tiny and hospitable settlement, yet has the largest settlement on Mafia Island. In it lies the bulwark, a place where the movements of most of the skilled indigenous workers and tourists or any foreigners never cease, probably because of the single runway airfield. Most streets are detached with a general market that sells everything, from fruits to soccer kits. During the evening, specialized girls got fully prepared tables and chairs full of superb desserts within the streets, just for you to attend some of the prepared native meals at an insanely low cost.

Swimming with a whale shark

One of the most important things to try to do while on Mafia Island is swimming with Whale Sharks. Whale sharks are categorized as among the largest creatures, something which makes swimming fun.

Beautiful Attractions on Mafia Island
Swimming with a whale shark

Whale shark season in Mafia Island runs from Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month. If your trip coincides with the shark season, please don’t skip the possibility to swim with these giants!

It is good swimming with Whale sharks: It’s A non-natural expertise and among the most effective adventures of our life,Beautiful Attractions on Mafia Island .

Chole Island

Just off Mafia is a fairly smaller Island, Chole, a home to merely one thousand residents. Walking through the maze of ways to take a glance at the palm trees, you will also see the mud huts that the folks sleep in and therefore the varied crafts and trades they do to create a living. It is only on this island that one might explore the immense protected nesting for the world’s largest loopy, the megabat.

Whale migration

Magnificent baleen whale migration passes the southern Mafia Island each year between August and September. You can take a target-hunting tour to satisfy these beautiful giants. Hearing the songs of humpback whales and seeing the whales breaching is high on any nature lover’s bucket list: Don’t miss the distinctive chance if you’re visiting Mafia throughout the whale season! , Beautiful Attractions on Mafia Island

Marimbani sandbank

A short boat ride from Mafia Island is a pristine sandbank that appears for just a few hours each day, called Marimbani. White sands, crystal clear waters, lots of crabs, are just a few out of many attractions of Marimbani sandbanks.

Beautiful hidden lagoon

Located within the Marine Park, the beautiful yet a hidden laggon could be a stunning experience for all who can unveil it. This very attraction is Mafia Island’s best-kept secret. Swim on a pool filled with hundreds of turned jellyfish and absorb the impossibly blue waters. You can also enjoy the boat ride to and from the lake, meanwhile looking out for monkeys within the trees!, Beautiful Attractions on Mafia Island

Preserved lighthouse

On the foremost Northerly purpose of the Island, you’ll realize a preserved lighthouse. It is a place designed special for attending dates and honeymoons. This is often a region of the Island most guests don’t commonly visit therefore it’s nice to envision. You may be able to get there by tuk-tuk or taxi otherwise you can even rent your own piki-piki (motorbike) for the day. There are some untouched beaches on the North of the island, just in case you might wish to stop for a swim.

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