Activities Done in Serengeti National Park : You may have seen a beautiful animal movie scene on your favorite animal movie list. You found that, it was shoot in the Serengeti National Park. You have planned a trip to Tanzania. Congratulations for being such luckiest to visit a country with uncountable attractions. You are asking yourself what are the other activities you will have to do to enjoy your trip. I have answers for your questions. Here is a quick glance of the best activities you can do while at this World Heritage Site while on Wildlife Tanzania Safaris.

Game drives.

This is a unique adventure which entails viewing wildlife in the comfort of a specially designed vehicle, usually a land-rover. The capacity of a single Game Drive is usually between four to six people, trained tour guides and a driver being inclusive. You will have to choose among the four types of game drives offered by the Serengeti National Park. These are morning game drives, afternoon game drives, full day game drives and the most exiting one, the night game drive. Morning drive which famously known as Sunrise Game Drive is the best out of the four drives. It is due to its peculiar characters such as enabling you discover many species of birds, a variety of reptiles which are very active during the morning sunlight, most of the crepuscular animals, big cats, just to mention a few of them. Doing it before breakfast or after breakfast is all in your mind, as you can piece with either of your choice. So far Sunrise Game Drive has proven far beyond doubts to be the number  one producer of the best animal videos. Unless taken during cloudy days, an Afternoon Game drive is not as rewarding as the Morning Drives.

This is mainly because by this time all the biggest cats and reptiles have already  hibernated into the shrubs and tree shadow in the fear of the hot sun. Full day game drive involves taking a whole day exploring the whole or part of interest of the Serengeti National Park. You will start your journey early morning, having packed all your lunch boxes with you. It is only on this Drive where you will spot animals like tree climbing lions, lions, giraffes, leopards and buffaloes. The night game drive is not possible in the Serengeti National Park, but it can be done in the nearby conservancies such as Grumeti. It is also perfect experience of seeing the wilderness in the night and it is good for filming.

Activities Done in Serengeti National Park
Game Drives in Serengeti National Park

Walking tours

You can discover the Serengeti National Park without using a vehicle or hot air balloon. This perfect because you will be able to explore many things that cannot be explored when you are using a car. These tours are not predictable and don’t follow specific routes. You will see reptiles, birds, insects and some plants. You will be accompanied by a tour guide who is an armed ranger and definitely know most of the species available there. So you have an assistance.

Hiking in the Serengeti

Hiking differs from the walking tours in that, unlike the walking tours, hiking follow specific routes. Hiking also include the long walks planned in the Serengeti. You will move from one camp to another. With hiking, you will discover unseen nature using your eyes, hands and binoculars.

Hot air balloon ride

 If you want to experience different perspective of vision, a hot air balloon may be a perfect for you. A bird’s eye view of the Serengeti may be interesting since you will be floating in air while at the same time experiencing a beautiful scenes including the endless plains of Serengeti and the animals residing it. Hot air balloon safari starts early in the morning at 5. 00 a.m. You will be given instructions by the crew and experts before starting your safari. The most critical part of this safari is during the take off and sometimes landing. During the take off, the crew will direct you to take a good seat until the balloon stabilizes. When the hot air balloon stabilizes, you will be showed a good site to sit and keep enjoying the scenes of Serengeti. A single hot air balloon ride may take 12 up to 16 people. This safari is very perfect for honeymooners as well as family and friends who want to memorize their birthday party. You will never regret to take this trip.

Activities Done in Serengeti National Park
Hot air balloon safaris

Air tour

If you are not interested in Hot air balloons, an air charter may be perfect for you. Although it is not rewarding like the hot air balloon ride, it will also allow you to experience an aerial view of the Serengeti plains. You can take small shared regional plane flight with about 13 passengers or book a private charter flight.

Biking in the Serengeti

If you want to enjoy another experience inside the Serengeti National Park, biking is perfect. It is always a 13-day bike trip through the Serengeti National Park. You will be able to bike through the discovered route with numerous camps for you to take rest if you get tired. Before starting your bike safari, you can boost your body with world’s classic coffee. Yes, good coffee from world’s top coffee producers, Tanzania. You will bike with an armed escort who is there in order to ensure that you are safe from terrible animals. On your way, you will be stopping and taking pictures of some beautiful scenes. Most of the attractive scenes in the animal movies were shoot by bikers. So if you want to break the records of your pictures and videos, biking is a good way. The daily destinations of this ride is the tent or camp where you will experience sleep in the sound of wilderness.

Being part of the Great Migration

If you want to witness a great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, tell your tour guide so that you can time it properly in order to see herds crossing the Mara river. Crossing the Mara river is the most stunning event in the Serengeti which you can make record in your life. In order to be part of this migration, you will choose either hot air balloon ride or an air chartered flight.

A cultural tour

The Serengeti is home to Maasai, the semi-nomadic pastoralists living in most parts of Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. The Maasai is one of the East African tribal group, that is still practicing ancient values. A trip to their villages or Boma is an excellent opportunity to learn their culture and traditional beliefs. The Maasai Boma are very grateful and happy to see you in their compounds. They will teach you how to hunt, milk domestic animals and cook traditional foods. You will also be able to attend traditional dance performances and also you can buy handicrafts made creatively by Maasai artists.

A bush meal

 Taking a meal in the bush may be a romantic thing for a couple who came to the Serengeti National Park for honeymooning. The restaurants often offer meals in the bush site away from the main restaurant for couples and family. There are dining tables set well in this areas. The meals to be used is based on your choice. Other chose traditional cuisine such as nyama choma (grilled meat) and ugali (a maize dish with porridge-like consistency) while others choose Indian, Italian and Chinese meals.

Birding in Serengeti

A beautiful thing I like at Serengeti National Park is the scene of over 500 bird species which can be spotted through birding activities. Birders’ trips always start at the morning, the time at which most nesting birds are around their nests.  This trip is usually slow and quite in order to avoid scaring the birds. You will need a good camera and binocular for this tour. Serengeti National Park have five bird species that are not available anywhere. Therefore, your carefulness during this trip can make you break the records of capturing such species in your picture or video. The best time for birding activities is from November to April which is the breeding season of most bird species especially the migratory ones. Some of the wonderful Birding species in Serengeti National Park include; Kori bustard, Secretary bird, Fischer’s lovebird and Rufous-tailed weaver.

Activities Done in Serengeti National Park
Birding in Serengeti National Park

Experience a sleep in the bush

 You can take a camp at the tents of lodge while experiencing the voices of the African wilderness. The sounds of lions, hyenas and birds’ songs make your night so attracting. Falling asleep in the bush is very interesting because you can wake up in the morning and start a morning drive, birding or hot air balloon safari.

Shopping and fashion in Serengeti

 Yes, absolutely, shopping in Serengeti before you for a memory or a gift for those who didn’t come with you in your trip. The Serengeti shop have got collections for which include Serengeti apparel, Serengeti home and accessories and Serengeti kids apparel. Apart from this, we have a traditional fashion including the famous Maasai style which you can wear during your tour in the Serengeti National Park.

There are so many things to do when you reach at Serengeti National Park. I have described the explainable few things to you and sadly I couldn’t put into words other things that are very attractive and entertaining. Taking a visit to this wonderful site would give a power to do anything when you are at Serengeti National Park mainly with the Activities Done in Serengeti National Park.

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