76 Hours at Serengeti National Park : Serengeti National Park is the largest wild Park that is well known worldwide which is just located Northern part of Tanzania which includes a variety of so attractive species that are so to everyone visiting at this Park. The Park id is so long in kilometer squares more than all other Parks in Tanzania and the most famous that making others rewards a name as an endless Park. There are species like The Big five animals Elephants, Buffalos, Lions, Rhinos, and Leopards. The Park including also the varieties of plant species as grassland for the Herbivores and also tall trees that favor large and tall animals like Elephants and Giraffes. These short grasslands and the landscape of the Park as a whole is so relative for you to enjoy your Tanzania Wildlife Safaris that you could plan as there are more moments that add you desires to be there. There are best times to visit Serengeti therefore if you will visit at the target time you will observe a lot of magical attractions found within Serengeti National Park.

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Based on very brief details about the Park, you may now be selecting your only 76 hours (3 days). Within this limited time, you may just organize the whole tour throughout all 76 hours to have a special learned and enjoy the tour. During this day at Serengeti National Park, you will observe most of the spectacular moments, if it’s your first time getting to Serengeti to do so, you should have a special tour guide that helps you to arrive at every targeted attraction you were planned to visit within the Park. But if you are aware of the different corners of Serengeti National Park you might have only a clearance that can identify you to the securities in the Park and so secure your tour. All this moment you can experience insides the Park but even from the outside since in Serengeti there are so many quality and well-serviced accommodations just like Hotels, lounge, but also you may suggest making you own part-time camp for the further visiting throughout your counted hours. If your journey starts from the hotel, you can have a wildlife Tanzania safari tour from day one to day three go and return, and to do so you may use any reliable means to get there either by car or to have fun, you may use a Balloon to spot the area according to your affordability.

76 Hours at Serengeti National Park
Serengeti big 5 Animals

Day 1, on your first day start it by waking up ailing the morning I have an interesting breakfast to add some energy to your body that will support your starting tour visiting. Then get in the tour Car together with your tour guide. On this day you may just take some long distance to survey the area where you can now be starting to observe animals than spending their life on the opened areas, such kind of animals are like Zebras, Antelope, and sometimes giraffe, so amazing on this day first.

On your surveying moments, you will be able also to observe the largest population of the Wildebeest which are so famous for their greatest migrations which usually takes place between January and February, the best moments of these animals is their lifestyle of leaving in groups so far if you will target them at their migration time you will observe the move for thousands of wildebeest. And you can have a luck to observe them simply because they just need a large area so they might stay on the long spaced area but with special availabilities like grasses and water, and very brief their migration is mostly caused by the lack or shortage of enough food and water mostly during the summer season. After the long travel through your surveying moment, I hope so you could just enjoy the amazing environmental condition of the Park as Serengeti have a very awesome landscape that allows most of the animals to survive over that pretty park.

 During afternoon time you may just get back to your stopping center in hotel or camp tour to have lunch that is well prepared and so delicious, just before you get back on the park to proceed with your tour, or you may save time by bringing your food within a car and eating it while visiting the animal. After a whole day trip visiting only on the opened areas, it is now night time where you have to get back to your hotel just to chill on and experience the dark view of the park while having the delicious dinner foods.

76 Hours at Serengeti National Park
Wildebeest Migration

Day 2, at the next 24 hours, on this day my opinions to you may be selected out as the day to just visiting the species that are now being found within closed space. Unlike, Wildebeest, antelopes, Zebras, and rarely giraffe there are lions, and cheaters, and leopards whose prefers most to stay in closed areas for the general aim of hunting for feeding, these are the one among of the Big five animals, other animals that you could observe are like Elephants, Black rhinos, and the Buffalos you may learn a lot of knowledge’s about their lifestyle how do they survive with the presence of predators after all these occur you may have a break time to take lunch and rest for a moment, then you can proceed with your tour to experience on the shrubs and get to observes dangerous species like snakes thus 76 Hours at Serengeti National Park.

During this day you may just have a night session tour to experience the life of other species like the nocturnal well known as diurnal’s, such Bat, owls, but also you will observe hunting activities done by predators to catch on preys that mostly occurs at night so you will have fun to look for this moment. Since it could be a few times you may back to the hotel to have diner and get a sleep ready for your lasting time. Otherwise, you can have made a short time camp like tented camps.

Day 3, on your final 24 hours you may have a very short time just moving around special attractive areas to observe for some species that you did not see but are very attractive to most of the visitors. I would like to advise you that on finishing up your tour you can select it as a special day for learning to the other issues like just like observing to some animal residues like animal skulls, ivory, and other man-made crafts that are well settled within the quote of Serengeti. For future memories you can have luck pictures so far you can take other crafts to your post areas. Then at night time, you can celebrate with your fellow neighbors on this last night to enjoy the day.

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