When is the best time to visit Kilwa? : Kilwa is located south of Tanzania along the Indian Ocean coast. Kilwa was the African Kingdom in History. It had many great leaders in the past, from indigenous African Kings and queens to the Portuguese, Omani Sultan, and German colonials. The land had indigenous African traders (the Swahili) collect gold, ivory, Rhino horns, leopard skins, and timber from inland Tanzania to exchange with other products from the Asian continent.

Kilwa has two small islands near the coast, Kilwa Kisiwani, and Songo Mnara. Kilwa Kisiwani (island) is a beautiful paradise in the north of Tanzania. This place is full of beauty and historical sites on the island. Songo Mnara is an island in Kilwa. There is a lot of history in this place. Some history is of the coastal towns and how they grew during the slavery Period, and how Vasco da Gama ended up in Kilwa and later took all the gold from this place.


Kilwa Region experiences a tropical savanna climate. So, it is hot all year round. The best time to go to Kilwa is between May and November when the Climate is good. The months between January and April are the rainiest, and the Climate is not good. Generally, Kilwa experiences a large number of tourists from July to December when the Climate is beautiful, perfect, and favorable.


The Gereza Fort 

The Portuguese were the first to build The Gereza Fort in the 14th century, and Omani Arabs rebuilt it in the 19th century. It is a large square building made of coral stones, and the Northeast and Southwest of the fort had thick circular towers at the corners. It has an impressive entrance with fine wood carving.

The Great Palace Of Kilwa 

Sultan Al-Hassan bin Suleiman built the Great Palace. It was the earliest surviving building on the coast of east Africa. The Great Palace is known as Husumi Kubwa in Swahili

When is the best time to visit Kilwa?
When is the best time to visit Kilwa?

Makutani Palace 

One of the earliest Swahili Sultans built The Makutani Palace (Omani Palace). The Makutani Palace consists of a building within a building. The palace is really at the center, and that would have been the residential area that sits within a much larger walled stockade used to store trade goods, but also most likely would have been used to imprison enslaved people they shipped north to Zanzibar.

Local Cultural Activities

Kilwa has natural beauty and historical remains that surround it. Kilwa facing the sea includes several peaceful and welcoming villages with traditional fishing endured along with the crafting of traditional boats called Dhows, When is the best time to visit Kilwa?


Kilwa is easily accessible from both dar es salaam and Zanzibar. The Recommended Accommodation Options in Kilwa are;

Kilwa Beach Lodge: Kilwa beach lodge is on a beach shore in the south of Tanzania. The location is right next to the ocean, with beautiful views, beautiful landscaping, good food, and attractive architecture.

Kilwa Pakaya: The Kilwa Pakaya Hotel is in Kilwa Masoko in the Lindi region of Tanzania. The Kilwa Pakaya hotel boasts a fantastic beach with added fishing trips. Great local seafood and room comfort second to none.

Kilwa Beach Resort: Kilwa Beach Resort is a good location for refreshing over the weekend. The Beach is 350 km from Dar es Salaam. Beach is very clean and not crowded. Seafood is fresh, especially the crab cakes, When is the best time to visit Kilwa?

Kilwa Beach Lodge: Kilwa beach Lodge is the gateway to the Kilwa Ruins and a beautiful unspoiled beach located at Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania.

Masoko Pwani beach: Masoko beach is 30 km from the Nangurukuru roundabout in Lindi.

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