The Art Gallery Expedition in Tanzania : The Tanzania arts gallery is one of the ways that expresses the culture, tradition and customs of the people who have different tradition due to the availability of more than 127 different tribes that speaks their language and share one common language that is Kiswahili, The Art Gallery Expedition in Tanzania . The art is one of the way that people shows their traditions and ways of life. The Tanzania arts is alive with the colors and vibrancy as the culture of the country. The paintings showcases the culture and mythology of different tribes and they also serve as a social critique on contemporary African culture for tourists to thrill while on Tanzania Safaris .

Welcome to YAWARA

This is the gallery that is located in Zanzibar and has the most unique and fine pieces of Tinga-Tinga paintings. There are very exceptional paintings of different artists in Tanzania that are collected under one roof. This paintings are used to express different African traditions and customs as they shine bright with beautiful colors that will attract your eyes all the time.

The Art Gallery Expedition in Tanzania

Visit the Maasai market in Arusha

This is the place where you will get the beautiful handmade ebony cravings of Maasai and African animals. There are also a lot of items such as clothes, earrings, slippers, handbags, necklaces and other house hold equipment’s. This market displays the people’s culture as it sells original African art crafts to both people from within Tanzania or outside of Tanzania. There are also the wooden sculptures of animals, buildings and many more.

Tinga-Tinga paintings

This style of painting was first discovered in 20th century due to its unique stunning painting style, they tend to be striking due to their beautiful colors. This paintings where first found by the artist known as Edward Tingatinga who was born in the settlement of Mindu, The Art Gallery Expedition in Tanzania . All of this traces are all gone because there is no clear map and the house he was born is completely gone. The Tingatinga paintings are now famous all over Tanzania and are in different size and quality. The best Tingatinga paintings are found in Tingatinga cooperative society located in Morogoro and Dar es Salaam store. Buying the paint is more like supporting the local artists by shopping in their gallery. The Tingatinga paintings are one of the kind as they are very unique and are normally handmade and pieces of clothes. These paintings refresh your mood and lift your spirit because they are so beautiful and you will surely fall in love with them immediately.

The Tingatinga paints are mostly famous because they are made from using the recycled, low-cost materials example the ceramics fragment, Masonite squares and bicycle paintings. Most of the paintings will show landscapes of Tanzania the beautiful animals that are found in Tanzania. The amazing wildlife animals that you will meet in different national park you will meet their painting in the art gallery and that is the great opportunity to take some gifts of the beautiful paintings to your family and friends back home. Each Tingatinga art you see has a story behind, they reflect the day to day activities of the people in urban and rural areas, some are the paintings of the landscapes and animals in the national parks, the beautiful sunrise and sunset of the beautiful beaches of Tanzania are also well covered in this paintings, they show the true identity of the people. It’s one way of keeping and preserving the culture of the people of Tanzania but also they teach about environmental conservations and protecting the wildlife and nature in general.

Makonde arts and cravings in Tanzania

The Makonde art and cravings is mostly famous and has a unique style that are easily recognized. Makonde is the tribe that is found in Tanzania at the southern part and northern parts of Mozambique. The Makonde cravings normally features the figures that the Makonde people believe that the mother of all the Makonde people was originally a wooden carving that came to life.

The Art Gallery Expedition in Tanzania
Makonde arts

Their cravings makes also other decorations such as masks, fanciful shapes and abstractions, house hold items and different animals figures.  They make their cravings using the ebony woods and polished until they look beautiful and shine. These figures became even more famous when the Portuguese missionaries saw then and liked them from there they started buying them, hence this motivated the artists to make more and start selling them. The ebony woods are so expensive such that they had to find an alternative to cut costs. Recently most of these figures are made out of the coconut woods, and some sculptors are made in stones or corals, The Art Gallery Expedition in Tanzania . A popular style of this Makonde craving is the tree of life, which is designed with intricately interlocking human figures as the symbol of unity and continuity. This figure has a lot of human figures and it goes way up, as it has a story behind that emphasizes the people of this tribe of the importance of unity and cooperation that lead to their growth and development.

The Makonde traditions are highly related to the cravings and arts that they make. Most the rites, beliefs and wood cravings are closely related to each other and each has a story behind it. The Makonde community wear mask during their different ceremonies example in the circumcision of the boys they have a special dance called the Mapiko dance that requires them to wear masks such the development of craving masks was introduced in their community. The masks can be only the facial masks or the whole body masks that are all made up from woods. They are famously known as the mascara facial and the mascara capacete that covers the whole body.

The story of the figures of human scriptures in the Makonde community they believe that once there was a lonely man living in the forest. Then one day he saw the most beautiful and perfect tree that tempered him to make a figure of the woman then after craving it , he then have it around then one night that figure turned to life and became the real woman that why they belief it’s the figure of lifer the mother of life. The creature fell in love with the woman that got life gave life to the son who grew up in the plateau the place that the Makonde people have settled in until today and the son became the first ancestor of this community. In most of their figures the main and the most frequent figure is that of the woman because of the origin of this story and the important role that the woman played in developing their community.

Most of the Makonde cravings and figures can be found in most of the art gallery stores and exhibitions example in Dar es Salaam and most are also found in their in Mtwara region where most of the Makonde people are found.

The arts and crafts of Tanzania plays the major role in protecting and preserving the culture and tradition of the people of Tanzania as they reflect the true identity and origin of the people. They are very unique and beautiful because you will not meet them anywhere else in the world except in Tanzania. on your visit to Tanzania have a visit towards this importance galleries, buy some for your friends back home and learn about the culture of the people of Tanzania.

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