Top Tanzanian lodges :  When planning to visit Tanzania the last thing you should be worried about is accommodation. There are different hotels and lodges from the five star hotels, three stars hotels and all the way to the average hotels. The accommodations are suitable for everyone and they can accommodate anyone even those with the average budgets for the safari. There are also the most luxurious hotels and lodges that are found in different areas while in different safaris and activities there are also accommodations that are suitable for you        .

The best lodges while in Serengeti national park.

The five star hotel that is located in Serengeti national park is the Melia, the Melia Serengeti collection will make your adventure of life time where the luxury and the nature are combine all at once. The rooms in this hotel varies from the two bed room suites, one bedroom suites as well as the junior suites. This luxurious hotel is found in the heart of the Serengeti national park in the Seronera valleys. Spending a night in this lodges of Melia is about $325 per person per night, this is a must stay place while in Serengeti because of the stunning sceneries of the Serengeti national park  the food is also spectacular. This hotel also has the infinity pool thought the year, the property has the elegant rooms and breathing taking views of the park more clearly, the room is designed with most of the cultural materials, Top Tanzanian lodges.

 The Singita Sasakwa lodge.

This lodge is highly decorated in a way that it looks old with the designs that are bygone and yet they create the most comfortable environment without missing the modern age necessity. The Singita lodge offers the most panoramic sceneries of the Serengeti national park, the best part not to miss is the amazing star gazing opportunities in the clear night sky.

Top Tanzanian lodges
The Singita Sasakwa lodge.

The Namiri plains lodge

This lodge is perfect for the once who wants to see the great migration around the November to June. While in this lodges it’s a perfect place where the big cats are guaranteed to be seen in particularly the cheetahs. It’s also the perfect place for the hot-air balloon safari which are optional for the tourists. It’s also the warding private camp in the Serengeti national park. The Namiri lodges is along the migration routes hence during this months the perfect place to settle is around this areas. This also the romantic place and hence most suitable for the honeymooners.

The other top ten lodges and camps includes the Mwiba Lodge, Sanctuary Kichakani Camp, bush tops luxury tented camps, Lamai Camp, Singita Faru faru camp, lemala Nanyukie, one nature Nyaruswiga and the last one is the Sayari camps.

The best lodges that are found in the Ngorongoro conservation area.

The lodges and hotels that are found in Ngorongoro are not based inside the crater instead their found on the rim of the crater. The accommodations that are found on the rim are limited and quit expensive but they are worthy it because of the most spectacular sceneries and the view of the crater itself, other accommodations are also located around the Ngorongoro conservation area. The lodges away from the rim of the crater are cheaper and with warm and charming plantation lodge in the highlands of Ngorongoro which are also very much loved by most of the tourists.

The top best lodges are the once that are located on the rim of the crater, the Ngorongoro crater lodge is the number one in the crater and also the top hotels in the world. This is top hotel because of the perfect view to die for, it’s very unique and different from the most of the hotels that are located in the northern circuits. If you can afford staying here then this is the beauty beyond measure because it will not disappoint you and some tourist come to Tanzania so that they can stay in this lodge and enjoy its most spectacular views, Top Tanzanian lodges.

The Entamanu camp is also among the top accommodation areas that are located on the rim of the Ngorongoro crater. This is the perfect area for the sundowners as it has the perfect sight of the sunrise and sunset on one side will the other one part is perfect as he beautiful land of Serengeti can be viewed in a short distance. This camps are located on the northern part of the crater rim the clear view of down the crater will not disappoint you as the beautiful land inside the crater unfolds in your sight, Top Tanzanian lodges.

The other lodges that are located on the rim of crater includes the Ngorongoro Sopa which is cheaper and has the perfect view of the crater, it’s not so charming and it’s not the most beautiful lodges but its worthy it because of the view and beside you might spent just one or two nights here.

Top Tanzanian lodges
Ngorongoro Sopa

The Ngorongoro Serena lodges will also be a perfect spot while in Ngorongoro because it’s cheaper and while having the excellent access to the crater.

The top lodges and hotels found in the city of Arusha.

The Arusha city is like a heart of the northern circuits because most of the visitors must spend a night or even few days in this city while visiting the northern circuit’s national parks its also known as the city of tourism. It all begins here, right after dropping at the Kilimanjaro airport then the next destination is normally on this city. The following are the top hotels and lodges that you might want to spend a few days here while on the tour in Tanzania.

The luxurious hotels and lodges found here in this city includes the Gran Melia which is about 306 USD per night and has the rate of 9.2superb hotel. The mount Meru hotel which ranges second and spending a night here costs about 198 USD per night. The Kibo palace hotel ranks third and costs 215 USD per night. These are the top 3 most luxurious hotels and their costs are high but they offer the five star services, Top Tanzanian lodges.

There are also best lodges that are found in this city and they offer the best services with the affordable prices. The Tulia Boutique hotel and spa is the very good hotel and spending a night here costs about 81 USD per night, the outpost lodge costs 73 USD per night while the green mountain hotel is also the perfect hotel with affordable price of 52 USD per night and has the best services.

Zanzibar is also among the top tourism destination in Tanzania, hence it has the perfect accommodation for all the visitors that comes to this beautiful island of Tanzania. The following are the top accommodations found in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Gold is the ideal choice for the guest that are to stay a few days in Zanzibar, it has the overlooking gorgeous sand of the Kendwa beaches and the serene water. The hotel is designed with the modern culture that is highly influenced by the Arabic and African culture that makes it as the most unique and beautiful features that are only found here and not anywhere else.

Top Tanzanian lodges
Zanzibar Gold

The sandies Baobab Beach of Zanzibar is beach is named after the beautiful baobab trees that highly decorate this beach. It’s located on the northern tip of the island and it’s leading directly on the pristine Nungwi beach. The hotel is surrounded by the bright and spacious rooms that are surrounded by the island natural gardens, which offers the amazing natural view.

Miramont Retreat is located near the Mnemba Island on the northeast shore of the island. This is perfect place as it offers variety of activities such as kite surfing, diving and dolphin watching, Top Tanzanian lodges.

While on the safari to Tanzania the least of your worries should be about accommodation, because there are variety of choices that are in place where you can stay. They range from the most luxurious hotels all the way towards the standards hotels their prices also rangers and they can fit to your budget.

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