The Guided walking Safari in Tanzania : The guide nature is one mind blowing activity that can make you feel the nature and admire the beauty of Tanzania national parks as well as the meeting the kindest people who welcomes you with a great smile. The feeling of wilderness and the most amazing scenery in a different way while being part of the nature and steeping into their world.  The guided nature walks are done during the dry seasons since these are the best times of the year as it is around June to October which supports the impressive and the most eye catching sceneries.  While on the walking safari in the park following instructions given by the guides is very essential for the security and safety purposes, the tour is supposed to be in a way that nature will not be disturbed and no any sign of threat to the animals.

1.A walk to Ngorongoro national park

Walking in the Ngorongoro national park is accompanied by the armed rangers who leads the way and ensures each ones safety, since there are different wild animals that are found in the park and might be dangerous. The walk around the Ngorongoro highlands and around the conservations areas as well as around the craters.  The walk offers the tourist to observe the animals more closely, their behaviors, reconnecting with the nature and environment on the savannah plains of Ngorongoro.

  • The walk on the highlands of the Ngorongoro national park gives the spectacular view of the animals and the area for trekking around the Maasai land. Trekking through the crater is much easier as there only highlands and lowlands which do not have much changes on the altitude. The hiking and trekking can lead up to the Olmoti volcano and have the most impressive view of whole crater, the hiking offers the walk through the forests and grassland that are inhabited by the beautiful butterflies and different bird species. Walking on the Ngorongoro landscape gives the opportunity to explore the largest unbroken caldera in the world, exploring the extinct volcanoes, diverse landscapes as well as the large Tanzania wildlife explorations.
The Guided walking Safari in Tanzania
The Guided walking Safari in Tanzania
  • The cultural experience at the Maasai Bomas in Ngorongoro national park is not to be missed moment. The most unique and well preserved culture of the Maasai people that lives in the park. The Maasai depends on the farming and animals grazing, as they freely graze their live stocks in the savannah plains and woodlands of the Ngorongoro conservation area and in the crater too.  They also have the unique art and crafts that the tourists will have the chance to buy some and learn different life style that is very unique and exciting. The Maasai dances and singings are really exciting as they have most unique dancing styles and they will not hesitate to dance for their visitors when they arrive at they are Bomas.
  1. Take a walk to Tarangire national park

Sharing a road path with the herds of elephants, looking for their huge foot prints as they make path in different direction while watching the beautiful birds, the habitat rich of large and the oldest baobab trees can be explored more closely on the walking safari at the Tarangire national park. The walk on this park is one of the unforgettable experience as you feel the wilderness more clearly and exploring the beauty of the nature at the closer pace thus The Guided walking Safari in Tanzania.

Tracking the traces of different animals and learning different behaviors of the animals is another great advantage of the walking safari , meeting different plants species that can be used as medicines of different diseases as you go closer to them learning becomes even convenient.

The best time for the safari walk would be in the morning and in the evening also on the dry season since most the animals migrate to the Tarangire national park hence a sight of them would be easier on this seasons. Meeting different bird species in a closer view is during the walk safari as most of them are in their breeding area that’s on the swamps and on the river banks.

  • The Selous game driving reserve walking safari.

 The most peaceful park that is less crowded than the northern part of Tanzania would be Selous game reserve as it has the quiet and most peaceful place for a vacation. The Selous game reserve is found on the southern part of Tanzania with a large river Rufiji flowing its waters into the whole park. To get close and in person to the African bush is one magical experience, walking through the forest of the Selous game reserve and hearing the mixture of quiet and yet loud birds singing and insects chirps that are heard clearly, the lion roaring in the middle of the bush that gives goosebumps and yet give you a satisfactory feeling at the same time.

The Guided walking Safari in Tanzania
walking Safari in Selous Game Reserve

After a long walk day a fly-camping safari cannot be missed at the Selous game reserve. The real bush camping is well explored as the temporary tents are build and it’s all about the bone fire, cooking eating and chatting in the wilderness while watching the beautiful African blue sky with stars shining brightly from the above. Selous as the largest game reserve in African and off course the world at large, on your walking safari the sight of different animals such as the lion, wild dogs, leopards, hyenas, and large number of crocodiles cannot be missed. During the dry season the most of the animal are found around the water sources and the best time for the walking safari would be around these times of the year.

  1. Walking on the land of Ruaha national park.

Accompanied by the knowledgeable guide and the armed rangers walking through the Ruaha national park is on set and too good to go. The best times on the safari walk is around late June thus on the dry seasons of the year. Walking on the rolling  hills , with the eye catching scenery as the open plain lands unfold in front of your eyes, these best moments are memorable and can be captured by the camera as one of the items that is not be missed on your bag packs. This unexplored land is normally uncrowded as it gives the few visitors the feeling of belongings and that the wilderness is for themselves. The hard 3 hours of the exploring the landscapes, the animals as well as the plants species at the Ruaha national pack are worthy it as it makes you be part of the nature while enjoying the thrilled feeling of the bush.

  1. Visit the traditional Maasai markets.

After being away from home, everyone will be waiting for your arrival back and they expect a gifts from you. The Maasai markets serves the best gifts and art crafts at the most affordable prices. A walk towards the Maasai market can first give one the best moments to learn the Maasai culture as well as gain the best gifts that will take home. The best jewelries made of beads, the beautiful paintings that can decorate the walls as well as the colorful handmade products. The items such as the handbags, handmade ebony cravings, clothes, slippers necklaces and different house hold items are accessible at the markets. The best take home gift can be found here and memories of the great safari in Tanzania is attained at these markets.

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