Tanzania’s Tourist Entry Requirements : Tanzania, a country in east Africa bordered by Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, is regarded as one of the top safari destinations in Africa. Tanzania is one of the top safari destinations in Africa and one of the nations that receives the most tourists due to its abundance of tourist attractions and activities. Like any other country, Tanzania is a friendly and welcoming safari destination, but entering the country requires that you meet certain requirements and obtain permits that allow you to enter and stay in the country for a specific period of time and for specific purposes. Tanzania is home to magnificent attractions such as the great wildebeest migration, the big five, Mount Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar beaches, diverse culture, etc.

The entry criteria for Tanzania vary depending on the nationality of the visitor, for instance, United States citizens must meet different entry requirements than nationals of Uganda. What are the entry permits and requirements required when visiting Tanzania? Again, the entry permit or requirements to Tanzania fluctuate and are decided by many criteria such as your length of stay, purpose of entry, etc. The following are a few of the most important requirements you should meet before traveling to or entering Tanzania.


If leaving a country where yellow fever is endemic or if you have transited there for more than 12 hours, you must have a yellow fever vaccination before visiting and Entering Tanzania. A yellow fever vaccine costs $50 per person at entrance points.

Currency restrictions for entry

Travelers must disclose any foreign currency worth more than $10,000 when entering and leaving Tanzania. Tanzanian Shillings cannot be imported or exported by non-residents (apart from Kenyans and Ugandans)

Passport validity

Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your arrival in Tanzania. If you live in Tanzania, your passport needs to be good for six months after your arrival. Make sure your passport and other travel documents satisfy their requirements by checking with your travel company.

Entry, exit, and visa requirements

Tanzania requires visas for visitors. Foreign nationals can apply for a visa online before their trip. At www.immigration.go.tz, applicants can fill out the e-visa application form and pay online using a credit card or bank transfer. The applicant will get an email with a “grant notice” if the e-visa is accepted. When you arrive in Tanzania, give a copy of the grant notice to the immigration officer.

Tanzania's Tourist Entry Requirements
Tanzania’s Tourist Entry Requirements

Additionally, you can get a tourist visa when you land in Tanzania. The price is $100 USD for Americans and $50 USD for other countries. In the event that connectivity issues prevent electronic transactions, be ready to pay in cash.

It is necessary to have a passport with at least one blank visa page that is valid for at least six months from the date the visa was issued and/or the date of admission. Visitors with visas must show a roundtrip ticket and financial proof of their ability to cover their stay. When entering or leaving Zanzibar island or when moving throughout the mainland, be ready to provide your passport and discuss your visa status.

All visitors to Tanzania, whether they are foreigners, Tanzanians, or residents, must pass via designated (official) entry points. The traveler will be accountable for these upon arrival:

  • Presenting a completed and signed arrival declaration card to an immigration officer in person, and
  • Displaying their passport or other valid documents to an immigration officer; and
  • When it comes to foreign nationals, they could be asked to:
  • Presenting their visa or applying for one upon arrival.
  • To show their residence permit or pass; if they are legitimate Tanzanian residents
  • A return flight ticket or confirmation of other travel arrangements; and
  • Proof of maintenance funding (maintenance budget)

NOTE: In addition to the aforementioned immigration procedures, travelers are required to follow any health precautions Tanzania’s Ministry of Health may issue from time to time. Currently, COVID-19 and yellow fever are under particular restrictions. Prospective visitors are urged to study the relevant Ministry of Health instructions.

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