Tanzania budget safari : Budget safaris in Tanzania are part of the safari packages which you can choose when planning a trip to the country. Tanzania is famous for wildlife viewing, unique attractions and diversity in culture across the different parts of the country. Safari destinations in Tanzania are found around the north, south, west, central and coastal parts of the country.

The different ways to travel on a budget safari in Tanzania include joining a group.  Group safaris tend to be cheaper due to the shared costs such as transport and accommodation costs. These group tours to Tanzania have scheduled dates.

When traveling to Tanzania in the low season, you can also enjoy a budget safari to different places in Tanzania. This is because prices in the low season are discounted such as flight prices, accommodation costs and sometimes transport costs.

In Tanzania, safaris can also be done during the high season which is during the months around June to October which is also in the dry season. The dry season is considered the best time for safaris in Tanzania and during safaris wildlife species can easily be spotted when exploring the destinations around Tanzania.

Another way to travel on budget for a safari to Tanzania is by booking safaris which take a short period of time. This helps to reduce costs which come with longer safaris during trips to different destinations around Tanzania. Short safaris can be a period of 1 day to about 3 days which tend to be affordable safaris.

A budget safari around Tanzania can cost about 600 USD per person and the price can be more or less depending on the location visited during the safari. Different tour operators offer safari packages to Tanzania and you can choose one within your budget when planning a safari to Tanzania.

For short affordable safaris in Tanzania, travellers can visit destinations which don’t require long drive time during tours such as Lake Manyara national park, Arusha national park and Tarangire national park which are short drives from Arusha town.

Tanzania budget safari
Tanzania budget safari

Other destinations which can be visited during safaris around Tanzania include Ruaha national park, Selous game reserve (Nyerere national park), Gombe national park, Mikumi national park, Katavi national park, Mahale national park and many others found in the south and western parts of Tanzania.

Using road transport is another way to travel around Tanzania on a budget. 4×4 safari vehicles are used during tours around Tanzania and they can be hired at about 200 USD per day. There are also public means of transport used when traveling around places in Tanzania. Driving tends to be less costly as compared to flying to destinations around Tanzania and for travellers on a budget; time spent on the road is also part of the travel experience for those who like experiencing different environments when they travel to places around Tanzania.

Public means of transport used around Tanzania during budget safaris include dala dalas, buses, taxis among others. Private cars can also be used to travel to different places around Tanzania.

Flight companies around Tanzania like Coastal Aviation, Flight link, Regional Air, Auric Air, Precision Air among others also offer scheduled and charter flights to destinations around Tanzania at affordable prices.

Tanzania has many other options of transport to use during budget safaris around the destinations such as water transport where travel can be by boat or ferry and there is also rail transport used around Tanzania. These other forms of transport are also affordable and a boat ride can cost about 40 USD and a ferry ride in Tanzania can cost about 35 USD to 50 USD.

Another way to travel on budget during a safari to Tanzania is by staying in budget lodges or camps or hotels. Budget lodges around Tanzania can cost about 80 USD for single rooms and 100 USD for double rooms. There are also luxury and midrange lodges around Tanzania.

Camping is another way to travel on a budget during a safari around Tanzania. There are private and public campsites where tourists can stay during their tours in Tanzania and camping in Tanzania is an exciting experience which brings you closer to nature without having to spend much. Camping equipment can be rented and this can cost between 5 USD to 25 USD for items such as coolers, tents, sleeping bags among others.

Engaging in a variety of activities during safaris around Tanzania may also make a safari costly however taking part in a few activities reduces the cost of safaris. Some of activities which are carried out during safaris around Tanzania include game drives, nature walks, hot air balloon safaris, bird watching, boat rides, canoeing, hiking, cycling among others.

Tanzania budget safari
Hot air Balloon

Park entrance costs are also incurred during budget safaris around Tanzania. These fees vary from one park to another and are charged to non-residents, residents or expatriates, East Africans and Tanzanians. Park fees are valid for 24 hours and during tours, children below the age of 5 years don’t pay park fees.

During budget safaris around Tanzania, wildlife species which can be seen when exploring the national parks around Tanzania include the big five such as elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos as well as other wildlife species like wildebeests, antelopes, impalas, gazelles, waterbucks, hartebeests, kudu, dik dik, elands, cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, hippos and many others.

Visit Tanzania and enjoy a budget safari across various destinations throughout the year.

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