Spending a holiday enjoying the beauty of Tanzania : The beauty of Tanzania can only be enjoyed with the self experience; it’s the perfect place to spend your holiday as it will be of its kind. Escape from the busy city life and have the spectacular time with nature to explore the nature, the beautiful landscapes, the national parks, the large water bodies and the beauty of the mountains that will offer you with the breath taking sceneries. It will be one of the best holidays that will make you want to spend more days in Tanzania, and enjoy the nature.

Enjoy your holiday while exploring the beauty of Tanzania by doing the following.

Hike the Kilimanjaro Mountain and mount Meru:  Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and it’s also the highest free standing mountain the world. Its challenging and demanding an yet the most spectacular activity as you reach the highest point and have the whole of Africa under your feet.

Spending a holiday enjoying the beauty of Tanzania

Enjoy taking the most beautiful photos of the animals, birds, the landscape and different vegetation cover all the way up to the shinning white snow at the Uhuru peak. The pride and feeling reaching at the peak of these mountains is overwhelming. While hiking the Mountain Meru the spectacular sceneries will not disappoint you as you will be having the amazing views of the Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance.

Witness the great animals migration in Serengeti national park; its also known as the wildebeest migration, it’s the annual mass movement of the wild animals led by millions of the wildebeest, followed by thousands of zebras and hundreds of antelopes as they move the southern part of Serengeti national park towards the Maasai Mara game reserve of Kenya in the northern part of this national park.  These animals move in order to search for greener pastures and water, during the dry season which is normally around the month of June all the way to October. It requires timing in order to witness this mass movement of the animals.

Paradise for the bird lovers; spend your holiday in Tanzania where the alarms and the noisy streets are replaced by the beautiful voices of the morning birds wakes you up. The national parks in Tanzania are rich with colorful beautiful birds that will always entertain your ears while on the safari. It’s the home of both the native and the migratory birds, the perfect time for the bird watching activity id normally in the wet season which is around November until its peak at the end of May, Spending a holiday enjoying the beauty of Tanzania

The wildlife Safari Tanzania; explore the wildlife of Tanzania national park in your holiday, through the nature walks, the game drives, mountain biking and many other fun activities. There are many national parks in Tanzania and they all have many different animals such as the big five, different primates such as the vervet monkeys, the baboons as well as the marine animals. The national parks that are perfect for the animals viewing include Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Mikumi, and Tarangire. The other national park where the bushes touch the island is the selous national park where you have the experience of the island as well as the bushes at the time.

Spending a holiday enjoying the beauty of Tanzania
Serengeti N.P

As a matter of facts, a safari to Tanzania is among the most spectacular things one do for his or her holiday. The name Tanzania alone conjures up a range of iconic images including golden savannahs, Mangoes forest, a variety of water bodies, African wildlife safaris, breathtaking landscapes, geological features and lakes, Africa’s highest mountain, attractive historical sites full of information, the ever beautiful islands of Zanzibar, Unguja, and Mafia, and beaches to white sand beaches and a magical spice island with warm turquoise waters. Tanzania’s attractions are varied and there really is something for everyone.  It is becoming one of the most popular destinations in the mother continent, and focus East Africa Safaris can offer you the best experience, as your Tanzania wildlife safari host in Tanzania and the entire East Africa.

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