Serengeti or Selous for a Tanzania safari? Which is better Serengeti National Park or Selous Game Reserve? This is something that some travelers ponder on as they plan their ultimate Tanzania safari tour.

Serengeti National Park is arguably the most famous and sought after national park in Africa, vast in size that it more than quadruples the size of the Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya which is north of the park. Located in the northern part of Tanzania in the northern safari circuit of Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park offers unique Tanzania safari experiences; authentic and typical safari experiences all throughout the year. It is the great wildebeest migration and the high animal densities that attracts more and more travelers to the Serengeti National Park, enjoying extensive game drives in the vast “endless plains” of the park. Witnessing the iconic Mara River crossing is a spectacular safari experience much sought after by many travelers who visit Tanzania every single year; the exact river crossing is however left to nature.

The Serengeti National Park though most famed for the great wildebeest migration which sees over 2 million wildebeests and other grazers including gazelles and zebras and warthogs making way through the Grumeti River and Mara River to Masai Mara Park Kenya, has so much more to offer to her visitors. Beyond the great migration, general wildlife or game viewing is breath-taking all throughout the year.

The Seronera Area which is the central part of the Serengeti where the Seronera River flows hosts a wide variety of animals all throughout the year irrespective of the season. The northern, southern and western part of the Serengeti National Park offer more exclusive game viewing experiences, but are in season during the months the migration. Animals to look out for while on a Serengeti National Park safari include all the big 5 animals that is lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and the rare rhinos; as well as wildebeests, gazelles, giraffes, antelopes of all sizes, warthogs, cheetahs, and so much more including the over 500 bird species that the park inhabits.

Selous Game Reserve on the other hand is located in the southern part of Tanzania making part of the southern circuit of Tanzania that also includes other Tanzania national parks including Mikumi National Park. Selous Game Reserve now known as Nyerere National Park is a far quieter and exclusive than the crowded Serengeti National Park. The Selous Game Reserve is famous for the large elephant herds and being one of the best Africa safari destinations to see wild dogs and in large numbers at that. The Selous Game Reserve or Nyerere National Park is also a great habitat of other attractions apart from wildlife, Serengeti or Selous.

The Rufiji River, Lake Tagalala, Lake Siwandu, Lake Manze and others and thus offering amazing boat safaris as well as sport fishing that are unique activities not found in Serengeti National Park and most other Tanzania national parks. Guided walking safaris in Selous Game Reserve are also accepted and done by travelers on a Nyerere National Park safari all throughout the year. Diversity of wildlife safari activities in Selous Game Reserve is therefore one reason among many that one should visit Selous Game Reserve Tanzania. Given the less number of travelers that visit Selous Game Reserve, a level of exclusivity is achieved for those travelers after more private Tanzania safari experiences.

Serengeti or Selous
River Rufigi

Whether you visit Serengeti or Selous Game Reserve for your Tanzania safari tour, be sure that you shall be rewarded with unforgettable Tanzania safari experiences. choosing between the Serengeti National Park and Selous Game Reserve really comes down to your personal preferences and prioritise, that if the great wildebeest migration is your priority then the Serengeti Park Tanzania is your safari destination, as well as spotting a variety of wildlife on extensive game drives and hot air balloon rides; while the Selous Game Reserve or Nyerere National Park is the better Tanzania safari destination for that client looking for diverse safari activities, exclusivity away from the crowds and also a bit more price-friendly Tanzania safari tour.

Serengeti or Selous, get in touch with a reputable and knowledgeable safari planner to help you create a memorable Tanzania safari taking you to either Serengeti or Selous, with possibilities of combining the 2 Tanzania national parks of Serengeti National Park and Selous Game Reserve. You could also get to add on other Tanzania national parks on your ultimate wildlife safari Tanzania like Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, lake Manyara National Park, Mikumi National Park as well as Ruaha National Park, before deciding to wind down at a beach resort in Zanzibar Island or Mafia Island.  

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