Seasonal Campsites in Tanzania : Tanzania is a tourist hotspot in East Africa as it is famous for hosting Great World Wonders such as the Ngorongoro Crater, the Great Migration, and the mysterious Mount Kilimanjaro among many others. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock from every corner of this planet to this beautiful and peaceful country with wider cultural diversity. There are a lot of things to explore from Tanzania, which a tourist can choose. With over 120 tribes, Tanzania is a nice place to study the culture of various natives, one of which is the famous Maasai tribe. Tanzania is home to the world’s biggest mammal migration on earth, the Great Migration. This spectacular event involves the annual migration of about 1.5 million wildebeests, 200,000 gazelles, and 260,000 zebras from the Southern Serengeti in Tanzania to the northern Masai Mara in Kenya. This never-ending cycle is said to be one of the Seven Great Wonders of the world. In Tanzania, you are guaranteed to view all the Big Five animals (lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants, and the rare black rhino). These beautiful creatures are frequently spotted in various national parks such as Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area to name a few. Another attractive thing in Tanzania is its dormant volcanic mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. This is the tallest mountain in Africa and the second tallest in the world from Mount Everest. Other iconic attractions in Tanzania include the chimpanzees in Mahale and Gombe National Parks, Lake Victoria, Zanzibar beaches, Mount Meru, cultural museums like Bujora, and many others. Therefore, you have every reason to visit this country as it has a lot to reward you.

Although the splendid nature in Tanzania can be explored anywhere in the world through films, pictures, and other non-physical means, the best rewarding way to explore this unspoiled mother nature is through camping in various seasonal campsites present in every attraction in Tanzania. Seasonal campsites are the camps that are made temporarily to last for a period of up to three months. Such camps are very common in the Serengeti and are designated to follow the Great Migration. As a visitor, you are not limited to seasonal campsites, there are other permanent lodges and hotels. Both seasonal and permanent campsites are fitted with modern amnesties which will make your safari incredible and unforgettable. Many seasonal campsites are owned by the TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks Authority) while few of them are privately owned by tour companies. In order to simplify your trip planning, here is a list of some recommended campsites situated in various areas in Tanzania.

Osero Camp

This camp is found in the great Serengeti National Park, the world’s most celebrated national park. This park is home to the Great Migration and it hosts a huge population of fauna species ranging from the Elephant Shrew, the smallest insect-eating mammal to the largest land animal, an elephant. Therefore, Serengeti is the most visited park in Tanzania. A huge number of visitors made an opportunity of operating mobile tented camps. One of such camps is Osero Seasonal Camp. This camp allows you to be part of the great migration which happens seasonally. Therefore, Osero camp stays temporarily in one area for about two to three months depending on the movement of the herd. Osero camp goes around the route of the Great Migration in different periods. For example, between June and October, the camp is present in the rocky kopjes in northern Serengeti. This location is very close to the spectacular Mara River, therefore visitors from this camp can witness with their eyes the incredible sightings of the Mara River crossings. From December to March, Osero camp is set in the south of Serengeti close to Lake Ndutu. In this region, visitors can witness the multiplication of wildebeest within a short period of time. At this time, the Ndutu area and most of Southern Serengeti are greenly favoring the calving season. It is estimated that about 500,000 calves are born within that time. From April to May, the camp becomes very nomadic because it moves along with the herd to the Grumeti River.

Seasonal Campsites in Tanzania
Osero Camp

Osero camp can accommodate a maximum of sixteen visitors per trip. If you have a family, this camp will be proud to serve you. They have seven luxury tented with private verandah, flushing toilets, bathrooms, lounge, campfire, and separate dining. If you want to experience an incredible safari in the Serengeti, Osero has all you want in your safari.

Nature Discovery’s mobile camping

Nature Discovery’s mobile camping is available in various tourist attractions namely; Lake Natron, Serengeti, and Longido. Nature Discovery gives you a chance to choose the kind of camp you can afford. They offer both luxurious and ordinary camping services. Their campsites are seasonally destroyed after your leave. This ensures that the environment is not degraded. Two types of camping you will receive are the Classic Camping Safari and the Dome Tent Camping Safari.

Classic Camping Safari is so luxurious and most rewarding. This can be set inside or outside the park depending on your request. The tents are constructed with a campfire, sleeping, and dining tent. Your bush meals are made excellent by the bush the expert bush chefs who are readily available at the camp. There are various amnesties offered by Nature Discovery in this luxurious camp including the 4m x 3m insect-proof tent, en-suite flush-style toilet and bucket shower, veranda, lighting by solar charged by LED, and tent double bedroom.

Dome Tent Camping Safari is an ordinary rewarding camping safari. This camping safari is commonly built in the areas inside the Empakai Crater, in Lake Natron. It is affordable to everyone interested in exploring Lake Natron. Dome Tent Camps are fitted with a 2.5m x 2.5m insect-proof tent, a separate toilet and shower, lighting by solar lantern and canvas.

Serengeti Safari Camp

This is one of the parks that enable you to trek the Great Migration. This camp offers extraordinary services to make your tour unforgettable. It has six open-plan Meru tents, en-suite bathrooms, and one twin-roomed family tent.

Why should you choose Serengeti Safari Camp? The tents have safari-style bucket showers, flushable en-suite toilets, library tent, bar tent, campfire, and dinning tent. Serengeti Safari Camp can accommodate one family unit. The tents are built before your arrival and destroyed after your leave. This is done with special attention without causing destruction to the environment thus Seasonal Campsites in Tanzania.

Nasikia Camps

Nasikia camps is the collection of mobile and semi-permanent camps in the northern circuit of Tanzania. These camps offer VIP services to visitors in various national parks in the northern Tanzania such as the tremendous birdwatching park, Tarangire National Park and the mighty Serengeti National Park, the home African wilderness. They have insect-proof, water-proof tents with hot shower and comfortable beds which will make you enjoy the night in the African wilderness. Between January and February, the calving season in the south of Serengeti has just begun. If you are interested in exploring this event, Nasikia Camps are available for you. These camps migrate with the herd during the Great Migration.

Seasonal Campsites in Tanzania
Nasikia Camps

There are many tourist destinations in Tanzania so do the especially national parks for wildlife adventures. In almost every national park, there are seasonal campsites worth for camping. Since Serengeti is the only national park where the Great Migration takes place, it is home to many seasonal campsites. These are designed to walk with the herd during the wildebeest migration. And that is the reason I have been describing the season camps in Serengeti. However, there are other seasonal campsites which spent time in almost every national park which is rich in wildlife diversities.

As a matter of fact, camping in Tanzanian seasonal camps is one of the thrilling event to ever happen in your wildlife adventures. These camps make you feel like you are home while enjoying the beauty of the African wilderness and culture. The camps will help you plan important events such as wedding ceremony, birthday parties and honeymooning. I can guarantee you that, camping with Tanzanian tour operators especially the semi-temporary camp will make you a camper even if you are not interested in camping. Plan a trip to Tanzania and enjoy the beauties of wildlife and relief features. Good luck.

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