Ol Pajeta Conservancy. Ol Pajeta Conservancy is one of the Kenya safari destinations to include in your Kenya safari itinerary and package. Established in 1988, Ol Pajeta Conservancy is one that strives to conserve wildlife and provide a sanctuary for great apes whilst generating income through wildlife tourism. The Ol Pajeta Conservancy has the largest black rhino sanctuary in the whole of East Africa.

Ol Pajeta Conservancy Location and Size

Ol Pajeta Conservancy is located in the central Kenya region of Laikipia County, situated on the equator west of Nanyuki just between the foothills of the Aberdare and Mount Kenya. Ol Pajeta Conservancy has a total size of about 360 square kilometers.

Wildlife in Ol Pajeta Conservancy

Ol Pajeta is a haven for the conservation of some of the rarest and almost-extinct wildlife species including rhinos, that is the black rhinos, and northern white rhinos. All the big 5 animals are in Ol Pajeta Conservancy including lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and rhinos which can be rare in some of the popular Africa safari destinations.

It is in Ol Pajeta that chimpanzees can be seen in Kenya at the Sweetwater’s Chimpanzee Sanctuary that has been home to orphaned chimpanzees since 1993. Other animals in Ol Pajeta to look out for include the endangered African wild dog, Oryx, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Grevy’s zebra, Serval, cheetahs and bat-eared fox.

Common animals as can easily be seen on other Kenya national parks include giraffes, vervet monkeys, baboons, impala, elands, hippos, plains zebra, dik-dik, Grant’s gazelle, hyenas, silver backed jacks and so much more.

Apart from animals, there are a number of birds in Ol Pajeta that even the avid birder can spot a good variety; there are over 300 birds in Ol Pajeta Conservancy.

Things to do in Ol Pajeta Conservancy

With a variety of wildlife, there is so much to enjoy while on a Kenya safari tour in Ol Pajeta Conservancy. Below are the various things to do in Ol Pajeta Conservancy;

Game Drives

Game drives in Ol Pajeta are the most done by travelers who visit Kenya on Ol Pajeta safaris. With the savannah park consisting of a variety of wildlife, one of the best and old ways to see the wildlife is by embarking on game drives. Game drives in Ol Pajeta can be done all throughout the day, for a n opportunity to see the different wildlife in Ol Pajeta including the big 5 animals and beyond. Night game drives are also available and can be done in Ol Pajeta, adding to one of the reasons to visit this conservancy as night game droves are not allowed in many of Kenya national parks and game reserves.

Visit the Endangered Species Enclosure

The endangered species enclosure is the only area in the park fenced off for the animals; where you will find white and black rhinos being monitored throughout the day so as to protect them from poachers. The endangered species enclosure is where you will be able to find the last 2 remaining northern white rhinos in the entire world, both of which are female! Also in the enclosure are the Grevy’s zebra and Jackson’s wildebeests.

Lion Tracking

Given the size of the conservancy, lions tend to spread out and finding prides may be hard especially for travelers with very limited time to spare for a Kenya safari in Ol Pajeta. Ol Pajeta has thus had tracking collars on a number of lions to help rangers establish their location easily and thus ease of locating lion prides.  Lion tracking can be done from 6:30 to 8:30am, and 3:30-5:30pm. The tracking collars also help rangers keep tabs on the lions keeping them safe from poachers.

Guided Walking Safaris

One of the best way to explore the Ol Pajeta is on foot! A guided walking safari in Ol Pajeta plains rewards travelers with unrestricted game viewing and beautiful views of the park especially in the dry season. Brave the wild and embark on a guided walking safari along with armed ranger guides in search of wildlife, allowing you a rare opportunity to follow animal tracks in their natural habitat and coming up-close with them! Guided walking safaris are done from 06:30-09:30am or 03:30-06:30pm, depending on your preferred time.

Visit the Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Sweetwater’s Chimpanzee Sanctuary is the only place to see chimpanzees in Kenya, in their natural habitat. The sanctuary is open daily from 10;00am to 03:30pm allowing travelers on a Kenya safari in Ol Pajeta a chance to see these our relatives up close. The Sweetwater’s Chimpanzee Sanctuary has been home to orphaned chimpanzees since 1993. Once the orphaned chimpanzees are fully nursed back to health, they are released into the wild in Ol Pajeta.

Ol Pajeta Conservancy
Sweetwater’s Chimpanzee Sanctuary

When to visit Ol Pajeta Conservancy

Looking to go on an Ol Pajeta Conservancy safari and wondering when it is the best time to go? The Ol Pajeta Conservancy is available to visit all throughout the year. The months of June to October are the best months to visit Ol Pajeta Conservancy as it is the dry season which is a great time to visit the conservancy for wild game viewing. The months of November and December are short rain months, and though a wet season it is still a great time to see wildlife in Ol Pajeta Conservancy given animals in Ol Pajeta Conservancy are residents.

From the months of January through March is a dry season and also a great time to visit Pol Pajeta Conservancy Kenya. This is a great time to see blooming of flowers following the short rain of November; it is also a great time for photography safaris.

Accommodation in Ol Pajeta Conservancy

Where should I stay at Ol Pajeta? This is something to seriously consider as you plan your Kenya safari escape in Ol Pajeta Conservancy any time of the year. There are a number of accommodation Ol Pajeta to choose from, much as they are not as many. Accommodation in Ol Pajeta include;

Ol Pajeta Bush Camp

Ol Pajeta Bush Camp is a popular accommodation option ion Ol Pajeta, located along the banks of the Ewaso Ngiro River with spectacular views of the conservancy. Ol Pajeta Bush Camp is a fully furnished tented camp with en-suite bathrooms.

Sweetwater’s Serena Camp

Sweetwater’s Serena Camp is part of the Serena Hotels, an international hotel chain with hotels, lodges and lodges across the East Africa and beyond. With 50 fascinating tents offering views of the mountains, wildlife and watering holes which attract wildlife, Sweetwater’s Serena Camp is located in the eastern part of the Ol Pajeta Conservancy.

Other accommodation in Ol Pajeta Conservancy to consider include Ol Pajeta House, Kicheche Laikipia Camp, Porini Rhino Camp, Ol Pajeta Safari Cottages, The Stables, among others.

As you plan your Kenya safari tour, do not be shy to also include the Ol Pajeta Conservancy and be blown away by the diversity there is here, away from your usual Kenya national parks of Masai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli National Park plus Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. Asides from your Kenya safari tour, ask your East Africa safari planner to incorporate a wildlife safari Tanzania experience for you, as well as Uganda gorilla tour for a complete East Africa tour if you do have enough time to spare; you can switch up from Uganda to Rwanda if super luxury gorilla trekking is what you are interest in.

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