Mountain Climbing : Tanzania is a stunning safari destination for mountain climbers and trekkers. Apart from being home to the Africa’s highest peak, the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro and Africa’s fifth highest peak, Mount Meru, this beautiful country is home to other Crater Highlands where you can enjoy trekking and climbing these mountains. The mountain climbers from any corner of the world always meet in this peaceful East African country. There are so many mountains in Tanzania which you will enjoy trekking. Here is a list of amazing mountains in Tanzania for you to pick.

Mount Kilimanjaro

In the north-east of Tanzania, stands the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. This African highest peak has a height of about 5895 meters above the sea level. It is present in the Kilimanjaro National Park located in Kilimanjaro region. The best way to reach there is through drive from the magnificent airport, yes the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA). You can reach there through airstrips from various National Parks and Game Reserves in Tanzania. The best time to trek Mount Kilimanjaro is from June to September since there is little raining in these months thus Mountain Climbing.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro has three volcanic cones on its top which are Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira Plateau. The highest peak is Uhuru peak on Kibo. Wondrously, Mount Kilimanjaro can be trekked or climbed to the summit through various routes. The choice of the route depends on your budget and things you want to explore during your trip. Some routes are cheap and public (they include more than five trekkers) while others are costlier and private. The routes to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro include Machame route, Umbwe route, Lemosho route, Shira Plateau route, Mweka route, Marangu and Rongai route. The minimum number of days you can spend trekking to the summit is five days while the maximum is nine days. In terms of costs, a nine-days Mount Kilimanjaro climb through Lemosho route is expensive than other routes. It costs about 2495 USD per person and is private which means you will reach the Uhuru peak without a crowd. To be exact, there are other expensive trips to the Kilimanjaro summit. But most of these trips start a safari from other destinations. A good example is the 9-day safari and day hike on the Shira Plateau which commences from Arusha through Tarangire, Ngorongoro Highlands, Ngorongoro Crater and finally through the Shira Plateau route to the Kilimanjaro’s summit. This trip is private and it costs about 3420 USD per person. Another private trips include the 7-day Machame route which costs 2090 USD per person. Other trips to the summit are not private, they may include a group of five people up to twelve. These include the eight-day Machame route which costs about 1750 USD per person and can accommodate a group of up to 12, five-day Marangu route which can accommodate a maximum number of 50 people per group and costs 1400 USD per person and a six-day Mount Kilimanjaro climb through Umbwe route which costs 590 USD per person with a capacity of accommodating a maximum of six people thus Mountain Climbing.

Mountain Climbing
Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

What to expect on your Mount Kilimanjaro climb?

Most trekkers never regret to have a trip to the Kilimanjaro’s summit. Instead, they claim that the trip is unforgettable in their life. While some trekkers are interested at reaching the summit, others are also interested in exploring more on their route to the summit. Most of them prefer the Lemosho and Rongai routes which are best ones for ecotourism. Mount Kilimanjaro climbers experience the views of the sunrise on top of this tallest mountain in Africa. They also enjoy taking pictures of the ice cap of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is very incredible to have that experience of hugging each other while congratulating yourselves for making it to the top of the highest peak in Africa.

Mount Meru

At about 80 kilometers in the west of Mount Kilimanjaro, stands the second tallest mountain in Tanzania. This magnificent mountain is located in the Arusha region inside the Arusha National Park. It takes about an hour-drive from Arusha to the park. Mount Meru is about 4566 meters high above the sea level making it a fifth highest peak in Africa. Like Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru is a dormant volcano mountain preferred by many climbers it is easier to trek. Some consider it as a warm-up trek before trekking the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Since going to high altitudes can cause some changes to your body, going for an acclimatization walk to the summit of Mount Meru is advised before going to its tallest brother, Mount Kilimanjaro. So any visitor coming at Arusha National Park will take this trip to the Mount Meru summit if he/she wants to thus Mountain Climbing.

Unlike Mount Kilimanjaro which has many climbing routes to the summit, Mount Meru has only one route. Wonderful enough, this route has no congestion because the tour operators plan the trips in such a way that the route should not be overcrowded. It takes around three days to reach the ash cone of Mount Meru. Therefore, accommodation is present in the route for you to relax while enjoying the African wilderness. This park hosts a huge number of wild animals residing the base of Mount Meru. Therefore, on your trip to the summit you will encounter many beautiful wild animals. Miriakamba Huts and Saddle Huts which are at 2514 meters and 3570 meters high respectively are two accommodations present in the route to the summit. Climbing this mount will enable you to reach the two peaks, which are the Socialist Peak which is 4566 meters high and the Little Meru which is 3801 meters high thus Mountain Climbing.

Other activities you will enjoy by trekking Mount Meru include enjoying the views of the spectacular Mount Kilimanjaro, views of Momela Lakes and Ngurdoto Crater.

Ol Donyo Lengai

Known as “the Mount of God” in the Maasai language, Ol Donyo Lengai is the only active volcano in Tanzania situated in Arusha region in the south of Lake Natron. It is a stunning mountain which releases carbonatite lava in the world. This outstanding volcano releases cold lava from the magma and its last eruption happened in 2007. This mount is about 878 meters high and can be trekked in one single day especially starting from the midnight targeting the sunrise at the summit. The tour operators always like to let their customers explore the two craters of this mount. These are the southern and the northern craters. The southern one is filled with volcanic ash and is an inactive while the northern one is active .

Climbing Mount Lengai allows you to view the Lake Natron, the Great Rift Valley and the views of the eastern part of the Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Usambara Mountains

Usambara mountains are the part of the Great Arc Mountains which stretches from Southwest Kenya to the Southeast Tanzania. They are located in the Eastern Zone especially in the Morogoro and Tanga regions. Geologists pointed that these mountains are nearly thirty million years ago. Usambara mountains are divided into two sides. The first side is the Eastern Usambara Mountains which is smaller than the west, is inhabited by various tribes. Visiting these mountains will enable you to trek, bike and walk around the mountains as well as around the large plantations. The Western range of Usambara Mountains is separated by a valley from the east. This range is larger than the East one and is home to about 2000 plant species which you can explore while hiking in this range. The Usambara Mountains can be hiked in one or two days. This is because they are about 90 kilometers long.

Mountain Climbing
Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Other mountains for mountain climbers include the Udzungwa Mountains in the Udzungwa National Park in Southern Tanzania are also outstanding destinations for hikers and mountain climbers. The highest peak of these mountains is Lohombero peak which is at 2579 meters high. Mahale Mountains in the Western Zone are stunning to be hiked with their highest peak at 2462 meters high (Mount Mkungwe). Other mountain worth hiking in Tanzania include Mount Longido, Mount Hanang, Mount Lemagrut and Uluguru Mountains thus Mountain Climbing.

Listing all the mountains in Tanzania with their full description would result in a very long article which is tedious to be read. Therefore, the full description of all mountains in Tanzania is given by most experienced mountain guide who are available in every mountain in Tanzania. To get that information from these guides is through travelling these destinations. International Airports in every zone in Tanzania make it easier for tourists to follow their desired destinations. Consider taking one trip. You won’t regret.

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