Luxury tours in Tanzania : Tanzania is an East African country that has so much to offer including a luxury experience during a tour across its different destinations.

Luxury tours in Tanzania can be carried out at any time of the year and there is so much that you can take part in throughout the year while enjoying luxury and comfort and the best that money can buy in the wilderness of Tanzania.

There are many places to go to during a luxury tour in Tanzania such as Serengeti national park which is famous for the wildebeest migration and also being home to numerous wildlife species that can be seen during safaris.

Big five are among the wildlife which can be seen during safaris around Tanzania and they include elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos. Many other wildlife species can be seen when touring Tanzania and they include wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, waterbucks, impalas, elands, hyenas, giraffes, warthogs, hartebeests, cheetahs and many others.

Apart from the national parks and reserves where safaris are done in Tanzania, the country also has beautiful beaches, many towns to visit and the highest mountain in Africa which is Mount Kilimanjaro is also found in Tanzania.

Luxury tours in Tanzania
The Big Five Wildlife Animals in Tanzania

Luxury safaris in Tanzania can be done in the north, south and western parts of the country. During a luxury tour, you can also interact with the people from different tribes of Tanzania and get to know about their way of life and culture.

The national parks in Tanzania which can be visited during luxury tours include Serengeti national park, Ruaha national park, Nyerere national park, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park, Mahale national park, Katavi national park, Gombe national park and many others.

Some of the national parks in Tanzania are remote and are the perfect place for luxury tours in the wilderness where the interaction with the rest of the world is minimal due to the few numbers of tourists especially in the parks of the southern part of Tanzania.

Best time of the year for tours in Tanzania

Tanzania can be visited both in the dry season and in the rainy season depending on your preference of when to travel to the country.

For safaris around the national parks, the dry season from June to October is recommended since wildlife species can be seen around water sources in the parks as the wildlife species gather to drink. Many tourists also visit Tanzania during the dry season which is also a high season for safaris.

Bird watching in Tanzania is best done during the months of November to April when migrant bird species can be seen across various destinations during safaris.

Cost of a luxury tour in Tanzania

The costs incurred during luxury tours in Tanzania include accommodation and meal costs, transport costs, guide and vehicle fees.

A luxury safari in Tanzania can cost about 4,000 USD or more depending on the number of days for the tour and the destination which is being visited and the number of people taking part in the safari.

When visiting the parks in Tanzania, park fees, concession fees and camping fees are also incurred during the luxury tours. The parks in Tanzania are charged park different park fees in the high season and the low season and the entrance fee also varies for children and adults.

Luxury tours in Tanzania
Birding in Tanzania

Luxury lodges in Tanzania

There are many luxury accommodations found in Tanzania and during safaris, you can stay in lodges inside the parks or outside the parks in the neighboring towns. Lodges inside the parks tend to be more costly as compared to the lodges outside the parks.

In Serengeti national park, luxury lodges include Serengeti Serena safari lodge, Sanctuary Kichakani camp, Singita Sasakwa lodge, Melia Serengeti lodge, Four seasons safari lodge, Kiota camp and many others which are found across the north, south, central and western parts of Serengeti.

When taking part in a luxury safari in Tarangire national park, some of the luxury lodges where you can stay include Tarangire Sopa lodge, Tarangire Simba lodge, Tarangire treetops lodge, Oliver’s tented camp, Swala camp, Kuro Tarangire lodge among others.

Luxury lodges found in Ruaha national park include Ruaha river lodge, Kwihala camp, Kichaka camp, and many others.

Activities carried out during luxury tours in Tanzania

During luxury tours in Tanzania, there are different activities to take part in when visiting the destinations in Tanzania and they include;

Game drives when visiting Tanzania’s parks can be done in the morning, afternoon or evening and also in the night in some destinations. 4×4 safari vehicles are used during these game drives which can also take a full day.

Nature walks or walking safaris are also done during luxury tours in Tanzania and with the help of a ranger guide, you get closer to the nature in the parks while following the trails which are different from the usual routes followed during game drives in the national parks.

Hikes can also be carried out in Tanzania and some of the famous hiking destinations include Mount Kilimanjaro and also Mount Meru. Different routes are used for these hikes and the duration of the hikes also varies depending on the route used for hiking.

Luxury tours in Tanzania
Cultural Tours

Cultural tours in Tanzania are also part of the luxury tour experience which gives you more insight on the different cultures in Tanzania and their cultural practices like way of dressing, food preparation methods, marriage and courtship, traditional dances, traditional homesteads, local arts and crafts among other things.

Beach holidays can also be carried out during luxury tours in Tanzania in destinations like Zanzibar island which is found off the East African coast. There is a lot to do when in Zanzibar including visiting the historic Stone town, beach walks, snorkeling, diving, swimming, kite surfing, boat rides, visiting Changuu island or Prison island, tasting the local foods on the island, visiting the Spice farms and so much more.

During luxury tours in Tanzania, you can access the different destinations by driving or also domestic flights.

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