Lions King Bush Camp

Lions King Bush Camp is a mid-range accommodation found in found inside Samburu national park just 4km from its center , on its south eastern part and on the banks of ewaso nyiro river in Kenya country. The camp  is in the wilderness  where one can explore variety of animals. One can be at the camp by road transport which takes approximately   5-6  hours drive   from Nairobi city  to the park and air  transport it takes  an hour flying from Nairobi to the close kalama/ oryx airstrip  then  few minutes’ drive from  kalama  airstrip to the  camp . The camp is business friendly and convenient to guest that want to explore samburu national park with the beautiful view of the Ewaso river, wildlife visiting the camp especially elephants and surrounding areas.

Lions King Bush Camp

Lions’ king bush  camp consists of 6  spacious and comfortable  with the view of the river that reflects African traditional building style with natural materials and constructed with  stones  and grass thatched roofs . Rooms are well  elevated with raised platform and furnished with high standard private en- suite facilities like, flushing toilets, separate  hot and cold showers, wrapped  mosquito nets , free bottled water , flat screen TVs’, sitting areas, verandas and balconies overlooking River Ewaso Nyiro , landscape and surrounding areas. Rooms are well equipped with comfortable and excellent beds with clean beddings varying depending on singles, doubles, twins, triple rooms with different costs ranging from 150$ per night and above but during high/peak season rate goes slightly high than in low season .  There are campfires at the camp that provides warmth to the lodge during cold nights.

Lions’ king bush camp offers  more different services and facilities that includes;  A restaurant that serves  delicious food   both local and international meals that meets guests appetite  ; Continental  breakfast in the bush   , picnic lunch and   dinner in the main building facing the river and elephant meandering along the banks of the river ,  served by well trained  and welcoming staff  ,they also serve Bush dinners,  Breakfast  as you enjoy  the morning sunrise , 

A well-stocked bar with  variety of refreshments both hard and soft like  local ,cocktail  , wines, spirits and international beers , you relax   as you sipping cocktail    while overlooking  the spectacular view of  Ewaso Nyiro  river , wild beast especially elephant  meandering along the river  and  surrounding areas ,  Free parking space available, Laundry services available, Free bottled water  , free  pick- ups and drops , WIFI available at the lodge that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends etc.  , Excellent and comfortable beddings, Craft shop available at the lodge with more African style gifts like shoes, safari essentials, clothes etc. 

Samburu  national  park is among the less known parks and smallest park found in the northern part near  Ewaso Ng’iro river in Kenya in Samburu country .The park occupies the total area of 165square kilometers  and 345 km from Nairobi.   Samburu country is found in the former rift valley of Kenya.  The park is the home of various animals over  200 mammals like; Giraffes, Buffaloes , Elephants , Big cats,  leopards, lions , zebras Warthogs , olive baboons  etc.  and  390 species of birds  which include; Sun birds , bee –eaters ,  sunbirds, Tawny Eagles , Grey headed kingfisher , Yellow-billed hornbill and many more birds. There are more accommodations to stay in while in  samburu national park; budget, Mid range (moderate) and luxury accommodations which are friendly and affordable  to visitors visiting the park. Samburu are sub tribe of the masaai , they are Nilotic people of North –central Kenya. They are semi-nomadic pastoralists with herds of cattle, goat, sheep and camel.   There are different activities to do while in Samburu  national park include;  Game drive ,you spot various animals  in the park and around the lodge like; lion , elephants , Buffaloes and many others, bird watching since the park has many different bird species,  cultural experience from the local samburu tribe like Traditional dance and food, Nature walks in the park , Big cat tracking , mountain biking and climbing , Camel back safaris  and many more activities.

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