Know The Difference Between Game Reserve And National Park : Game Reserve : This is one of the categories or types of areas where wild animals are kept or resided for commercial and tourism purposes. Game reserve include all areas that are protected and reserved by the authority responsible for special purposes. Usually, game reserves are kept and protected for conservation purposes. The permission for keeping wild animals are obtained from the authority concerned with wildlife which is TAWMA (Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority). Game reserves are responsible for keeping both the consumptive as well as non – consumptive animals. The utilization of these wildlife is obtained after a special consultation with the authority concerned which is TAWMA.

Tarangire national park or Lake Manyara safari

Game reserves is one of the special reserved and large areas where the wild animals are kept safely so that they can be living at the same time reproducing. Game reserves are existing for the purpose of safeguarding wildlife and providing a special secured environment for their survival and thriving away from various enemies such as the hunters, poachers as well as other intruders.

Again, game reserves offer a lot of services such as sighting over various wildlife species such as animals as well as birds. They also offer terrains and other related experiences that are normally difficult to experience while in national parks.

Most of the game reserves are kept special for not allowing hunting activities while some few (the chosen ones ) allows hunting, but with special procedures to follow.

A game reserve is also known as a wildlife preservation area or a game park. This includes a large area of land whereby wildlife can live safely and or being hunted in a special and controlled manner for sporting. A game reserve is a special large protected area which are reserved purposely for supping wild animal’s habitats and reproduction.

A part from sighting various animal and bird species, game reserve also offers a lot of services such as spending night game driving to spot nocturnal animal species, horseback riding and walking safaris which are guided specially for tracking animals on foot.

A game reserve is the only area where animals are living in a safe environment without being unduly disturbed by various enemies such as the hunters, poachers or any other forms of intruders.

National Park

There refers to the areas that are set aside and preserved by the national government authority purposely for preserving and conserving the natural environment. National parks may also be set aside for other purposes such as enjoyment and recreation purposes. This can highly be influenced by its scientific or historical interests. Most of the wildlife species as well as various plant species are kept and preserved on their natural environment.

National parks are under a certain special authority which is governed by a set of rules, laws and regulations that everyone need to abide to those laws, rules and regulations. For example, national parks in Tanzania are under the authority of TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks Authority).

Also, national parks are kept for preserving the landscape as well as their accompanying animals and plants in their natural habitats, without moving them from their natural environment.

Know The Difference Between Game Reserve And National Park

National parks are also responsible for protecting the natural environment from all symptoms and kinds of threats such as clearing land, pollution, mining, logging, invasive species and growth of cities popularly known as the urban development.

This is also one of the best parts for protection and provision of safety haven especially for the threatened native and indigenous species.  They are also responsible for keeping corridors for wildlife and maintenance of essential and important biodiversity.

There is a quite distinction between game reserves and national parks but with great effects on someone’s experience. The difference between game reserves and national parks lies on the following factors;

Ownership; all national parks especially in Tanzania are owned by the government authorities which are mandatory in dealing with wild animals. For example, in Tanzania national parks are under Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) the special authority that is dealing with animals and other related areas kept for preservations of the nature. This is a bit different from game reserves where there is private ownership of the games whereby by some of these games are owned by lodges whereby these games resides on them.

Difference in general operational proceedings; there is also difference among workers and general operation in national parks and game reserves. In national parks, there are various tour guides who are special for guiding the visitors in sighting various species such as animal species as well as bird species. While in game reserves, the workers are the game rangers who are participating actively in conservation activities and game management. The game rangers are also responsible in working throughout a reserve for ensuring enforcement of rules and instructions. They are also responsible in ensuring that animals are highly protected and the habitats are secured.

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