The Kigosi game reserve is located on the western part of Tanzania, in Shinyanga region and extends to Tabora region. The Kigosi game reserve is largest east Africa reserve area with the largest floodplains and wetland ecosystem it covers the total area of 8265 square kilometers.  its one of the game reserves that are not famous for commercial tourism activities hence, its normally less crowed like most of the national parks found in Tanzania.

The Kigosi game reserve can be accessed through the road using the four-wheel car, and also it can be accessed through the air through the commercial flights to Kigoma or Mwanza from Dar es Salaam.

Best time to visit the Kigosi game reserve

The perfect time for different tourism activities to take place in this game reserve is normally in the dry season which is in the month of June to September. At these times of the year, the vegetation cover is lower which gives the great opportunity for the game viewers to have the spectacular scenery of different wild animals and they can be easily located too as they surround the source of water. The dry season is also the perfect time for different bird watching activities, the clear sceneries of the birds can only be attained in this season.

Tourist attractions found in this game reserve.

The wild animals of Kigosi game reserve– It is the home of different wild animals such as Lion, leopard, buffalo, crocodile, topi, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, sitatunga, warthog, baboon, zebra, sable, roan, eland, bushbuck, oribi, common and Bohor reedbuck, hyena, hippo, and Defassa waterbuck.  The access of water through the year and the assurance of green grasses, is the main reason that this game reserve is habited by many different wild animals.

The flood plains of Kigosi game reserve– the flood plain of this game reserve is one of the important attractions found in this area that you have to explore. The flood plains and the wetland of this game reserve is the main place for breeding of the animals such as the wildebeest.

The Birds of Kigosi game reserve- this a paradise for different bird species, while its the home for the rare bird species such as shoebill stork, wattled crane, and Pel’s fishing owl.  The swamps nature of this area makes it a right habitat for different colorful bird species.

Activities to do while in Kigosi game reserve.

Kigosi Game Reserve
Kigosi Game Reserve

Bird watching activities- most of the birds are found in the southern part of this game reserve, and around the swampy areas, and most of the bird species found here are the water birds.

Game viewing activity- the Tanzania game viewing activity takes place in this game reserve where the sites of different animals cannot be missed and its best done in the dry season, where most of the animals can be easily located and viewed.

Hunting- this activity can also take place in this national park with permission. You must have permission so that you can be allowed to hunt.

Entry fee for the Kigosi game reserve- the entry fee for children below the age of 5 is free while for the adult is 20 USD per day.


 There are no accommodations, camping can be arranged but with permission from the park while accommodation can be accessed from the nearby hotels and lodges that are found near the game reserve or on accommodations that are found in the adjoint of the Moyowosi game reserve. This is a place where you can enjoy camping, only upon receiving all the necessary camping permits from the respective camp authorities.

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