Importance of wildlife to Tanzanians and Africans  : There is no doubt that wildlife is of great impacts positively. Despite the fact that most people may not be able to witness directly the significances of wildlife due to various reasons such as lack of education and awareness, but it does not mean that they are not valuable. There are various significances that is why the government and other various domestic and international organizations strives to ensure effective and efficient protection of the wildlife habitats. The following are some of the positive impacts and significances of wildlife to our country and the world at large.

For economic purposes; Tanzania wildlife are of great significance since they can be used for economic purposes. This may be done by the government by deciding to sell some of the animals in order to expand government’s ability to provide social services to the society. The government can sell some of valuable wildlife species such as elephants, rhinoceros and others in order to construct infrastructures such as construction of roads and railways, schools, hospitals and other important infrastructures. The act of selling some animal species for various purposes by the government is called culling.

Wildlife is used in producing nutrients to human being; originally, everything that human being take in as a food comes either from animals or plants despite the fact that human being do not eat as much wildlife as they used to since nowadays the supply of food chain has become very industrial. Various mammals such as animals and food crops were at the same point as wildlife sometime despite the fact that most people (if not all) still depend on wildlife as their food as well. In fact, without the presence of various food resources and sources our nutrition could be of great suffering. Provision of protection to natural habitats as well as wildlife strengthens provides food security around the globe. Also, human being can improve their nutrition by turning to most food sources that comes from wildlife and diversify their diets.

Medical treatments comes from wildlife; human always turn to nature for seeking medical treatments whenever uncertainties happen. Various systems of medicines such as the traditional medicines of China are still relying on spices, traditional herbs and some other more medicines. In fact, even various pharmaceuticals could not be present today without the existence of wildlife. For instance, medicines such as aspirins, morphine and penicillin are said to be derived from various wild plants. Even today, various researchers and scientists are seeking the cures for various diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer and COVID-19 by turning to the nature.

Wildlife help in maintaining the balance in an ecosystem; living organisms are connected to each other. When it happens that even a single living thing is removed by threatened or becoming extinct, it may poses great effect in the entire system known as ecosystem. They may interfere and disrupts the food chain and posing shockwaves that are not friendly to the environment. So, whenever a single organism is threatened or become extinct, the entire system in the ecosystem become threatened and is interfered. So, for an ecosystem to continue thriving, all wildlife must be preserved and protected.

Importance of wildlife to Tanzanians and Africans
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Wildlife enrich the biodiversity; biodiversity refers to the total number of various species of organisms in an ecosystem. We cannot discuss about wildlife without coming across the concept of biodiversity. The healthy ecosystem is said to have a lot of biodiversity. The presence of greater number of wildlife means richness in biodiversity. In order to enrich our biodiversity we should join our efforts to ensure the great protection and preservation of wildlife.

Wildlife life is also significant is peoples livelihoods; wildlife is the main source of income to most of people. The researchers and scientists proves through the World Economic Forum that almost more than half of populations in the world are tied to the nature. It is said that more than 1.6 billion of people in the Global South are tied to forests for their livelihoods. Global statistics shows that three quarter of all the employments and job opportunities depends on various water sources. As various species of wildlife including their habitats shrinks, most of job opportunities are lost.

Wildlife also is tied to cultural significance; nobody can ignore the impacts that are posed by wildlife in the cultural contexts. Things like food and religious beliefs are tied with the presence of various animal and plant species that exist since ever. In fact, these things (religious beliefs and food) are greatly influenced by the presence of animals and plants that are available among the indigenous. They have great influences especially in various religious ceremonies. To some religious believers such as the Hindu, animals like cows and elephants are the great religious and sacred symbols. So, in the struggles of keeping cultural and traditional values alive, wildlife should also be highly preserved and protected, Importance of wildlife to Tanzanians and Africans .

It is important for tourism activities that brings about economic significances; various preserved natural habitats and conservation areas are used as attractive factors for visitors and tourists from the entire globe. Various wildlife species acts as the main source of tourism activities for various places. In fact, tourism activities are very valuable and important as they contribute about 10% of the total worlds GDP. Various countries in the world such as Kenya, Brazil, Australia, Tanzania, and some more others are great beneficiaries of tourism activities as one of the great source of their incomes. It is with no doubt that without tourism sector, the economy of most countries would have been suffered consequently.

Protection of wildlife provides job opportunities; preservation of wildlife creates more employment and job opportunities. A lot of people are employed in conservation areas such as national parks and other natural protective areas for wildlife habitats. Various conservation project creates more jobs to various people including the professionals. This leads to the increase in the income of the community and the nation at large. According to various scientific researches, various people including youth have been employed in the conservation areas in the world. This have also impacted greatly to the expansion of more sustainable and productive economies, Importance of wildlife to Tanzanians and Africans .

Wildlife is good for mental health; being around the natural environments such as wildlife is always good for mental purposes.  Various evidences have proved that nature including wildlife can act as the cure towards mental health crisis that faced many people in the world. People who are living around wildlife and natural environments are said to be more active as compared to other who have never exposed to such kind of environment. They are believed to be active both healthier physically and strong emotionally. Taking walks to natural environments and wildlife habitats can also act as the treatment for stress relieving and may help someone to feel better. So, we are highly encouraged to protect wildlife and their habitats for our own sake mentally stronger and physically healthier.

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