How much to tip on safari in Tanzania

How much to tip on safari in Tanzania  : Tipping is a form of appreciation that you give to a service provider and this practice is done across different destinations in Tanzania.

Many tourists visiting Tanzania on their safaris ask about how much to give as tips and gratuities during their safaris. Tips are usually given in cash form and can be in Tanzania shillings or in US dollars which are the forms of currency that can be used during a safari in Tanzania.

Tipping during your Tanzania safari is not mandatory but is highly recommended for the service providers. The amount of tips given depends on the service you receive during your safari in a way that when you receive quality services, you offer high tips and for poor quality services you offer low tips.

Some of the people who you can offer tip to during your Tanzania safari include cooks, cleaners, drivers, waiters and waitresses, guides, porters among others. These people interact with your during most of your safari and are there to ensure that your safari is a success.

The staff who offers you services during your safari in Tanzania ensure your safety, comfort and health and tips are a form of thanking these service providers.

As much as tipping is important during your safari in Tanzania, it is recommended that you avoid flaunting your money. Also remember to have money in small bills which you can use for tips for the different services you receive during the safari.

Tourists from some parts of the world are used to the tipping culture and they offer tips after receiving services. However, tourists from some parts of the world are unsure of the amount to give as tips and also when to offer tips.

Tipping is also not done by every tourist during their safari around the destinations of Tanzania. The amount which is recommended for tips during safaris ranges between $5 to $15 dollars per day or more depending on the services you receive.

Tour operators who help you plan for your safari in Tanzania can also provide you with information about tipping and the amount you can offers as tips to different people who offer services to you during your safari.

Some of the recommendations of what you can do to keep up with tips you are giving out during your safari include keeping tips separate from the money for other expenses during the safari, having extra cash at all times and also using one currency when tipping such as US dollars.

During your safari in Tanzania, you can choose to give tips at the end of your safari or at the end of every successful day of your safari. Tips are also given after receiving a service for example tipping a ranger guide after your walking safari around a national park.

How much to tip on safari in Tanzania
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Tips can also be given to the management in the case of those service providers who work in lodges or accommodations at the destinations you visit during your safari in Tanzania for example at the end of a 3 nights stay at a lodge, you can give the tips to the management of the lodge to share to the different individuals who offered you services during your stay at the lodge.

For guides, you can give them tips at the end of your safari and hand them the tip after you have reached your drop off point at the end of your safari and this can be at the airport or your hotel where you will stay after the safari is completed.

Another factor to remember is that a tip is an appreciation therefore no matter the amount you are giving out as a tip; you should not feel bad for giving a small amount as a tip. It is also important to consider your budget and not to go into extra expenses in trying to give a good tip for a service provider during your safari in Tanzania.

Some of the lodges which have credit card machines also give an option of adding a tip to your bill and this is charged on your credit card at the end of your satay at the lodge. This however is not suitable for all lodges since credit card machines are found in some of the lodges and not all of them.

You can also decide to directly give the tip to someone who has offered a service to you during the safari such as tipping the waitress who has served you dinner or lunch or breakfast at the lodge. this form of tipping is common and also shows your gratitude for a service you have received which in a way improves on the quality of service the said person offers to other clients during their Tanzania wildlife safaris.

As much as tipping is a good practice, also avoid walking around with large bills of money during your safari as this exposes you to theft which although is not a common practice around lodges as staff are trained and professional, you may misplace the money and this causes a lot of issues among the staff at the lodge when trying to find the lost money.

A thank you is also a good way to appreciate someone who has offered you their services during your safari in Tanzania as this shows how grateful you are for what has been done for you and it is also a form of courtesy and even if you don’t give a tip, thanking someone can go a long way and change someone’s day.

If you are on a group safari in Tanzania, you can also give tips as a group to the people who have offered you their services during the safari. The tips given to staff such as cleaners, cooks, porter, butlers, chefs and waiters among others helps to supplement the incomes which they receive as salary.

Visit Tanzania and explore various destinations across the country as you interact with various cultures and enjoy unforgettable wildlife safaris.

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