Facts About Wildlife Safaris : Planning for a safari to Tanzania will give you a chance to visit its endless wonders. With countless wonders on its ever beautiful wildlife, Tanzania itself is home to all kinds of flora and faunas. This ranges from the unique ones to the ordinary ones, big to small, and the complex ones to the simple ones. Speaking of wild animals, Tanzania has some amazing lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, just to mention a few of them. Each of them has its own role in the rich ecology of Tanzania. Below are a few facts to note about Tanzanian wildlife.
What are some facts about wildlife?

Also, wild animals are having their exceptional ways of life that sometimes may wonder the world. These are so called wildlife facts. Some of them are;

The only mammal that is capable of flighting is the bat, female mosquitoes scientifically well – known as anopheles are the only mosquitoes that bites. Male mosquitoes does not bite, the only birds that can fly backwards are the hummingbirds, starfish are not having brains, and the fact that crocodiles does not sick their tongues out. These are just some of few facts about wildlife that can held in motivation and encouraging visitors and tourists to visit various tourist’s attractions.

What are the threats to wildlife?

There are various threats that can be seen as catastrophes to wildlife. These threats can be analyzed as follows;

Loss of habitat; loss of habitat takes place when the habitat of wild animals is destructed, fragmented or degraded due to various factors such as due to human activities for example clearing of forests for agricultural activities. Also, wildlife habitats can be disturbed as a result of climactic factors such as desert, shortage of rainfall and so on. So, loss of habitat is one of the greatest threat to wildlife.

Diseases; this is also one of the threats to wildlife since when wildlife gets invaded with diseases it become difficult to treat and cure on their own rather than depending from human. So, when wild animals are faced with diseases they are likely to be threatened since it is difficult to heal themselves.

Invasive species; sometimes wild animals are faced by various invasive activities that leads to the terrifying of their presence. For example, when they are invaded by poachers, hunters and other exploitative and destructive activities such as deforestations, overexploitation and so on usually terrifies wild animal’s survival.

What are the threats to biodiversity?

A part from wildlife, biodiversity is also having some threats. These threats can affect lives of wild animals in one or the other way. These threats includes the following; climatic change that can affect wild animals and led to unnecessary migrations. Change of habitats, human related activities such as over exploitation, over cultivation and deforestation can also led to the destruction of the biodiversity. Also, invasive alien species, pollution and nutrient loading are other factors that can led t the destruction or loss of biodiversity.

What is the major role of wild life defenders?

Wildlife defenders are dedicated in playing a significant and important role in protecting various species of native animals as well as plants from various threats in their natural environment. Wildlife defenders are duly capable of fighting against any other factor that happen to be a threat to wildlife such as the poachers, hunters and any other threats. They are capable of making sure that the natural habitats of both animal and bird’s species are safe.

Facts About Wildlife Safaris
Game drive in Tarangire National Park

Also, the wildlife defenders are obliged to abide to some set of duties like restoring the health of all the vulnerable species of both animals, birds as well as plants and their habitats. Prevention of species of animals and birds from becoming imperiled.

How much is the price to visit wildlife?

This is also one among the questions that are likely to cling on the minds of many visitors and tourist. In fact, the prices for visiting wildlife differ from one place to another. It depend on whether it is in a national park, game reserve, island and any other place that appear to be a case sensitive in enjoyment and recreational activities. For example, the price for visiting Mahale national park is quite different from the price of visiting Serengeti national park or Ngorongoro crater . The best way to determine the price of a particular place whether to google on their website and explore their prices or by emailing them directly to see their costs.

For wildlife enthusiasts and explorers, there is nothing more rewarding than a safari to Tanzania which avails myriad opportunities to witness these majestic animals in their natural habitats. From giraffes munching on grass far away to a lion at its best hunting, Tanzania’s wildlife gives the most exciting moment with nature ever experienced. Be captured by Tanzania’s wild life unmasked only for your senses and get thrilled. The wild grows nearer with every tick-tock of time!

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