Facts about Tanzania Country : Tanzania is among the countries that are found in East Africa. When visiting Tanzania, there is a lot to experience and take part in across the destinations found across the country.

The country is mostly famous for the wildlife viewing that is carried out across the many safari destination sin the north, south, west and central parts of Tanzania. These national parks have varied landscapes and many wildlife species can be seen and photography around the parks is also amazing.

During Tanzania safaris some of the attractions which can be seen include the big five, the wildebeest migration and so much more. Some of the facts to know before visiting Tanzania include the following;

Tanzania has many national parks

When visiting Tanzania for wildlife safaris, there are many destinations to choose from and these are found in the northern, central, west and southern parts of Tanzania.

The northern part of the country is famous for Tanzania safaris and destinations found in this part of the country include Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park and also Arusha national park.

other national parks found in Tanzania include Ruaha national park, Nyerere national park, Mahale national park, Gombe national park, Katavi national park, Kitulo national park, Saanane island national park, Burigi-Chato national park, Rubondo national park, Kigosi national park, Mkomazi national park and many others.

Facts about Tanzania Country
Ruaha National Park

Depending on the activities which you will carry out during your safari to Tanzania, the cost of the safari can be high or low. The types of safaris done in Tanzania can be group safaris and also private safaris.

The tallest mountain in Africa is found in Tanzania

The highest mountain in Africa is also found in Tanzania and it is called Mount Kilimanjaro that is found in the northern part of Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a snow capped mountain and it is also among the seven summits of the world at an altitude of 5895 meters. Different routes are used for hiking on the mountain throughout the year and these routes include Marangu, Machame, Lemosho, Shira, Rongai, Umbwe route.

Great wildebeest migration takes place in Tanzania

Tanzania is also known for the great wildebeest migration which takes place in Serengeti national park.

Over 2 million wildebeests can be spotted during the wildebeest migration in Tanzania which takes place during different months of the year including the months of July and august known for the river crossings along the Mara river in the northern part of Tanzania, this migration also takes place in the Ndutu area around January to March which is a time of the calving season. in the central part of Serengeti national park, the migration can be seen around April and May.

The wildebeest migration takes place also in Masai Mara reserve in Kenya.

The second largest lake in Africa is found in Tanzania

Tanzania also has the largest lake Africa which is Lake Tanganyika which is also the second deepest lake in the world and the lake is shared by Tanzania, Democratic republic of Congo, Burundi and Zambia thus Facts about Tanzania Country.

Swahili is the commonly spoken language in Tanzania

When visiting Tanzania, you will notice that many of the locals speak the Swahili language and some tourists also speak Swahili.

Swahili is also the national language of Tanzania and it will be a great advantage to know a few of the words in Swahili before your safari to Tanzania. English is also spoken in Tanzania.

Tanzania has delicious cuisine

Tanzania due to its cultural diversity has many delicious cuisines to taste during a safari around the country.

The many spices grown around the country are used to prepare these local cuisines and international dishes are also prepared by the locals. When visiting Zanzibar island in Tanzania, you can also visit the spice farms and get to know how the spices are grown and also get a taste of local foods prepared using the spices.

Facts about Tanzania Country
Zanzibar Island

You can also take part in a tour where you can learn how to prepare the local dishes of various tribes around Tanzania.

Many tribes found in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country with over 3000 tribes and some of the tribes in Tanzania include the Maasai tribe, the Datoga, the hadzabe, the Chagga, the Sukuma, the Sonjo, Irawq tribe and many others.

Many tourists visiting Tanzania for safaris also desire to interact with the locals around the country and get to know more about their life and culture and also experience their way of life and enjoy traditional dances among others experiences, Facts about Tanzania Country.

The Maasai are among the tribes which tourists visit Tanzania to see and interact with due to their unique culture and nomadic way of life.

Tanzania is the biggest East African country

Another interesting fact about Tanzania is that it is the biggest country in East Africa and it is bordered by Uganda and Kenya to the north, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia to the south and Democratic republic of Congo to the west.

Tanzania is also bordered by the Indian ocean to the east and there are also islands like Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.

Tanzania has beautiful beaches in the coastal area

The coastal areas of Tanzania are also exciting to visit for safaris and they include the popular tropical island of Zanzibar which is a holiday destination known for its white sand beaches.

Facts about Tanzania Country
Zanzibar Safaris

Zanzibar island is a destination with a rich history and a number of attractions to visit including beaches found across the island. There are many activities to do when visiting Zanzibar and they include snorkeling, diving swimming, boat rides and also tours carried out in places like Stone town.

Tanzania currency is Tanzania shillings

When visiting Tanzania, the currency which is used in the country is Tanzania shillings. However, US dollars are also used for transactions around the country and some places also accept credit card payments, Facts about Tanzania Country.

There is so much more to experience during a safari in Tanzania from the national parks to the mountain and also the beautiful coastal region.

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