Extra Ordinary Places to visit in Tanzania : Tanzania is a country that is found in East Africa that is bordered with Uganda and Kenya in North, in South it is bordered with Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, in west is boarded with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi and in Eastern part it is boarded with Indian Ocean. The United Republic of Tanzania covers an area of 947303-kilometer squares. It is one of the most attractive and beautiful countries to visit since it has almost all tourist attractions such as national parks which has many animal species, attractive vegetation, good climatic condition and attractive geographical features. Here are the most recommended places to visit in Tanzania;

Serengeti national park;

This is worldwide well-known national park with world cultural heritage recognized by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO Heritage) and ranges 7th worldwide wonder status. Actually, Serengeti national park is the oldest national park in the country which has been a destiny of many tourists from various parts of the world. It is said to be established since 1959 (two years before independence).

Extra Ordinary Places to visit in Tanzania
wildebeest Migration

The park has an exciting world known phenomena of annual wildlife migration where the thunderous clatter of hooves of more than a million wildebeest and several thousand zebras can be seen and once. This can no longer be experienced in every national park or reserve. It is just for some few and exceptional national parks like this one. Also, in Serengeti is where you can see the big five animal creatures easily than any other parks. When you are at Serengeti national park you will be offered accommodation of variety ranging from camping to luxury safari lodge that are quietly affordable and their prices are very affordable. This is among very few places to visit in the country, east Africa, Africa and even in the world. This is just because of its uniqueness and peculiarity. Serengeti national park is very exceptional national park in the globe. Be inspired to visit it and for really you can not regret having a visit on this marvelous and wonderful natural heritage, Extra Ordinary Places to visit in Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro;

It is the highest mountain in Africa with 5895 meters high. Mountain Kilimanjaro is located in the northern part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Mountain Kilimanjaro is also recognized as the world cultural heritage site by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO). It has dormant volcanic cones commonly known as kibo, Mawenzi and shira. They are found at 19336 ft hence are recognized as the tallest climbable peak in the country, east Africa, Africa and the world at large. The Kilimanjaro Mountain is said to be best to be climbed at any time although June to October is a best season since is a dry season, hence most people prefer to visit the mountain in this particular season. Also, Mount Kilimanjaro is the beautiful and attractive place where you will travel through many diverse levels of flora and fauna where you will be able to see agriculture fields at the base, then rainforest where it is home of many wild animals such as buffaloes, leopards, monkeys, elephants and elands. In the fresh meadow where it is a home of beautiful birds. Then you will reach the desert and finally snow when you reach the top of the mountain.

Ruaha national park;

Ruaha national park is the largest national park in east Africa. It is found in the middle of the United Republic of Tanzania, an independent country. It is a beautiful place with its scenery, vast landscapes filled with rocky escarpment, baobab trees speeded almost in the Whole Park, stud hills and it is the home of wild life including lions, elephants, wild dogs, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, jackals, zebras, and huge heard buffalo. Also, there are some other animal species which you can see once you visit this place. Ruaha national park is one of the very cheap and affordable places to visit since it does not cost too much, Extra Ordinary Places to visit in Tanzania. This is because it is located in the middle of the country regions of the country where visitors from every corner of the country can easily afford to get there. Also, it is very simple for international tourists and other foreign visitors to visit it by using planes. This is because its geographical location is not complicated as compared to some other national reserves and parks in the country.

Extra Ordinary Places to visit in Tanzania
Ruaha National Park

Ngorongoro crater national park;

This is the world well-known largest intact volcanic caldera which was created two million years ago by explosion of large volcano and collapsed on itself many years ago. It was recognized worldwide as one of the world cultural heritage sites. It is the only place in the world where it is a home of highest density of large game in Africa where human being are living together in the same place. The Ngorongoro crater national park also consists the big five including the small population of very scary black rhino which is not easy to be found in any other place in the world. This uniqueness makes Ngorongoro crater to be so special, beautiful and attractive national reserve and park in the country, continent and the entire globe. Both domestic and international visitors can not regret having a visit to this exceptional place and world cultural heritage. The costs for visiting Ngorongoro crater are also very affordable. There is attractive, conducive and beautiful accommodations. Full of restaurants for various types of food including the cultural food from the local tribes, Extra Ordinary Places to visit in Tanzania.

Manyara national park;

This is one of the extra ordinary places to visit in the country. It is one the few national parks with beautiful forests, woodlands, grasslands and seasonal swamps. There are more than thousands of flamingos hosted in lake Manyara national park which forms of two —third of the bird species of the entire park. Also, in certain time of the year there are diverse bird life. Manyara national park is the home of various animal species including larger population of elephants, tree climbing lions, and hippos. This park is also world well known for being home of largest concentration of baboons. Also, you will enjoy tourist activities like wild drive, canoeing, mountain bike tours, and bird watching. The presence of tree climbing lions makes it one of the wonderful places that people must not hesitate to visit them. These lions are said to be present only in this park as compared to many other places in Africa. People are coming from across the world for the purpose of visiting this interesting place. The presence of Maa speaking people is also one of the serious attractive forces for visitors to visit the place. The Maasai are very strong with their cultural traditions that acts interesting to every one who is not an indigenous of that particular place.

Tarangire national park;

This is one of the national parks in the country which are very famous parks for having highest concentrations of migratory wildlife such as the wildebeest, zebra, buffalos, impalas, gazelles, hartebeests, and elands crowd the lagoons. Also, the Tarangire national park has large population of elephants as well as baobab trees that normally beautify the grassland landscape. Again, Tarangire is an excellent place for bird watching where almost about three hundred species including buzzard, vulture, herons, storks, kites, falcons and eagles are found in the place. Tarangire is also exceptional national park in the country for it is the only place where people with various animal and bird species are living together. The best season to visit Tarangire national park is during dry season that commences on July to September of every year, Extra Ordinary Places to visit in Tanzania.

Zanzibar islands;

An island found in Indian Ocean which located in coast of Tanzania at eastern part of the country. Zanzibar Island is the largest one and it includes cluster of smaller islands like Pemba, Mafia, Unguja. It is a beautiful place to visit since it has gorgeous white sandy beach and a recognized world heritage. Your visit in Zanzibar will make colorful experience since you will enjoy to see the place of exiting history of sultan and sultan palace, traditional architecture of the main city, many relaxing beaches, soft white sand, clear shallow water, also you will enjoy to visit the historical city of stone town.

Extra Ordinary Places to visit in Tanzania
Stone Town

Olduvai Gorge;

Also, this is one of largest country’s cultural heritage for its unique features. Olduvai Gorge is an interesting place to visit in Tanzania since it is important archeological site located on a series of fault lines where the ancient skull and bone fragments that used to prove critical information about early mankind; which was discovered by Germany professor Leakey in 1911. Also, bones and hunting tools discovered that were approximately almost about two million years old. Apart from it there is famous footprints of man, woman and child at Laetoli, near Olduvai. these together are used to prove the theory of evolution of man and the existence of at least three hominid species were in this region over two million years ago.

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