Exploring chato, a new destination for modern tourism : For a great safari in Tanzania the minimum to spend here is three days, you have the amazing safari and experience the true wildness and the beauty that Mother Nature offers.  The three days in Tanzania can be spent while in various national parks or at the beautiful beaches across Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. Explore the nature by visiting the northern part of Tanzania as it is blessed with abundant while life and the most amazing sceneries.  The northern part of Tanzania offers the icon and unique experience of the true African Safari as it comprises of several national parks such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park as well as the Arusha national park. Chato region is among the fascinating destinations where one can go and enjoy his or her dream safari.  At Chato we can find two main tourists attractions, which are Burigi Game Reserve and Burigi Chato national park, which includes a number of features in them. Below is a quick highlight on the best safari experience out of Chato region at Tanzania.

Burigi Game Reserve

Burigi is the third-largest Game Reserve in Tanzania wildlife Safaris. It has about four thousand, seven hundred and seven square kilometers (4,707 square kilometers). Among the touristic activities in Burigi Game Reserve are, Game viewing, Fishing, and Trekking. Most importantly, Bugiri Game Reserve is best for a honeymoon safari (couples get quality time to explore the wildlife), a photographic safari, a game drive safari, and a cultural safari in local areas.

The Reserve is rich in Natural Vegetation, which includes tall grasslands, wooded savannah (Miombo), and green forests. Other attractions related to natural vegetation include open plains, long hills, rocks, escarpments, flood plains, and deep-set valleys. Also, there are various species of flowers with attractive colors decorating the vegetation of those forests. The animals found in this Reserve which are the main attraction, include elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, antelopes, eland, warthog, waterbucks, wildebeests, leopards, cheetah, hyenas, lions, chimpanzees, Gorillas, and many other species regularly sported. In addition, some other animals and creatures live in water, including fish, crocodiles, hippos, and pythons. The variety of birds in Bugiri Reserve includes Saddles, Martial eagle, Sacred ibis, billed stork, Arabian bird, hawk, the eagle, the kanga, ducks, fish eagles, papyrus jailed, and bizarre shoebill stork, and many other species.

Burigi Chato National Park

Moreover, there is cultural tourism of various natural foods, traditional dances for the tribes surrounding the Park, handicrafts operated by the villages and communities surrounding the Park, living culture, walking tours, and motoring tourism during night and day, Exploring chato, a new destination for modern tourism

Burigi Chato is covered by an enormous stretch of ecosystem encompassing freshwater lakes, long hills and rocky crags along escarpments, deeply set valleys lined with forest, open plains, swamps, rivers, and flood plains. All these are found on the western part of Burigi Chato National Park. This park is also blessed with grassland cover, which includes medium and tall grass wooded savanna – mostly Combretum and Terminalia known as Miombo.

 Another key attraction in this National Park is the lakes present in the park, with Lake Burigi being the third largest lake in Tanzania. It is a long lake with a number of islands, inlets, and bays along its length, some of which are swampy and are home to the rare antelope specie, and possibly also the even rarer shoebill stork. All the lakes lie along winding valleys lined with trees and occasional palms.

Exploring chato, a new destination for modern tourism
Exploring chato, a new destination for modern tourism

Burigi National Park is not only blessed with Lakes, but also a river which is the best destination of an adventurous safari. This is no other than the Kagera River is a river in East Africa, a river that runs into the upper Nile headwaters. It carries water from its farthest source located in Rwanda, Lake Rweru, for 597 km. The beautiful plain of the Kagera River that flows all the time is Inside the Burigi Game Reserve. The scenic beauty of the Kagera River is a great attraction of the Burigi-Chato Game Reserve.

In sealing the deal of Kagera River, planning to enjoy a trip to some of the famous rivers crossing Tanzania’s National Parks is a way of adventure, fun, natural beauty, and a different kind of experience. The dense forests near rivers crossing Tanzania’s National Parks would give you a chance to meet a variety of animals including big cats, elephants, zebra, and many more. Choosing the best Tanzania holiday packages is one of the best options to choose.

They are tranquil and beautiful and provide wonderful opportunities for boating and water-borne game viewing, as well as sites for camps and small lodges. There is an atmosphere here of untouched remote wilderness, and that a lifetime of exploring would not reveal all its corners and treasures. Climate and Seasons. This part of East Africa has two rainfall peaks. One in November / December and another in March / April, with dry weather from June to September. Temperatures are pleasant with cool nights and warm days. From June to October conditions are dry and wildlife will be increasingly concentrated around the lakes and the many freshwater springs found throughout the Park. The green season starts in October with the first rains, but the hilly terrain and stony soils make access possible to most areas, and wildlife spreads out through green wooded valleys and numerous small plains, Exploring chato, a new destination for modern tourism

Tanzania is a rich and blessed country with different tourist’s attractions, there are a lot of places to explore, wild animals to explore, bird species, as well as learning the culture of the people Tanzania. There are many national parks and game reserves which some of them are untouched and they need you to visit and explore them. The true experience of the wilderness and nature can be only be attained in this beautiful country. It’s the right place for the family vacation, the honey moon and romantic gate away or even a solo trip.

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