Experience an unforgettable Experience in the Burigi Chato National Park : Most of the tourists coming to Tanzania prefer the Northern Circuit attractions such as the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, the mysterious Serengeti National Park and many other attractions like Mount Meru. However, there are a lot more to explore in other Zones especially the Lake Zone and Southern Highlands Zone. The Lake Zones as commonly known as “Kanda ya Ziwa” in Swahili language is home to numerous natural attractions ranging from the Great Lake Victoria to the stunning national parks like Burigi Chato National Park. Tanzania is endowed with a lot of scenic places and attractions in every corner within her boundaries. One of such blessings is the Burigi Chato National Park which offers a pictorial view of Lake Victoria.

Burigi Chato National Park is located in the Kagera and Geita regions. In Kagera region it do covers the districts of Muleba, Ngara and Biharamulo while in the Geita it covers the Chato district only. Getting to the Burigi Chato National Park is easier because of the presence of various transport options such as airstrips and by roads. If your first land in Tanzania is Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), you will have to travel to either Mwanza Airport or to Chato International Airport. From these airports you can drive to your favorite destination in Burigi Chato National Park. From Dar es Salaam you can book an air ticket to either Bukoba Airport or Chato International Airport. Other routes you may use to reach this park is through drive from the Serengeti especially if you want to have a compo safari between these two parks thus Experience an unforgettable Experience in the Burigi Chato National Park.

Burigi Chato is newly established national park in Tanzania. Established in 9th July 2019 by the Late President of Tanzania, His Excellency John Pombe Magufuli, Burigi Chato is one of few wonderful national parks with unspoiled land hosting some varieties of flora and fauna species. It is famous for being home to the world’s largest antelope the iconic Cape eland. This gorgeous animal is always encountered by most tourists in the small islands within the Burigi Chato lakes. Burigi Chato National Park cover a total area of about 4707 square kilometers making it the fourth largest national park in Tanzania after Nyerere, Ruaha and Serengeti National Park which hold the first, second and third positions in size. This eye-catching park stretch from the Lake Victoria border in the east to the Rwandan boundary in the west.  The best time to visit Burigi Chato National Park is between June and September for animal viewers and between March to May and November and December for birdwatchers thus Experience an unforgettable Experience in the Burigi Chato National Park.

Experience an unforgettable Experience in the Burigi Chato National Park
Wildlife in Burigi Chato National Park

Burigi Chato National Park is blessed with a plenty of attractions that leaves many visitors mouth open whenever they have a spot them. Here are some of such attractions in a nutshell;

Unspoiled grasslands. Most of landscape in the Burigi Chato National Park is open grasslands which host a lot wild animals ranging from herbivores like buffaloes, elephants and antelopes to the carnivores like lions, the King of the African Savannah. The savannah grasslands within this park are dotted with few trees especially the acacia woodlands. Such vegetation is so friendly to the animal view because they are less obscured by huge, tall trees.

The Lakes within the Burigi Chato National Park. These natural water bodies include the famous Lake Victoria and the mysterious Lake Burigi. Visiting this park will make you explore more about the beauty of the world’s largest tropical lake and the largest lake in the African Great Lakes region which supply water to the longest river, Nile River. Lake Victoria is home to a variety of freshwater fishes like ratfish and catfish. Lake Burigi is the second largest lake in Tanzania. Within this lake there are numerous islands and beaches which you can choose to visit at any time and you maybe luckier to spot some rarely seen species like Sitatunga antelope and the shoe billed stork. Apart from the two lakes, Burigi Chato National Park is surrounded by the might Kagera River, the biggest river in the Lake Zone. This place will give you some historic memory of the Kagera War which happened in the 1970s.

Over 28 unique bird species. This park is endowed with various unique avian species who leaves birdwatchers in a surprise once spotted. They are both beautiful and genius. Why genius? Because they can sing romantic songs especially during breeding season. Some of these birds include white-browned Coucal, cattle egrets, Saddle billed stork, red-necked francolin, African fish eagle, Senegal lapwing, watted cranes, watted lapwings, shoebill storks, village weaver and many others. These eye-catching birds will make you a birder even if you never dreamed to be.

Learn more about the unique animal species in the Burigi Chato National Park. Firstly, the Sitatunga antelope. This is a semi-aquatic antelope usually encountered in the swampy lakes in the Burigi Chato National Park. Although Sitatunga is found in other parks within the country and continent, Burigi Chato National Park is a guaranteed place where most sightings are reported. These rare antelope is well adapted to the aquatic environment as it has long, splayed hooves and flexible foot joints which make it easier for them to walk on the muddy.

Secondly, the shoe-bill stork. This carnivorous bird gets its food by predation. It is well adapted for predation because of its bill which can grab a large prey. Its favorite preys include snakes, lungfish and eels. In the Burigi Chato National Park, you will encounter the shoebill in the swampy area especially in the lakes of this park. They are well adapted to such kind of habitat. For instance, their legs are long with larger feet which favor them during walking in the muddy. They are funny to observe as they make good sounds in their nests. Their unique excellent hunting style known as “collapsing” (falling forward on their prey) is very impressive. Other impressive rare bird species which you may encounter are fish eagles and papyrus ganotek.

Lastly, Giant Eland antelope. The cow-like eland found in the Burigi Chato National Park is the world’s largest antelope. This horned animal is an inhabitant of open plains, savannah and woodlands which are abundant in the Burigi Chato National Park. This type of antelope is very rare in most parks thus  Experience an unforgettable Experience in the Burigi Chato National Park.

Meet the Big Five animals. Honestly, you will encounter with four animals which make up the Big Five Animal group. These are Cape buffaloes, African elephant, the world’s largest land animal, leopard and lion, the King of African Savannah. You will not meet the black rhino, the most endangered species in the world. If you are interested of this historical mammal, consider planning a combo safari from Burigi Chato National Park to the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where the sightings are guaranteed. Other wild animals that can be spotted in Burigi Chato National Park include giraffes, hyenas, elands, impalas, cheetahs, zebras, wildebeests, warthog and many others.

Experience an unforgettable Experience in the Burigi Chato National Park
Burigi Chato National Park

You have every reason to visit Burigi Chato National Park. Now, let’s see which activities you can do at this park. In this park, you are allowed to do many activities some of which include;

Canoeing. As I said earlier that Burigi Chato National Park is surrounded by a lot of great water bodies such as Lake Burigi, Lake Victoria and Kagera River. Canoeing is allowed in the Lake Burigi. In this lake you will encounter a lot of aquatic species especially fishes and other amphibians. If you want to learn more about fishing, spot fishing is offered by most of the tour operators. Some of tour operators will let you interact with other local fishermen to learn more.

Game drive. Burigi Chato National Park consists of flat open plains and grasslands which are passable by cars. Two game drives are offered in this park, a morning game drive and afternoon one. On a game you will enjoy viewing the pretty beautiful animals like buffaloes in large groups, elephants and if luckier you will spot the hunting of intelligent carnivores such as leopards and the cheetahs. Lions are always spotted in short grass usually in small families.

Camping. Since Burigi Chato National Park is a newly established park, there are few permanent lodges and hotels. Instead, there are numerous campsites which are perfect for you and your friends. These camps have modern facilities which are designed to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your stay at Burigi Chato National Park. There are situated at good locations and beautiful places.

Photographic safari. This is a special trip offered by Burigi Chato National Park for visitors who are interested in filming and taking photographs. Ask your tour guide to lead you to the amazing locations within the park.

Your trip to the Burigi Chato National Park will be one and only amazing tourism experience if you pay a visit to this gorgeous park. You will explore many things than you have read or heard. There are good tour operator companies which will give VIP services and let you enjoy the African wilderness. Good luck

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