Climbing the Highest Point in Africa : It seems to be impossible until it is done. That is what you can say when you want to climb the 20,000 feet mountain. This is the greatest African plain that has never experienced whether recorded in any season of the continent. Mountain Kilimanjaro has for a couple of years beckoned climbers since when it was recorded to summit for the first time in 1889. Before the year mentioned above (1889), many people from different areas of the world attempted to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro several times but failed. The mass failure was due to bad weather conditions in the plain, snow, and ice that covered a large areas hindering most of the people from climbing the mountain. The following are some of the interesting facts to help visitors inspire their own future summit;

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The first people to make a climb to the Mount Kilimanjaro were recorded in some few sources of information and data.  It is believed that Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller were the first climbers who managed to climb to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. The two managed to do so on October 6th, 1889.

There is one person who is considered the oldest person ever to summit the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. This was the Frenchman who summited the mountain when he was too old to do so. He was eighty seven years when he summited the Kilimanjaro Mountain. This Frenchman and old man were named Valtee Daniel.

The fasted verified ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro occurred in 2001 when Italian Bruno summited Uhuru Peak in 5 hours 38 minutes 40 seconds. The fastest roundtrip was accomplished in 2004 when local guide Simon went up and down the mountain at 8 hours and 27 minutes only.

Another fascinating fact about Mount Kilimanjaro is that person with South African nature by then, Bernard Goosen managed to climb the mountain Kilimanjaro twice in his life. This is the fascinating one just because Mr. Bernard Goosen was the disabled one. He used a wheelchair when he was summiting Mount Kilimanjaro all of his time at the mountain. Bernard Goosen visited the mountain for the first time in 2003 and it took almost nine days (9) to climb until he reached the peak of the mountain. Again, Mr. Bernard Goosen summited the mountain about four years later. This time he could take and spend almost only six days climbing the mountain. The man managed to use the wheelchair which was modified to summit the mountain all of the time since he was born with the disease commonly known as cerebral palsy. He did the summit twice without any assistance from anybody else when he was climbing the mountain. This is so fascinating since the man was disabled but managed to climb the mountain almost twice; worse enough, he did it without any assistance.

Climbing the Highest Point in Africa
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It is said by various researchers and statisticians that almost more than 25,000 people are climbing the mountain and summiting its plains every year. Unfortunately, not all the climbers are managing to reach the peak of the mountain. It is said that almost about two-thirds (2/3) of the total number of climbers and visitors can climb and successfully reach the peak of the great plain of Mount Kilimanjaro. The situation is catalyzed by various problems that commonly are the causative agents for mass failure in climbing to the peak of the mountain. Some of them are those associated with altitude problems. This is said and believed to be the most common and well-known problem that causes many climbers to fail to reach the peak of the mountain. Twenty-five thousand people is a good number of visitors but by the role and status of Kilimanjaro Mountain globally, it is still a doubtful number and more efforts should be acted upon to maximize the number of climbers in the great summit among the seven summits in the world.

Again, visitors should notice altitude related issues and able to adopt them earlier before. This will help in increasing the number of people who are successful in climbing and able to reach the peak of the mountain from two-thirds (2/3) to the more improved one. Age may also act upon failure among many people in reaching the peak of the Kilimanjaro Mountain since most of aged people have less or minimum opportunity to climb to the peak.

Most of the visitors and climbers have died when attempting to climb Kilimanjaro due to various reasons mostly associated with falls and high-altitude sickness that usually faces them before reaching the peak of the mountain.

As it has been said earlier before that Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano mountain that is located in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania, east Africa, Africa. This mountain is famous for being the highest mountain in African continent. The Kilimanjaro Mountain is also recorded as one among the ‘Seven Summits’ of the World, Climbing the Highest Point in Africa

Kilimanjaro Mountain which is considered the highest plain in great Africa, it carries almost a total number of 5,895 meters. These meters high is approximately equivalent to almost about 19,341 feet high. This is what makes Kilimanjaro Mountain one of the few prides of the world and African greatest pride.

The Kilimanjaro Mountain is also located around the Kilimanjaro national park in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro national park is located in the great region of Kilimanjaro. The mountain itself is near to the border of the country which are bordering with the republic of Kenya.

Also, another interesting and fascinating fact about Kilimanjaro Mountain is that the Kilimanjaro Mountain is just a part and parcel of the East Africa Rift Valley Mountains, Climbing the Highest Point in Africa

Again, Kilimanjaro Mountain is one of the dormant volcanoes in the world. It has made up of a total number of three volcanic cones; Shira cone, Mawenzi cone and the Kibo cone. Shira and Mawenzi are said and believed to be extinct and can never erupt again, while Kibo is a dormant one and may erupt at any point of time in the future. The Kibo is the largest cone of the Kilimanjaro Mountain and it measures about over 15 miles wide.

The last time when Mount Kilimanjaro erupted is about more than 150,000 years ago though it is believed and anticipated to erupt again at any point of time.

Kilimanjaro Mountain should be regarded as the highest volcanic mountain which is outside of South America. More than 1000 square kilometers of Kilimanjaro Mountain is forest.

There are some wild animals that are found in Mount Kilimanjaro. Some of the animals are like Elephants and buffaloes. These animals can be found especially on the lower levels and foothills of the mountain where they feed themselves with various green pastures and other foods, Climbing the Highest Point in Africa

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